Warlord – Ch 48

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Warlord – Chapter 48

Rock spiders lived in a hierarchical system and the spider queen stood at the top of the pyramid. The most important responsibility of the spider queen was to reproduce offsprings and it would pick the strongest spiders in group for reproduction. In addition, the spider queen was the commander of the group. The loose spider group would fall under its command and become an efficient army.

The spider queens are the strongest monsters in their group. Otherwise it couldn’t control the whole group as even the monsters were ruled by the laws of the jungle.

Spider queen had appeared on the other side of the track field. It’s shell shined like a metal luster. It had frontal arms which looked like the front limbs of the scorpion. Although the spider queen was the top shot of the group but it had many differences from its children.

It looked similar to a huge snail as most of its body was hidden under a hard shell similar to a snail’s. A soft body drilled out from the shell as three pairs of sturdy feet similar to a lurker’s supported its body. It had a pair of front limbs which were close to appearance to the front limbs of the scorpion. It’s head maintained the spider-like features but was much bigger. It had eight eyes which could rotate for 180 degrees. In short, the spider queen didn’t have much of a blind spot.

The hair on spider queens had had shades of different color. It looked like a large face of a beautiful woman from where the name spider queen originated.

The queen rushed out at the trio.

“There are good news and the bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first?” Ben took out bullets and put them into Colt’s cartridge. These bullets were slender as fingers and didn’t had the engravings that the previous bullets had.

Zero knew that these bullets were meant for piercing armors and usually used against armored vehicles. He knew that the shell of the spider queen had to be extraordinary for Ben to use these bullets.

Su got off from Zero’s back. She gently put her injured leg to the ground first and used her other leg to balance her body. Zero pulled the M500 revolvers from his body at the same time.

“First, the good news.” Zero moved towards the left.

“The good news is that because of the dignity of the ruler the spider queen won’t allow its kind to intervene in the battle.” Ben spoke as he moved to the right, in opposite direction to Zero: “The bad news is that it’s the most powerful spider in the group and never underestimate it!”

Ben’s body flashed as soon as his voice faded. He was like a blur as he opened the distance with the spider queen.

Zero wasn’t idle either. His movement was professional too as if he had rehearsed it hundreds of times. Su was the only one to stay on the same location. She was clear that it was best for her to act as a bait. She had serious injuries and the best she could do at the moment to create possibility to injure or kill the spider queen.

Her long legs pressed onto the ground as she used her one hand to raise the sword. She was like a kamikaze as she waved the sword onto spider queen’s head.

The spider queen made a strange action as Su acted. The queen’s big body began to shrink. Su who was facing the spider queen felt the subtle changes in the air.

Zero and Su were fighting against the queen but they weren’t familiar with the queen’s attacks. Ben shouted as soon as he saw the queen’s action: “Quick! Escape, its…”

A violent sound wave shattered the voice of Ben. The queen’s mouth opened and it issued a high frequency sound wave that burst out. Su had released the shockwave cut but it felt as if she was hit by an invisible train. Her body left the ground as she flied up because of the sound wave.

Blood flew out from the pores of her body as she was in the air. The next moment she fell to the ground and stayed unconscious.

Zero was surprised as he didn’t think that Su who was a fifth-order weapon specialist could be kicked unconscious by the queen in one move. It meant that the spider queen was too powerful.


The sound wave that spider queen issued was result of the absorption and compression of the air. The bleeding and unconsciousness of Su could be counted as a small injury.

Zero opened fire at the same time as Su’s body touched the ground. Both M500s shot at the same time. The flames sparkled from the muzzle as the bullets were directed at spider queen’s body.

Zero knew that it was pointless for him to attack the spider queen’s solid shell so he was aiming at the soft body that was extending out from the hard shell. Not a single drop of blood had flown out after constant shooting of .50 bullets.

The soft body of the queen was surprisingly flexible. It would deform and absorb the kinetic energy of the bullet. Afterwards, the soft body would turn back to normal and the bullets would fall onto ground. Although the queen wasn’t injured but she was feeling the pain of bullets. It turned towards Zero and rushed out.

The movement of the spider queen distorted for a moment as its body tilted towards left because of a strong recoil from a shock. It was the result of the bullet sent by the colt.

However even the armor-piercing bullet launched from Ben’s Colt couldn’t pierce but leave a touch of a white mark on its shell. One-third of the bullet had penetrated the hard shell while the remaining part was left outside. The strong impact caught the spider queen’s attention and it shifted its aim from Zero to Ben.

It’s massive body turned and stopped. The head of the spider queen was first to shrink into its body followed by its scorpion like front limbs and the three pairs of feet. All of them retracted back into the hard shell. It looked like a wheel shaped snail that was on the track field.

The next instant the shell began to spin quickly and rub the ground. The gravel and soil began to spray out. At the same time the spider queen’s shell began to rotate like a wheel and move in Ben’s direction at high speed.

Zero bit his lips as he used the maximum speed of the second-order agility enhancement to keep up with the shadow of the spider queen. At the same time he shooted at the spider queen’s body with the revolvers.

The bullets hit the metal like hard shell but couldn’t broke through. Because of the centrifugal force of the rotating movement the bullets shot by Zero were thrown off.

Zero couldn’t stop the spider queen even for a moment.

Ben was much faster than Zero as he moved. His body flashed and appeared 100 meters away from the spider queen and he turned to face the monster. The muzzle of the colt sank slightly as Ben calculated the direction of the fire.

Bang! The bullet hit the spider queen’s body and made contact at a certain point and degree. The hard shell that was rotating at high speeds lost balance and the body of the spider queen flew up as if blown by a bomb.

“Good marksmanship.” Zero shouted out.

“Thanks for but be careful. It’s coming again.” The body of the spider queen was reflected on Ben’s eyes.

Spider queen’s body smashed in the middle of Zero and Ben. Its shell still continued to spin and it moved towards Ben once more.

“Bastard!” Ben scolded as he raised the Colt once more to aim at the moving spider queen.

Unexpectedly, the spider queen bounced up. Ben had to re-adjust the muzzle and calculate the trajectory. The rotating hard shell of the spider queen stopped on air as its scorpion like front limbs stretched out from the shell.

Zero watched as the spider queen’s body heavily poked onto the ground. As a result the sand flew out creating dust. It was like a small missile had hid the ground and the gray smoke blew out for 100 meters.

Colt, the rifle, flied out from the mist and fell about 100 meters away from the dust.

The spider queen’s body crawled out from the dust. Ben’s body which was covered in blood was caught by spider queen’s front limb. Zero didn’t know whether Ben was dead or alive. The queen threw Ben’s body away as if it was a doll.

Ben’s body smashed onto ground and rolled few times before coming to stop. Zero inhaled fresh air as he put back the M500s and rushed towards the Colt.

Spider queen pulled back its soft body into the hard shell and began to move in the same direction as Zero.

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    1. I am doubtful whether Leah and Old Jack are biologically related. one reason is when they found Zero’s freezer it feels like it is not their first time finding something like that.
      Anyway I don’t really like her. I prefer strong female lead. :d:p

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