Warlord – Ch 37

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Warlord – Chapter 37

They finally got the right to stay in Remit colony. After a week of observation process they could even apply for permanent residence permit.

Zero was happy as he thought that there was about 90% possibility that Leah wasn’t infected with the viral virus. He was also contaminated with Hans’s blood. There was no discomfort or any visual appearance of infection except two days of unconscious sleep that he had. There was a relationship with Hans’s blood and the dark red marks on the half of Leah’s face. However, this result meant that both Leah and Zero could freely roam from one base to another.

Zero wanted to make sure that the 10% possibility of uncertainty was eliminated too. As a result he went to check the Remit colony after Leah settled down. Zero hoped to find a private clinic or small hospital so that he could pay for detailed check on Leah’s body.

Likewise, he wanted to get some paid tasks with bounties. They wouldn’t stay in Remit forever. Moreover Zero wanted to find information about his own past. Therefore he needed extra money to purchase materials, equipment, transportation and other necessary things. He desperately needed money.

Zero entered the commercial area of the Remit as he followed the signs. Zero saw that the commercial area looked like a bazaar. Food, clothing, daily necessities and even mutant creatures were sold in shops and stalls. There were two weapon shops in the commercial area.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money to buy powerful weapons from the new era. The other weapons from the old age weren’t as powerful as the M500 he carried on his waist. Zero wanted to order .50 bullets but he temporarily dispelled the idea as he thought about the costs of Leah’s check up.

He found a private clinic in the commercial area. The name of the doctor was John Brooke. He was both the doctor and the owner of the clinic. He had three nurses who had beautiful faces and attractive bodies. Those girls acted as John’s nurses and slaves. He enjoyed them on his free time.

The nurses could provide service to the guests if the patients or other people fancied them. A fee for the service had to be paid to John.

The clinic wasn’t bound to Remit as it was private. The clinic provide a lot of services including the virus infection detection as long as the payment for the expenses was made.

Zero made an appointment with the doctor and paid 20$ as a deposit. He got the appointment card from John and left the clinic towards administrative region.

The administration of Remit colony was managed by the trade unions. There was 1 vice-chairman and 10 union representatives. The union representatives were elected from residents, officers, businessmen and other social structures. It made sure the the voice of all types of residents was represented in the administration of the colony. It could be said that Remit colony was administered in a democratic style which made sure that it developed in a healthy way.

There was a board which had daily news printed on it. Moreover all the tasks with bounties were placed on the same board. Zero knew that he wouldn’t have enough money for the check up fees. He had to find some tasks or tomorrow they would have to eat air.

H reached the administrative region after walking past two blocks. This area was much quieter than the commercial area. The union hall was located on the west of the region. The appearance of the building was very simple. There was a sculpture on the roof of the building.

The sculpture referred to the idea of balance. They wanted to tell that Remit will be free and fair to all.

Zero took a glance but didn’t take it to heart. How fair they can be in the turbulent era where the laws of jungle work?

There were only office staff and the rest of the people were either mercenaries or hunters. The ruins outside the Remit was the paradise for these two category of people. The reconnaissance, raids, investigations and intelligence gathering was much needed as Remit wanted to expand. As a result more mercenaries and hunters were attracted to Remit colony in recent years.

Zero wanted to enter the union hall. However he was hit by a figure which went out of the revolving door. The man hadn’t hit him yet when the smell of the strong alcohol hit his nose. Countless information passed by his mind and Zero came to a conclusion. The guy in front of him had drank at least two bottle of the best whiskey.

It was an alcoholic without a doubt.

Zero stepped back to dodge. He couldn’t avoid the collision with the alcoholic although he had reached second-order agility enhancement.

The alcoholic was an old man in his sixties who was dressed in a black clothing and a high-hat. He looked like a British gentlemen from the sixties or seventies. He had sleepy eyes while his nose was as red as roses. The gray beard was tangled under his nose.

The old man hiccuped which sprayed the smell of alcohol onto Zero’s face.

Zero frowned. He could tell that the man was a crouching tiger. It would be naïve to think that the person would be kind because of his clothing.

“Young man, you got a good gun.”

The old man’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the pair of revolvers on Zero’s waist: “Its very rare to see M500 these days. I’m willing to give you 500$ if you sell them to me.”

Zero could use 500$ to buy more powerful firearms. However he shook his head: “They are not for sale!”

The old man was surprised at Zero’s rejection and concise answer.

He laughed: “I may have taken a little liking to you.”

Zero couldn’t like the man whatever way he looked at him. So he turned and left. The old man smiled as he saw Zero pass through the revolving door: “Finally got to find such a good stuff but the man doesn’t like the money of the lord. How unfortunate!”

The old man shook his head as he opened a bottle of wine. He bounced the lid and took two sips. He disappeared into the crowd.

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