Warlord – Ch 40

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Warlord – Chapter 40

Zero came to the hall and said that he was invited by vice-chairman Sean. He was taken to an elegant office. Sean’s office wasn’t wide enough according to Zero’s imagination but fine enough as the second man in the Remit. The leather sofa and office equipment gave the vibe of old times. These were the things that couldn’t be acquired by wealth. It mean that Sean had more power than it was shown on surface.

In addition to Sean there were three people in the office.

Two men and one woman. The men were white people. One of the men was wearing a simple protective armor. However he was a head taller than Hans and had a giant machine gun at his back. Zero quickly searched through the information in his mind and matched the machine gun with the ones in his memory. It was a M134 aerial machine gun meant to be used on armed helicopters. It had a maximum firing rate of 6000 bullets per minute and would be able to suppress most of the regular monsters.

An ordinary person couldn’t handle this machine gun. Zero thought that the man had at least third-order strength enhancement if he could use this machine gun.

The man standing next to the big man was relatively thinner. He didn’t carry any weapons. But a burst of chill waved off from his body. It was not a killing intent but real cold. Zero thought that the person had an ability from elemental domain.

The woman was from an Asian descent. She had long black hair. Her face wasn’t beautiful but she had stunning body. She was wearing black tights which outlined the bumps of her body. Her shoulders, chest and calf were protected by light armor. There was a sword hanging from her back which meant that she was a swordswoman.

She didn’t exude anything as if she was a stone. Zero knew that it didn’t mean she was weaker than others. On the contrary Zero felt that she was more dangerous.

The silent snake was much more dangerous than a violent bear.

“He is Zero. His mercenary license was granted by Parker Conglomerate.”

Sean stoo up and introduced Zero to others after Zero joined the room.

At the same time Sean introduced other to Zero.

The man carrying the machine gun was called Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was not his name but a nickname. Indeed as Zero had expected, T-Rex had third-order strength enhancement. Moreover he had second-order defense enhancement and second-order heavy weapon specialization.

The thin man was called Ralph and was of Russian descent. He had only one ability but it was third-order water element proficiency. The third-order element ability was much more powerful than same order combat domain ability.As a result no one dared to look down at Ralph even though his ability wasn’t as destructive as fire or thunder element.

The woman who was carrying the samurai sword was called Su and she was of Chinese descent. She had second-order strength and agility enhancement but she had reached the fifth-order cold weapon specialization. Zero knew that weapon specialization was the most common ability of the combat domain. However anyone who had reached the fifth-order or above was called master because of their proficiency.

Zero had first-order strength and defense enhancement and second-order agility enhancement which seemed weak in comparison to other. Zero had his golden right eye which was an auxiliary class ability and was limited in combat. However he was deliberately concealing this ability. T-Rex and Ralph looked at Zero with disdain after Sean reported Zero’s data.

Su was expressionless from start to end.

Sean outlined the task in front of the four.

The goal of the mission was gathering intelligence from the state university that was located in different part of the old city. It was the best location for Remit to expand. However the university was occupied by a group of monsters called Rock Spiders. These creatures had rock-hard shells which didn’t limit to defense but helped them with camouflage.

The biggest problem they faced was that the rock spiders lived together and they had very rapid reproduction. It was very hard to completely eliminate them. The spring was their breeding season and the rock spiders would have an abnormal state.

The Rock Spiders were level 2 risk monsters. However people would have less courage to face as they attacked in thousands. The Rock spiders would go out to hunt in the breeding season to ensure adequate food. The most ideal place for their hunt was the Remit which had population of 5000.

Remit didn’t want to destroy these monsters. Actually they couldn’t as they didn’t have manpower and firepower to accomplish this task. Right now they were planning to ensure the colony’s safety during the breeding season.

Remit colony was planning to expand the settlement. However the state university was destroyed after the catastrophe. The buildings had collapsed, the underground parking was crashes. In short the place had become a complicated labyrinth. Remit didn’t have access to a private outer space satellite which could gather intelligence about the university. As a result they had to rely on mercenaries to gather reconnaissance and intelligence about the nest of Rock Spiders.
The first task was to locate the nest of the rock spiders. The second task was to draw the detailed map of the current university grounds, including the terrain and monster distribution. The third task was to bring back a living rock spider to biologists of the Remit to find their weaknesses. The ultimate task was to wipe out the colony of the rock spiders. However Sean believed that few mercenaries couldn’t accomplish such a task.

The ultimate task was there just for show.

Ralph looked at Sean after hearing the details of the task: “I think three of us would be enough to accomplish this task. No need to add a person… It’s just waste.”

Zero indifferently responded: “I don’t want to be involved with a person with soft eggs. I will act alone if there is no other thing.”

The ability users of the element domain paid more attention to their spirits than their physical strength. But no one liked to be called a soft egg. The air around Ralph got colder. He looked at Zero who was leaving the office. Killing intent emitted from his eyes as the message “I will kill you” was engraved in it.

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