Warlord – Ch 39

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Warlord – Chapter 39

The words respect and appreciation were nothing but wind in the turbulent era. The strength covered the safety.

If Zero didn’t have the license issued by the Parker Conglomerate and if not for Sean getting interested in Zero because of the license, and if not for Zero’s record of killing a butcher then Sean wouldn’t come to temporary detention center and wouldn’t offer a task to Zero which was meant for people with third-order ability and more.

All of it were inseparable from the strength that Zero had shown back in Z7 base.

The strength meant everything. You would live like an animal in the wilderness if you didn’t have strength. Strength meant respect and everything!

Butcher was a level 3 risk monster. Any mercenary or hunter who would be able to kill a butcher would have their license upgraded at least by one rank. Unfortunately, Zero didn’t have a license when he had killed butcher so he got only recognition for the death of butcher or else his license would have a higher rank.

Sean didn’t trust Zero on full terms but as long as 70% of Zero’s record was credible then Zero was qualified to perform the task. There were back-ups too. The task was very important to the expansion plan of the Remit colony so vice-chairman couldn’t hand this task to only one mercenary.

“I will tell you the details of the task and introduce some of my companions to you.” Sean added: “As for the safety of people within the temporary detention center… You can rest assured that I’ll guarantee that nothing will happen to them. I have ability to protect them so believe me.”

Zero and Leah went back to their tent after the vice-chairmen left. Ted came in with some bread. Zero looked at him: “Thanks for taking care of Leah when I was away.”

“Come on mate. You know that to survive in the wilderness we gotta take care of each other. Moreover we owe you a lot.” Ted scratched his hair in embarrassment: “However nothing would change if you didn’t arrive in time… ”

“Anyway, you gotta eat! We will go to commercial area in the afternoon to find job.” Ted handed them the bread.

There were two moldy breaks. They had gone past the expiration date. But in this turbulent era people didn’t care much for the freshness of food as their stomachs could devour anything.

Zero grabbed half of the bread and ate it. He put the rest of the bread in front of Leah. Leah shook her head: “I will eat the half of the other bread. You will go for mission so you will need strength.”

“I’m a bit different. Energy from half a bread is enough for three days of activities.” Zero refused.

Lala squeaked to remind Zero of its existence.

Zero looked at it: “You will go to ruins with me. There will be lots of copper and other metal for you. ”

Lala’s eyes shined as it flapped its wings and flew two laps around Zero and Leah.

“Why did you leave from Z7 with me?” Leah couldn’t help but ask: “Parker conglomerate would definitely have a use for you with your abilities. You may be even recruited for an important job… ”

Zero reached out to her and interrupted her. Leah looked at Zero who had a rare smile on his face: “Because I’m an individual not a lap dog. No matter what kind of good job would I get, I would still be a lap dog!”

Leah whispered: “You have helped me so much but I have nothing to repay you… No… Perhaps…”

Zero was puzzled as he looked at her. Suddenly she sat on his laps and dragged Zero’s hands to her chests: “I’ll give you my body if you want to. I’m not as experience as the other women but I promise that no other man has touched my body.”

Leah’s face had flushed red. Zero felt the amazing elasticity in his palms.

Leah stretched our her hands and took off his robe. Zero reached out to stop her form continuing.

He grabbed her body and put her on bed.

“I want the reward after the task. Its not suitable for me to do an intense exercise before the mission.” Zero said.

Zero didn’t live an ascetic life. Leah was a beautiful, healthy and young girl. Many men dreamed about her and Zero wasn’t an exception. However he didn’t want to waste energy as he was going to take the task in the afternoon.

He would be willing to taste the sweet fruit after the task is completed and Leah volunteered.

Leah shyly nodded her head.

The status of women was reduced in the turbulent age to the level of the dark ages. They were nothing but bed tools and offspring breeders for men.

Even a ten year old girl could sell her body for three meals a day. Old Jack had to be credited for Leah to be able to keep her virginity till the age of 18.

Now, Jack was dead and Leah would have an unimaginable end without Zero’s help. She could be caught and sold as a slave and would have a nightmarish life. She was happy as she had small but independent free space.

She didn’t mind giving herself to Zero. He was the best choice for her. Moreover Leah knew that Zero wouldn’t treat her as a breeding object but with respect and love.

Leah was lit a little obedient wife. She ate the bread and laid down to sleep.

Zero checked her breathing to make sure that she was asleep as she quietly went out of the tent. He left the temporary detention center and directly went to administrative region. He wasn’t worried about Leah’s security for the time being as Sean had guaranteed it. However he would make vice chairman suffer ten or hundred fold if she was hurt.

For now Zero choose to believe in Sean.

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  1. Ugh I hate weak girls in this kind of novels. They are only there to invite troubles. But I think she will become more powerful later on. I wonder if her virginty will be preserve. Time to experiment on her?

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