Warlord – Ch 32

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Warlord – Chapter 32

Aaron was 25 years old that year. He was the grandson of Jay Brent who was the leader of Parker Conglomerate. At the same time Aaron was an ability user. Nobody dared to look down on him as he was a third-order elemental domain ability user.

Apart from the theoretical domain of rules the most destructive domain was elemental domain out of the four. There were all kinds of abilities that came within the range of elemental domain. However the most powerful and destructive ones were fire and lightning. As a person who had mastered the element of fire Aaron never carried weapon on himself. His body was a weapon on its own.

Aaron could destroy a small military base on his own.

The most that shocked the people were the cuff’s of his dark red leather robe. There were two round black patterns embroidered on the cuffs which represented Aaron’s level as captain of the ‘Crimson Knights.’

Aaron was proud and aloof as he was able to reach the captain level before his 30 years of age. Aaron was the dazzling star of the Parker conglomerate and was going to be the next head of the conglomerate after his grandfather Jay stepped down.

The youth was full of arrogance because of his tyrannical strength and prominent background.

Recently Parker conglomerate had received a report about the massacre taken place at base Z7 which was at the edge of the continent. The original leader of the base Jack and large number of base members were slaughtered in the incident. Normally, Parker conglomerate didn’t care about the existence of a base on Z7’s scale. However occurrence of such a situation meant that someone was trying to provoke the Parker conglomerate whether they were individuals or organizations.

Usually the family would send an intermediate level member to investigate the issue. At beast a direct descendant of the family would participate in the investigation. Anyway, normally Aaron who is successor of the family wouldn’t be involved in such a small matter. But Aaron was involved in this matter after he saw the surveillance video that was transferred from the Z7 base.

Aaron saw the fight between Zero and Hans in the pub. Aaron clearly saw Hans as a normal human as he entered the emergency passage. However Hans came out as half-monster after he broke out from the passage.

It wasn’t the mutation from the virus infection but an ability from the mutation domain! They had watched the video many times as they closed up on Hans.

They clearly saw that Hans’s pupil was dark while the eyeball was made out of countless bright red rings. Aaron remembered a top confidential file that he had seen in the Dark Council.

The Dark Council was the most mysterious and powerful organization on the continent. Its origins were unknown and even the people within the Dark Council avoided this topic. Aaron as a captain of the Crimson Knights vaguely knew that the council was made by the aristocrats and scientists that survived from the old era.

It was undeniable that the Dark Council held the most resources of the continent. Arbitration group of the Council was the top body of the organization. Crimson Knights, Academy of Sciences, The Military Deparment and others were ruled by the Arbitration group. The Dark Council was backed by four giants. These were the ancient families which supported the Dark Council. Parker conglomerate couldn’t even be mentioned in terms of comparison to those four families.

The Dark Council’s hands enveloped the entire continent. They were the real masters of Nakasu continent.

The intelligence network of the organization was absolutely staggering. The information database of the organization had details about almost every creatures or mutation within the continent.

Aaron had seen a classified file about a monster called ‘anarchist.’

This was the only monster that Dark Council didn’t classify a level of danger as it was stated as unknown. Aaron didn’t have access to full information back then on the monster. However now when the Z7 base had sent the video he had reported it to the Dark Council.

Dark Council intervened and withdrew all the information about slaughter at the Z7 base. They assessed that Hans’s combat power was equal to a third-order ability user and Aaron was sent to investigate the matter.

Aaron got access to the relevant and full information on the ‘anarchist.’

The main problem of the monster was that it had irrational and destructive behavior. However it had a slight difference from the other monsters.

The ‘anarchist’ looked like a human until it became a monster. Once some conditions are triggered the mutation would occur and the human would turn into a monster which seeks to destroy all life within its sight. Even the Dark Council didn’t have information how this monster was formed. The first ‘anarchist’ emerged 40 years ago. It popped up 10 years after the Catastrophe.

Scientists from the Dark Council believed that the anarchist was the first species to mutated its gene after the catastrophe. The first gene mutation known to the world was 15 years after the catastrophe. The ability users appeared rapidly after 5 years from the catastrophe.

It could be noted that the secrets of the ‘anarchist’ could help Dark Council make a breakthrough in gene evoltuion. Aaron had received a specific order before being sent to the Z7 base: Everything possible has to be done to bring back a blood sample of the ‘anarchist’!

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