Warlord – Ch 44

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Warlord – Chapter 44

“I have a plan.”

Ben said as soon as they left the shaky dormitory.

Ben wasn’t the only one wrapped in spider silk back in the dormitory. However the rest of the people were paralyzed and the poison had infiltrated their bodies. Some of them were dead too. But the spider silk had preservative function in addition to secretion of toxins so these ‘food’ would not rot for two or three days.

They gave up on saving them. Life was like a candle on the wilderness and it could be extinguished by the wind at any time. Even Zero didn’t know which day he would die so he didn’t want to waste extra strength to help those who were destined to meet the scythe of the grim reaper.

Ben continued with his proposal as they walked: “You see the lurkers are higher level monsters than rock spiders. As a result rock spiders serve them in exchange for the protection of the rock spiders. I was using my own body as a bait before you ‘saved’ me and broke the plan. The rock spiders are very sensitive to the smell of their prey and they have special connections with their own family to communicate. Once they found out that I’ve escaped then the next time I’m caught they will bite me to death and drink my blood. You see, I can’t be a bait anymore…”

Zero wasn’t a fool and knew where Ben was going with his small talk: “Do you want me to be the bait?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“I can’t. I don’t have the immunity towards the spider’s neurotoxins.” Zero looked at Ben: “Did you pull me into this hunter thing because to this?”

“I swear to the God I didn’t have this intention.”

Although Ben vowed but Zero didn’t have confidence in alcoholic. Actually it was a good plan from Ben’s side. He could kill the monsters while Zero acted as a bait. Once the neurotoxins invaded Zero’s body he would become a cripple and Ben could pocket all the profits.

Ben was planning to hit two birds with one stone!

Zero wasn’t stupid and if Ben insisted on the same plan he was planning to use M500 to blow up the alcoholic’s head.

M500 was the king of radius right now as Colt was useless in two meter distance that they had between each other.

There was a subtle change in the atmosphere as both of them didn’t trust each other. Ben looked at Zero with sleepy eyes. However at the same time continuous and intense gunshots echoed from the distance.

Zero’s mind worked like a super computer as he decided in a matter of seconds that the gunfire belonged to aerial machine gun of T-rex.

“It seems that we already have a new bait.” There was a meaningful smile on Ben’s face as his body flashed. He appeared ten meters away.

Zero’s pupils narrowed as he couldn’t catch the old man’s action. It was a proof that Ben’s agility was much better than Zero’s. Otherwise the old man couldn’t be that fast. He quickly caught up with the old man but he was using his speed to the max.

Zero’s agility was enhanced after the combat with Hans. He had reached second-order agility enhancement which meant that he could run at constant speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The terrain of the university didn’t allow Zero to constantly run at a straight line. But he could still maintain a constant speed of 60 kilometers per hour even with curvy movements. Zero saw that Ben wasn’t at his maximum speed as it didn’t seem that the old man was trying his best. It meant that the old man had at least fifth-order agility enhancement.

They bypassed various buildings as they crossed entire southern campus and reached the northern campus. They followed the sounds of gunfire and reached a biological research building. The gunfire was echoing from the fifth floor. They could see sparks flashing from the window of the fifth floor.

A fierce battle was happening.

Ben gestured at Zero and began to climb from floor to floor. The building was already in a semi-collapsed state. The outer parts of the walls were covered with wires and air conditioners. These things were excellent for Zero and Ben to easily climb up. Zero nodded and began to climb up the building as a gecko.

Zero could feel the building slightly tremble because of the fierce battle. It was the result of the aerial machine gun’s constant firing. It was causing vibration and the building was trembling. He couldn’t imagine how many rock spiders they were fighting against.

Zero and Ben looked into the fifth floor through the window. There were lots of corpses of the rock spiders. Some of the were torn to pieces while some were frozen and others were sliced into two! Zero thought of Su when he saw the rock spiders sliced into two.

There were hundreds of the corpses on the floor. However ammunition would run out, the ability power would be exhausted and stamina would deplete. If the trio couldn’t come up with a good counterattack plan then they would end up as preys to the rock spiders.

There was a malicious smile on Ben’s face as he looked at them. There was no better bait than these three people.

Ben made another gesture for Zerk to keep up with him. They crashed into the toilet and the old man skillfully removed the fence of the ventilation. He climbed into the ventilation pipe. Zero also went in to crawl in the pipe after the old alcoholic. Zero frowned as the narrow place was enough to accommodate a rock spider. He didn’t know what they would do in case they encountered a rock spider in there.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the battle site. They looked through the ventilation fence. The place was previously a laboratory. The fragments of chairs, tables and equipment were all over the place.

T-rex and the other two were on a side while they were constantly fighting against the rock spiders.

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  1. Oh man, im liking this old man more and more by the chapter, even if he betrays the mc he’d still be my favorite character of the series just based on personality and knowledge alone.

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