Warlord – Ch 41

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Warlord – Chapter 41

The State University was located on the B district of the old city. In fact it was like a small town. The university occupied almost the entire B district which had an area of 2000 acres. There were many academic buildings, dormitory and research rooms. The public places included a football field, skating ring, a concert hall and an auditorium.

The university had its own power generators, drainage system, water recycling equipment and other facilities meant for the comfortable life. The main road of the university was a cross-shape concrete road that divided the university into four areas. The rock spiders had occupied all four areas of the university.

Even before the Catastrophe the university was like a labyrinth. After the destruction of some buildings, the rupture of the ground, change of the structures and so on the entire university had become much more complex labyrinth.

The university had the same size as Remit colony. There were some functional facilities left from the old era so the Remit’s aim was to expand into this new region and repair the facilities.

It was evening and the sun was about to set. The darkness of the night was going to rule the earth. At the same time the monsters were going to get active. Zero didn’t plan to begin the task next morning as he had three other competitors and time was scarce. Moreover, there was no doubt that one of those competitors was set on killing him.

Zero smiled as he looked at the landscape. The ability users of element domain were powerful but it didn’t mean that they were invincible.

Zero belonged to wilderness and accidents may occur any time in here.

Zero saw that there were enough metal to feed the Lala. The stomach fluid of Lala could dissolve the iron but because of the sheer number of the rock spiders Lala could play only a limited role.

His ears detected the noise that echoed from few kilometers away. It seems the competitors came with a car. Zero took of the patch that was covering his golden right eyes and put it back into his multi-functional bag. He quietly disappeared into the darkness.

After two days.

It was morning and Zero was on the first floor of the library which was overturned by the nest of spider rocks. He was behind a book shelf as he looked at the pile of rocks on the ground. The rocks began to tremble as the sun rays began to shine upon them.

A rock which was half a meter long and wide rolled on ground the moment sun rays hit upon it. Edge of the rock broke into six parts as black feet of the rock spider stretched out. It’s feet supported the monster as it stood up.

The rock itself split into three parts. It’s chest, abdomen and semi oval shaped head formed. Six pairs of eyes showed up.

The rock spider deformed from a rock into a monster in front of Zero’s eyes. As the radius of the sun rays expanded more rocks turned into rock spiders and went into the shadows.

Zero quickly climbed over the book shelf as one of the rock spiders’ was dazzled by the sun. He pulled out the dagger from his legging.

Zero stabbed the dagger into the space between ‘breast’ and ‘abdomen’ of the rock spider where soft cracks had appeared. The next moment rock spider transformed back into a rock.

Zero had made lots of test in the last two days. The soft gum like substance that was attached to the rock spider’s chest and abdomen seemed to be the nerve center of the monster.
The creature would go into a coma if a sharp object penetrated and cut off the nerve center. Because of self-protection the rock spider would recover its external organs and transform back into a stone to confuse other monsters.

The rock spider would not wake up from come but it would still be alive for a while. It would die after a day or two without food. The rock spider in this state was qualified to be called a living specimen but Zero couldn’t take back a monster which was half a meter long and wide.

Zero dragged the dagger along the gum-like nerve system. The rock spider hadn’t completely transformed into rock because of the presence of the dagger. He pierced off along the gum like material and cut the monster into two. The greenish black blood of the spider overflew from the mouth of the monster. The head and feet of the monster slipped out as it lost control over its muscles.

The surface of the rock spider’s body was wrapped by weightless but hard shells which looked like stones. The shells were exceptionally solid. Sparks would burst when Zero dragged the dagger or stabbed it onto the shell.

The part which connected the foot of the rock spider onto its shell was very fragile. It could break by a poke but the muscles inside the foot were very special. The texture of the muscles within were in a stripe shape which provided spider with sufficient strength to support the weight of its body. Moreover it could burst out with explosive strength which allowed its body to accelerate and capture the pray in matter of seconds.

It’s eyes could rotate for 180 degrees which made sure that the rock spider didn’t have almost no blind spots in the horizon. The back of the rock spider was its only blind spot.

A pair of teeth stretched out from the monster’s mouth. There were elastic meat tubes which were ejected from its teeth. In case the spider’s teeth bit the human body the straw-like organ would absorb the blood. There were no poison in the teeth but the net of the spider had neurotoxins. The prey that was caught in the spider’s silk would get the neurotoxins from the silk and get their body paralyzed.

It took about half an hour to go through the anatomy of the spider rock. Although he couldn’t take back the specimen but Zero saved the information that he had about the anatomy of the spider rock. He was aware that the information was no less precious that live specimen. He believed that Sean would be willing to pay for it.

Zero took out the dagger and went out of the library. He had completed the mapping of the western part of the university.

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