Warlord – Ch 31

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Warlord – Chapter 31

The people who looked like refugees who were wearing ragged clothes were illuminated under the moonlight. However refugees wouldn’t migrate at midnight. The color of their skin was surprisingly pale while their eyes exuded red light. Their muscles had rotted and at some parts of their bodies the white bones were visible.

These were the zombies who preferred the night into day and killed all living creatures for food.

These zombies were wandering on the road. Zero checked to see that they were coming out from the Silver Tree City.

“There are more than thirty of ‘em.” John said in a worried tone as he put down the infrared equipment.

Ted was nervous: “What should we do? Should we leave now?”

“no! Depends on the situation.” Zero responded whispers.

Zombies naturally weren’t out for a friendly stroll. The food in the Silver Tree City and in its vicinity was lacking. As a result a group of zombies won’t go out after prey all together. Two years ago the number of zombies living inside the Silver Tree City weren’t much. Zero had killed the butcher and the evolved zombie which were acting as the head of the social system that they were living in.

It seemed that the thirty zombies that they saw were the ones left in the Silver Tree City. According to Zero’s speculation they weren’t out for collective hunt but migration. Silver Tree City had no extra food for their survival unless they ate their own flesh and blood. The zombies either had to migrate or kill each other.

It seemed that the zombies were using night time to move in hurry. They would hide under shadows or bury themselves underground in daytime. Right now they were on an unknown journey. Their journey may end up after few kilometers or maybe after few thousand kilometers. Perhaps it won’t come to an end. Who knows?

Everyone was hiding in the car while the fire was extinguished. There was a big possibility that the migrating zombies would go past them as long as an accident didn’t happen. John and others were nervous as they saw the group get close to the farm. Zero frowned as he looked at the sight. The people were tense and it would lead to the rise in their body temperatures. The zombies were attracted to sound so if someone made a sound accidentally then they had to fight against the zombies.

They would be able to kill the zombies as they had enough combat power. However Zero couldn’t guarantee that there won’t be casualties. At least a woman or a child would be bitten by a zombie.

The zombies were in hurry and didn’t notice the green car parked at the edge of the abandoned farm. The people inside the car were relieved as they saw the zombies pass away.

However the god of luck seemed to have changed his mind. One zombie stopped and turned to looked towards the car’s direction. This zombie departed form the crowd of zombies and approached the farm as its body swayed right and left.

“Damn it! Get ready to fight.” John unlocked his pistol as he loudly said.

The sound of gunfire would catch the attention of the zombies. Normally they walked slowly but once they found food they ran faster than the rabbits. Moreover their movements were more flexible than the monkey. In an open space such as this the zombies would easily avoid the shoots from the machine gun.
Zero grabbed John’s hand: “Don’t shoot! I’ll go.”

Zero was like a nimble cat as he moved. His body was bent as he took shelter behind the tree.

There was hiding behind a small tree while the zombie got close to him.

Five meters, four meters, three meters … … Zero’s breathing got less in frequency as the zombie narrowed the distance.

The zombie was by the tree. Because of its sensitive hearing it found that someone was wrong. However the voice was very light and it couldn’t detect anything. The zombie raised its head but saw a flash. It lost consciousness the same moment.

Zero’s foot were hooked onto the branch of three and his body hang down from the branch. The dagger in his hand had pierced through the eye of the zombie and went deep into its head. Zero gently got off the tree and grabbed zombie’s body before it could fall down. He gently put the zombie’s corpse near the tree.

John was stunned as he looked at Zero’s swift actions. He couldn’t help but touch his neck. The other zombies gradually got away from their location.

The green car started before the sun came out. The people who were sleeping inside woke up one by one as the car continued to the journey.

A convoy entered the Z7 base at the same time the green car went to Remit.

The convoy consisted of two armored vehicles. One of the cars was meant for guards while the other was an old fashion sedan. The black sedan looked ordinary but it’s inner layer was armored strong enough to withstand strong impact. This types of sedans were much more expensive than usual armored vehicles.

Jerry and others who were responsible for temporary management of the Z7 base were standing outside the base about an hour before the convoy reached the base. Jerry had heard that a “big” man from the Parker conglomerate was coming down.s

The convoy stopped at the entrance of the base. Two people dressed in black suits got off the car and opened the door. Jerry and others bowed their heads when they saw a pair of dark black boots slide down from the sedan.

A youth in his twenties got off from the sedan. He had short red hair and was wearing a dark red leather gown. The clothing was completely different from normal worn out and ragged clothes. There were black ornaments embroidered on the robe. It was a sword on a shield. The cuffs of the robe had the same pattern decorated on them.

The bodyguards of the youth were amazed once more as they looked at him. They didn’t respect the youth only because of his identity but they were in awe of the organization that the youth represented.

The name of the organization was ‘Dark Council’. This exclusive and exquisite robe was meant for the armed forces of the Dark Council – “The Crimson Knights”

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