Warlord – Ch 36

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Warlord – Chapter 36

The green car started up once more and went through the checkpoint. They drove to a sandy car park where few cars were parked. Most of them were wrecked and couldn’t be started but their parts could be used so they were still kept.

The green car stopped at the side of the car park. The people inside the green car got off one after another. The officer led the way while they followed after him. They passed the sand and reached a concrete ground. There was a six story building opposite to checkpoint gate. The top three floors and bottom three floors looked different. The bottom floors seemed to be repaired and colored.

They walked and reached the edge of the settlement. There were at least four towers which mad anti-aircraft and machine guns mounted on top of them. The firearm power was enough to make sure that any invader died on spot.

There were more than dozens of outposts like this which were surrounding Remit colony. Although Remit lacking ground-to-air missile defense system but it was much better protected than Z7 base.

They passed by water purification plant after the defensive post. The colony didn’t have the resources to build a plant for water purification. The founders of the Remit colony had chosen this location especially because of the water purification plant that was left from the old era. It had taken them 10 years to make sure that the plant was operating. They were able to produce about ten tons of water per day for the use of Remit’s residents. The amount of water was not much and there was radiation mixed in water but it was much better than buying it from outside.

They had two food processing plants in addition to the water purification plant. It was possible to produce foods and bread for the ones who could afford them. Naturally none of those produced food were cheap and couldn’t be afforded by a normal household.

The houses on ground were reconstructed and renovated to be rented to the residents of the Remit colony. The people who could afford them used it at night to go up and live there.

Residents of the colony worked, earned and paid for their needs. It was a small ecosystem where there was a balance between the income of the residents and costs of the colony. Remit earned extra money by selling extra water and captured mutated creatures as sample.

The portion of the additional income was planned to spend on expansion and other projects.

The founders of the Remit colony had long-term vision about the future of the settlement. It was a colony which grew on steady pace.

They went through formal procedures at the entrance of the underground base. A girl dressed in a uniform took them to the underground base which was located 200 meters deep.

Remit didn’t have a mine so they didn’t have a work area like Z7 base. There were four areas within the underground base. They were residential area, administrative region, commercial area and temporary detention center.

Temporary detention center was the smallest out of all. Actually the temporary detention center had nothing but concrete. There were tables enough for children and women to rest. The group let Zero and Leah get a table for themselves because of gratitude.

Several men wearing protective clothing came into the detention center as they were escorted by a team of soldiers. This was a quarantine procedure prepared for the foreigners that wanted to settle in Remit. The person who had virus or genetic variation would be escorted out.

Ted was very nervous as Dahl didn’t have medical facilities. They wouldn’t know if a person was infected with virus if the disease didn’t show up.

However Zero and Leah were the most tense ones.

Zero had thought that Remit was a colony where people just lived together in the wilderness. He didn’t imagine that they will have virus testing procedures.

It was possible that the virus in Leah’s body would be exposed.

“Take off your hat.”

A man ordered Leah. Leah instinctively hid behind Zero. The staff member shook his head but he didn’t force Leah to take off her hat. He used the detector as he swept it over Leah’s body.

Zero was ready for the worst as he looked at all kinds of data showing up on detector’s screen. They had to leave if the virus was detected. If they wanted to force Leah into isolation or try to kill her then he was ready to response back in violence. He feared that Ted and others would be bound by their actions.

The detector swept over Leah’s body but it didn’t issue an alarm sound. Both Leah and Zero were happy. Zero thought about two possibilities as no alarm was sounded. The first option was that the detector was broken and didn’t work properly. The second option was that Leah wasn’t infected with virus.

The first possibility was minimal as he thought about the size and procedures of the Remit colony. As a result he thought about the second possibility.

Leah wasn’t infected with the virus! (the virus he refers to is the one which changes humans to zombies)

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