Warlord – Ch 45

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Warlord – Chapter 45

The violent roar of the aerial machine gun resounded within the entire laboratory. The sparks that resulted from spraying of bullets from the machine gun went about for a meter. Hundreds of bullets were shooting at the only door of the laboratory like a violent rainstorm. The bullets hit the rock spiders and destroyed their bodies.

There was only one door and the other sides were solid walls. They weren’t afraid that the rock spiders would drill in from other places. The space was limited so the aerial machine gun was in advantage. However, because of the rate of the consumption of the bullets this advantage couldn’t last long.

The machine gun could suppress the rock spiders but once in a while a lucky rock spider would by able to bypass the bullets. But frost would suppress the agility of the rock spider and a sword hit as quick as a thunder would end its life.

The long and narrow shock wave would accurately cut off the rock spider from its chest or abdomen where the black gum like tissues were.

The woman was holding onto her sword and made consecutive and accurate waves. She would raise the sword and wave it. A sharp wind would sweep towards the door. The shockwave would even drag the white dust until it would hit the rock spider and kill it.

Su had mastered a skill called ‘shockwave cut’ because of attaining fifth-order cold weapon specialization. Zero was watching the ‘show’ from the other side of the fence.

“This unruly woman is able to show a unique skill. She should have reached the fifth-order.” Ben made a remark.

However it was visible that Su was a bit slower after using the shockwave cut. It meant that the skill consumed considerable strength.

Su had begun to regret as she looked at the rock spiders that continuously tried to rush into the laboratory.

Originally, Su and the other two men were planning to map the university and find the nest of the rock spiders. In addition they were planning to capture few specimens alive and take them back to Remit. But three of them were successful in killing almost all the rock spiders that they had met. As a result their self-confidence had sky-rocketed and had reached a degree where they had become arrogant. They decided to sweep all the rock spiders from the university.

The problem was that they didn’t expect the number of rock spiders to be so much. More and more rock spiders appeared after they began the ‘war’.

At the moment they were facing a crisis. T-Rex’s ammunition would be depleted soon even though they were using the advantage of the laboratory. Because of the continuous fighting Ralph’s spiritual power was at a critical point too. Su hadn’t used her full strength but she knew that she didn’t have much of a strength left to continue the battle.

“We will be dead if we continue like this.” Ralph shouted: “T-Rex, I and Su will temporarily suppress the rock spiders. You gotta blast the wall and we gotta leave this damned place!”

T-Rex didn’t waste time as he turned the muzzle of the aerial machine gun towards the rear wall.

Ralph and Su acted at the same time.

The frost field began to form at the entrance. It condensed into ice and caught the spiders. The sharp icicles pierces the hard shells of the rock spiders. The frost field wasn’t lethal but it was enough to greatly slow down the spiders. The diameter of the ‘frost field’ was 5 meters which was the best that a third-order element domain user could do. At least, it could temporarily make up for the suppression caused by the machine gun.

Su continued to wave the sword in her hand. The second-order strength and agility enhancement were handy as she rapidly waved the sword. The rock spiders that climbed over the ones that were caught on frost field were killed one after another.

The sound of wall collapsing echoed which meant that it was time to retreat. Su made to consecutive sword slashes which cross cut the entrance door. A crack in shape of an ‘X’ appeared which killed about dozen rock spiders that were caught in frost field.

The invasion of the rock spiders was temporarily halted. Su moved back to escape but two frost spikes rose from the ground and stabbed her thigh.

Her pupils narrowed in anger at the incredible scene. The people who she called ‘companions’ a second ago had betrayed her.

“Sorry, but we need food to hold back these greedy monster. We will never forget your sacrifice.” Ralph apologized but there was no trace of apology on his facial expression. T-Rex jumped out of the gap while a thin ice road appeared from the gap and Ralph slided downstairs.

T-Rex’s body hold onto machine gun as his body hit the ground. A shallow pit was created but the T-Rex stood up as if nothing had happened and began to run away with Ralph.

The frost spikes melted as the blood flew down. The strong bloody smell was going to stimulate the sense of the rock spiders. She knew that countless rock spiders were going to be attracted. Because of the injury on her thigh and lower abdomen Su was aware that she wouldn’t have enough strength or speed to leave the place.

The only thing that she faced was death. She wasn’t surprised by Ralph’s action. She would not hesitate to use both of them as shields in order to survive. However the problem was that they had betrayed her.

Su raised the sword towards her chest as she narrowed the radius of the shock-waves. It was enough to increase the strength of attack. She didn’t see any hope of staying alive but struggling until the last drop of a blood had become an instinctive intuition.

Zero’s heart slightly moved as he watched the scene that played out in front of his eyes.

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