Warlord – Ch 46

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Warlord – Chapter 46

Zero pulled out one of the grenades.

“Are you going to do something stupid that we all will regret?” Ben picked up his eyebrows as he looked at Zero.

“She is a real warrior. It’s alright for her to die in the battlefield but the cause of death can’t be betrayal.” Zero hit the fence with his elbow to break it. His feet baffled against the passage as his body bent down from the pipe.

Ben uttered the word ‘knighthood’ and turned to escape.

Su was waiting for the moment of death when she heard an abnormal sound from the ceiling. She turned to see Zero who she had seen in Sean’s office. At the moment the eye-patch on Zero’s face was removed and his golden eye was looking at her.

“He has beautiful eye.” She couldn’t help but think of it.

“Come on!”

Su cross waved the sword and shockwave cut managed to block a group of spiders that were rushing at her.

She hit the ground with her uninjured leg and jumped off. She stretched out her slender arm.

Zero caught her arm and used his legs to make sure neither he nor the girl dropped down. He was the first to shrink back into the ventilation pipe while Su followed after him.

“Go!” Zero dropped the grenade as the rock spiders were going into the laboratory.

None of the trio didn’t dare to hesitate while they crawled through the ventilation pipe. A second or two after their move a loud explosion sound echoed.

The hot air went into the ventilation pile with the dust. The shock wave of the explosion hit the ceiling and the ventilation pipe where they were standing moments ago deformed.

Ben was cussing out loud as he jumped out of the pipe. Zero followed him and caught Su who was injured. Trio went out form the window and climbed down from the wall along the water pipes.

Su’s thigh and lower abdomen were still bleeding as they reached the ground. Zero knew that she couldn’t move so he grabbed her to piggy back. Su didn’t object as she put the sword onto her back. Zero’s heart swayed a bit as he felt two huge soft peaks hit his spine. He concentrated as he ran after the old hunter who was experienced enough to find a route for them.

An underground car park had become a temporary resting place for the trio. They were still within the grounds of the northern part of the campus. The entrance of the parking lot had collapsed long ago. Broken steel and concrete acted like a natural barrier and the trio weren’t worried about a silent attack from the rock spiders.

Zero ripped the tight clothing from Su’s thigh and abdomen to wrap the wound. The physiques and constitutions of the ability users were much more stronger than ordinary people. Su was able to use strength move or close the wound but still couldn’t go through an intense exercise after moments of rest.

“Why did you save me?” Su asked.

She was betrayed by her companions and saved by the strangers. It wasn’t absurd but completely unexpected situation. She didn’t believe that Zero would save her unconditionally. The countless experiences in the wilderness had taught her that there was no free lunch in this world.

Zero was silent as he didn’t answer. Actually, he couldn’t tell the reason. He felt back at that moment that the girl was similar to himself. He had woken up from the long sleep and faced a completely strange world. He had to fight to survive. A person and a gun against the whole world!

Perhaps he acted out of impulse as he felt that she was a long wolf like him. Otherwise, they could just stand idle and wait for rock spiders eat up Su. The rock spiders would lead them back to their nest.

Su’s hand moved towards her chest while her body twisted a bit into an attractive look. She looked at him: “Do you want to enjoy my body? I can accompany you to sleep for a night as you have saved me once. However I will do everything possible to kill you after that. Of course, if you have strength then we can continue that for along time.”

Zero answered in a cold tone: “I didn’t save you to waste energy.”

“What a freak.” Su changed her posture. She saw that temptation didn’t work with him. She pulled out a white silk from her armor and began to carefully wipe her sword.

The surface of the sword had a fine fish scale pattern. It reminded him of the ‘hundred times forging’ used in the ancient times. The so-called 100 times forging referred to repeated smelting of the steel to reduce the impurities thereby enhancing the toughness of the sword.

“It is a good sword.” Zero said in a serious tone as he looked at the sword.

Su nodded: “It’s my father’s sword. He had personally forged it.”

“Your style?”

“It was taught by my father. However he is dead now. He was betrayed and his sword was sold.” Su silently wiped the sword: “I found it long time after. I spent a sum of money and accompanied the owner for a few nights before I took it back. I’ve sworn that I will use this sword to cut down the head of the person who betrayed my father.”

Zero never thought that the sword would have such a story.

Su felt strange as she finished her talk. She had learned to forbear and keep secrets as she survived in the wilderness. She wouldn’t easily tell out her past or secrets to anyone. However right know she revealed a part of her to Zero that she hadn’t done to anyone. Perhaps it was because he had rescued her. Maybe it was that people were willing to talk to others and share their feelings when they were weak or injured.

“Actually, it seems I like you a little. I promise that I won’t kill you afterwards after we do it.” Su looked at Zero.

Zero shook his head. No one knew how long they had left to live in the wilderness so they were happy to grab the chances they faced. Moreover Su’s body was very attractive and capable of high flexibility. Her performance in bed can make men go crazy.

However Su was similar to a female mantis. He didn’t want to be eaten up.

Ben suddenly opened his eyes and caught grabbed Colt. Zero and Su were aware of the danger. There was nothing in their lines of sight but the sense of danger was around.

Zero jumped up as he grabbed the M500s. Su’s hips were tightly attached to Zero’s body as she grabbed the sword with her hand.

Zero felt the needle piercing increase which meant that danger was getting closer.

Zero suddenly pushed Su and both of them separated. A gully appeared on ground as if something sharp was plowing the concrete.

Zero’s pupils shrank: “Be careful, it’s a lurker!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I just remember that this is harem.

    Ain’t saving someone without something in return is the best way to gain their trust?

    And I think the best way to trust someone is to believe that one day he/she may betray you.

    If you are prepared enough I think you can avoid ‘sorrowful’ situations.

    :b q: p: :d

  2. But you know sometimes being betrayed is not bad, you will learn, gain experience and sometimes you will feel pleasure. ;b q; p; ;d

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