Warlord – Ch 35

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Warlord – Chapter 35

Remit was a large and bustling city that accommodated millions of people in the old era. The city had facilities to support such a population. However most of the buildings had suffered damage after the Catastrophe. Almost half of the city was destroyed. The northwest of the city had a 1 kilometer deep pit which was result of a meteorite collusion. It was like a monster’s mouth which was proof of the hideous past.

Remit colony was rebuilt in small part of the eastern side of the old city. It had taken 20 years to transform and reconstruct the Remit colony. The residents of the colony could live in underground base as well as use the facilities on the surface that were repaired. The water circulation system was reconstructed too.

Most of the inhabitants of the Remit lived in the underground base during the day. Only the soldiers patrolling the barrier and towers stayed on the surface. The residents went out from the underground only at the evenings when the surface temperature dropped. There was even a pub on the surface which was open during the night.

Residents could drink, chat, listen to music and dance in the pub. Remit seemed like a heaven in comparison to the other settlements and colonies.

The colony accepted outsiders who wanted to move in but there were few people who moved to Remit as the place was at the edge of the continent. As a result after ten years of time the number of residents at Remit stayed stable. Moreover there was a compulsory conscription system.

It meant that except children and elderly, the young men and women of the colony had to serve as soldiers. They would receive appropriate training before being arranged for guard or patrolling work for a week each month.

Green car drove along the highway and stopped by the checkpoint at the entrance of the Remit colony. Soldiers moved close to the car as the muzzles of their weapons were directed at the green car. A middle-aged officer asked: “Who are ya? Where did you come from?”

Ted opened the door and got off the car. He raised his hand: “Hi sire. We have fled from Dahl settlement. Our colony had no water and couldn’t sustain our livelihood. We are here to join Remit colony.”

The middle-aged officer asked once more: “How many people?”

“Fourteen, sire.”

“We can accommodate that much.” Office nodded.

“Great!” Ted shouted out.

“Don’t get happy to soon boy! We are not a charity so you gotta pay if you want to enter the colony. Each person has to pay 10 dollars for temporary accommodation. Afterwards you will stay for a week so that we can confirm none of you are infected. You can apply for residential certificate after a week.” Officer stretched out his hand to shake Ted’s: “I advise you to go back if you can’t afford this price. We don’t want to waste our stamina to drive you guys out.”

Ted was embarrassed. Dahl was a resource-poor colony. Most of the time they did barter in Dahl to get the daily needs. Ted only had 25 dollars on himself which 20$ was given to him by Zero for transportation.

“Lemme discuss it.” Ted went back to the car.

There was a trace of disappointment and gloominess on faces of new settles in the car. They had put their money together and had 42$. It was enough for 4 people to stay in Remit.

“Let’s get children and women while rest of us …” John bitterly looked at others.

Ted looked at Zero: “I think you can afford temporary accommodation. Quickly go.”

Zero had saved 230$ in the past two years. After deducting 20$ which were paid to Ted he had more than 200$ left with him.

Zero nodded as he pulled Leah to get off the car. He sympathized with Ted and the rest however it wasn’t the age of compassion. As they were about to exit the car Leah looked at Zero.

“We … Can you help them?” Leah didn’t know how much Zero had on him. She was aware that it wasn’t their business to meddle in but she couldn’t help and ask.

Zero answered in an earnest tone: “I have already helped them a lot. They can have two people temporarily enter the settlement. Do you want to help more?”

“I know that what I ask for is silly. We have to use every resource we can to survive.” Leah firmly looked at Zero: “But we aren’t animals. If we can then lets help them.”

The people in the car turned silence at Leah’s words. They looked at her with respect.

Zero was silent for a moment but he went out. Leah sighed as she was slightly disappointed. She followed him out.

“I am a mercenary. Is there any task in Remit that I can make money out of?” Zero took out his license. Old Jack had helped him get license from the Parker conglomerate after he had killed a butcher.

The officer recognized Parker conglomerate’s logo at sight. Although Zero had a first rank license from the Parker conglomerate but it was much more respectable than a third or fourth rank mercenary license from a small company.

The officer smiled as he nodded: “Remit welcomes mercenaries with abilities. We will waive your entrance free.”

Zero nodded and took 130$ from his wallet and handed out to officer: “This is for them. Let us enter the settlement now.”

The officer gestured at soldiers after he counted the money. The people in the car and Leah were stunned.

Zero went back into car with Leah. He whispered: “You are their Mary.”

“Who is Mary?” The girl was born in the new are and hadn’t heard the name of the Virgin Mary.

Leah’s kindness was as precious as diamonds in this turbulent age. Zero was willing to protect these kind of good people. However even he didn’t know how long he could protect them.

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  1. So the granddaughter diden’t take any money…yeah grandpa worked years and had probably a fortune saved for bad times….have to love evry time authors don’t consider obvious shit like that….

  2. Why? Just why is there a thing called kindness it that age, I didn’t come here to see kindness, I came here to see some dark stuff

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