Warlord – Ch 49

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Warlord – Chapter 49

Everything slowed down in front of Zero’s eyes. He felt like everything was in slow motion. Zero could clearly feel the wind that was whistling past his body and could see the dust and gravel that splashed out from the ground as his foot touched the floor. He could even clearly see the air that stirred because of the rapid rotation of spider queen.

It was a wonderful feeling that he had never experience previously. Zero understood that his own consciousness could react to everything happening in the world around him much faster than his body reacted. It meant that the data processing capacity of his brain had made one step further.

It may be just a small step but it was the key that he needed. Zero faintly felt that the second evolutionary point in his body began to stir and it seemed a new ability was about to mutate.

However he wasn’t interested about the ability that he would get but killing the spider queen.


Otherwise, the trio would be buried in the ruins of the university.

Colt was in front of him.

Zero’s hand reached out towards the modified rifle. But he felt air resist his hand as he tried to grab the rifle.

Faster! Faster!

Zero’s voice screamed at the depth of his mind. He clearly could calculate that the spider queen was about to reach the colt too. The monster’s ‘soft’ body had drilled out from its hard shell and the front limbs had stabbed out towards the rifle.

Zero could see every action in small details. He knew that the monster’s scorpion like front limb would penetrate his body the moment he would catch the colt. Zdro believed that the monster’s limb (claw) could easily penetrate through the first-order defense enhancement that he had.

Zero’s fingertips finally met Colt as if thousands of years had passed.

Zero’s consciousness went back to normal and escaped from the wonderful feeling the moment his hand grabbed the colt.

Zero tried to roll forward as he grabbed the colt. However the spider queen’s front limb hit his chest. Zero’s body flew up sideways because of the powerful impact. The armor that he was wearing ruptured and his skin was torn.

Blood sprayed out form his body as Zero was still in the air. The spider queen’s limb had pierced a piece of flesh and cloths that were still in the air too but it was not enough to cover his line of sight.

The silver stripes on his eye expanded to the maximum limit and the spider queen’s body expanded in his golden eye. He could clearly see the soft body of the spider queen. He could even see the blood veins and nerves under the skin.

Zero directed the muzzle of Colt towards the spider queen as he projected the trajectory. Bang! The armor piercing bullet left the barrel with a roar. The bullet rotated at terrifying speed and the next moment touched the spider queen’s soft body.

Once more the flow of time slowed down. Zero saw the subtle movements as the bullet touched the soft body of the spider queen.

The skin of the spider queen bent in as the armor piercing bullet touched it. At the same time the skin began to send circular ripples. It seemed that the kinetic energy used by the bullet to penetrate the skin was guided out to the whole body of the monster. Therefore, even though the bullet hit the spider queen’s body but it couldn’t penetrate through.

In a matter of moments the impact was absorbed by the spider’s body and the bullet fell to the ground. The time returned back to normal and Zero’s vision returned to normal rate.

Zero’s body hit the ground and he rolled several times on the ground and bounced up.

The spider queen opened its mouth and soft body began to contract. Zero used the opportunity to put the colt onto his chest to shot again. At the same time the terrifying sonic wave shot once more.

Zero’s eyes flushed as his body was lifted from the ground into the air and was thrown to the middle of the track field because of spider queen’s sonic wave attack.

The muscles at Zero’s spine quivered the moment his body hit the ground. They guided the impact power to minimize the injury.

Peng! Zero’s body fiercely shook. He lost consciousness for a moment but gained control over his body the next moment.

His eardrums were damaged because of the sonic wave attack and he couldn’t temporarily hear any sound. Fortunately, he could still feel vibration on the ground and knew that spider queen was rushing at him.

Almost 80 percents of the muscles on his body were injured but he could still feel the dangerous signal that they were issuing. Zero clenched his teeth and and lifted his body by pushing the colt. The spider queen once more opened its mouth as its body began to shrink. It was going for another sonic wave attack.

Zero knew that if he was hit from a close distance then even the bones in his body will be shattered.

Zero roared in pain as he was fighting for survival. The blood flow in his body quickened as he burst out with power and strength.

Zero stood up and jumped back as the spider queen completed the preparation for sonic wave.

The spider queen’s mouth retracted as it was going to use the sonic wave.

As the spider queen opened its mouth to send the sonic wave attack, the grenade left the Zero’s hand as it was thrown by him into monster’s mouth. The spider queen was surprised. Zero raised the colt and directed the muzzle of the rifle towards spider queen’s mouth.

The golden eye narrowed his line of sight. The grenade was in the middle between the spider queen’s lips.

Flick~ His finger pulled the trigger of the rifle. The sparks sprayed out as the armor piercing bullet flew into spider queen’s mouth.

The spider queen closed its mouth to protect itself but a muffled sound echoed. It’s body swelled up and the spider queen began to inflate like a balloon. Afterwards thin cracks began to appear on its flexible body.

Boom~ The spider queen exploded as the grenade detonated in its body. There was compressed air in its body that increased the power of explosion. The monster was blown into pieces.

Shock wave that resulted after the explosion hit Zero. His body flew for hundred meters and hit the ground. Zero raised his head to look at leftovers of spider queen.

The rock spiders and lurker who were on stands saw their leader blown into pieces too. The lurker’s limbs shivered for a moment as it showed extreme anxiety. A moment after the explosion all of the monsters dispersed. Zero’s smell was detected by the spiders and marked him as dangerous.

Zero wasn’t aware of this as one thing that he wanted right now was a good sleep.

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