Warlord – Ch 47

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Warlord – Chapter 47

Lurker spiders had more excellent hiding skills in comparison to rock spiders as because they were higher level monsters. Their shells were similar to optical materials and could diffuse the light around the monsters. In short they could be invisible. This ability of lurkers had more vivid role in underground parking lot because of the lack of light.

The position of hunter and prey seemed to have changed.

Su felt a strong wind pass by the moment Zero pushed her. She quickly rolled on ground and hit an abandoned car. Su turned to see a pit on the ground where they were moment ago.

Sound of M500 and Colt firing echoed at the same time. However it seemed that they were empty shots. The rear windshield of the car was crashed but there was no sign of the lurker.

Su inhaled deeply and then slowly exhaled. Her body became hot. She was maximizing her strength through some special breathing method. She waved her sword in Zero’s direction after two consecutive breaths.

Zero felt the meaning behind Su’s move. He knew that the killing intent was forwarded to void behind him. He jumped sideways and escaped the shockwave. At the same time he shot towards the place where the shockwave cut was directed.

Countless sparks fired from the thin air where the shockwave cut hit. The bullet of M500 also shot the void and blood appeared. Ben no longer hesitated as he began to shoot too.

The sound of Colt’s firing echoed throughout entire underground parking lot. A spider almost as big as a large car appeared out of thin air. It was dark like a black blur. A circle of brown lines covered the lurker’s abdomen. There was a spike similar to a bee’s at the end of lurker’s abdomen.

White marks were left on lurker’s hard shell because of the shockwave cut. The bullets shot by Zero and Ben had left bloody holes on its body. Lurker issued a scream which couldn’t be captured by the human ears. Its feet pushed the ground and the monster popped up towards Su.

Because of the immense kinetic energy the monster seemed as if it was flying out.

“Abdomen!” Ben screamed out as the Colt in its hand made another shot. His sound had attracted the attention of the lurker.

Zero rushed towards the lurker without hesitation. The lurker was attracted by Ben so he took the opportunity get under the lurker’s body. He jumped up.

The bullet which had more than 3000 joules of kinetic energy hit the lurker’s abdomen as Zero fired the revolver. The bullet hit the monster’s body and pierced its shell.

Lurker was in pain as it moved non-stop and tried to use its powerful feet to kill Zero who was hiding under its belly.

Su lifted up sword once more but this time she used both hands to grab onto hilt of the sword. She attacked the lurker’s head with all the strength that her body burst out with and waved the sword.

The blood sprayed out as soon as the shock wave hit the lurker’s head and the giant spider stopped action.

Zero dug out from under the spider. The blood of lurker had sprinkled onto his face too. Ben shook his head as he looked at Zero and Su: “The youth is crazy!”

They were aware that the battle with lurker would lead to other spiders rush into the underground parking lot. It was a semi-sealed environment and they would die if they encountered lots of rock spiders.

Su’s body was bleeding once more because of the intense exercise.

“We should retreat.”

Zero didn’t have much of bullets left for M500 revolver as he needed order more but didn’t have enough money. He had an alloy dagger and a piece of grenade left. He could only kill one more lurker with such firepower. Zero didn’t intend to face a group of rock spiders as they lacked heavy fire suppression.

Su’s strength was greatly reduced. Ben had only Colt in addition to his high level agility enhancement. Colt’s power was better than M500 revolver’s but the problem with Colt was that the rifle was single shot firearm. It wasn’t meant for continuous shooting.

That’s why if they faced large number of rock spiders then their situation would be much more worse than Ralph, Su and T-Rex’s previous encounter.

Zero wasn’t against Ben’s proposal. Ben was the one who lead the way as the trio changed the route. Trio walked on damaged road. Ben had carefully selected the route as the place was open and more spacious in comparison to other parts of the university. It was a place which was unfavorable for rock spiders to siege them.

They didn’t encounter rock spiders after they left the underground parking lot. It seemed that the creatures didn’t want to appear under the strong sun rays. However Zero felt the dangerous feeling as they reached the edges of the ruins. It felt like thousands of needles were piercing his skin.

He felt like he was jumping into the trap made by the monsters.

Ben was also feeling that there was a danger around but he didn’t know where the root of the problem was coming from. There was a pressure on trio as rock spiders hadn’t emerged out.

They reached the end of the road and turned a corner. The university’s track and field was in front of them.

It was an open space. They thought that the level of danger was low in the area because of the terrain. It was also a good place to retreat in case of monster attack. Trio passed from the door into the zone.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon and the strong sun rays hit the ground. Because of high temperatures the heat exuded from the ground.

Zero looked at the circle of the track field. The stands meant for the audience hadn’t been used for many years. Zero was silent for a moment but he felt a tremble. The silver stripes on his right eye gathered into a circle and the sight pulled up closer.

He saw the details of the southwest corner of the stands. He saw a rock spider climb from under the seats. Then the second one appeared, then the third…

The stands were full of rock spiders. One lurker jumped up and stood on the stands. They moved their feet as if threatening the trio but none of them rushed at Zero and rest.

The piercing that Zero felt disappeared as he saw the monsters. However the next moment he felt all the hair on his body stood erect. It was as if his heart was smashed by a heavy hammer.

He looked to the other side of the field.

There was a lounge. The dangerous feeling was coming from there. The walls and door of the lounge crashed after a monster burst out. The dust flew out covering few meters. A shadow as big as a small hill slowly appeared within the dust. The grim creature was depicted in Zero’s vision after it got out of the dust.

Ben who was standing by Zero and Su cursed: “Damn it! We have drawn the jackpot! It’s a spider queen!”

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