Warlord – Ch 28

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Warlord – Chapter 28

“She has to leave. But I’ll go with her!”

Leah thought of Zero’s words as they walked under the exhilarating hot road.

They had left Z7 base and were walking towards the Silver Tree City. Leah believed that Zero will get a better life at the base if he didn’t leave. Jack was dead and Parker conglomerate would surely send someone over as a new manager. The soldiers were dead and Zero had a great opportunity to get George’s position.

Leah believed that he had given up on a good future by accompanying her into the wilderness.

Leah wasn’t aware of their destination but she had decided to give the strings of her fate into the hands of Zero. She wouldn’t regret whether they would end up in heaven or hell.

Zero’s aim wasn’t neither heaven or hell but a colony called Remit.

He had checked the map before leaving the Z7 base. The town of Remit was clearly market as an ‘intermediate’ level colony which was 3,000 kilometers away from the Z7 base. It meant that they had relatively better living facilities and weapons enough to defend against foreign enemies. It would be their first foothold. Zero planned to stay there for a while if no accident happened.

He estimated that the source of Leah’s infection was Hans. The anomaly had happened in the last ten days. However Zero couldn’t understand that his contact with Hans was much more ‘intimate’ that Leah’s case. Why didn’t he got the infection Leah had?

Z7 base neither had equipment nor the staff to identify and treat the viral infection. There may be resources in the intermediate level Remit colony. Zero didn’t want to help Leah just for Old Jack’s sake. He wasn’t willing to see what had happened to Alice occur again.

They had taken enough dry food and clean water to move to Silver Tree City. Leah and Zero were walking on foot and hoped to reach Silver Tree City by the evening.

Zero wasn’t a stranger to Silver Tree City. He had got his first-order strength and defense enhancement and evolutionary point over there. Zero’s agility enhancement had reached second order after the battle with Hans. In addition two more evolutionary points were generated. Those were still dormant in his body and without medicine he wouldn’t be able to direct their direction. As a result the new capabilities would have to go through natural transformation.

He didn’t care much about the Silver Tree City because of his abilities. Zero was sure that he would be able to protect the safety of Leah as long as they didn’t encounter a butcher in the Silver Tree City.

Afterwards they were going to go to Remit colony from the Silver Tree City.

The journey was monotonous. Zero wasn’t good at speaking and Leah thought that it was meaningless to chat in the wilderness. They rarely talked and rested only twice.

Zero heard the sound of car engine along the road through the canyon. He saw a modified green car almost hit them. Zero judged that the driver didn’t do it intentionally form the stunned expression on the youth’s face.

The door of the car opened and the driver asked about their situation. Zero pulled Leah as they approached the car.

“Are you going to Remit?” He asked.

They were at the edge of the Nakasu continent so the nearest settlement would be Remit. Zero though that the car couldn’t have enough fuel to go for a further base.

Zero knew he was right the moment he saw the driver nod. He took out his walled: “I’ll pay. Please take us too.”

Zero saw from driver’s eyes that the youth was tempted as he poured out 20 dollars from the purse.

However a black man voiced out his opposition.

“Sorry, but we don’t take people into the car whose identity is unknown to us.” The black man shook his head.

Zero frowned. He wouldn’t mind walking on foot if he was on his own. But Leah was accompanying him. The travel would be much more easier if they used a car.

“Come on John. Look at them. Don’t you have something called compassion?” The driver complained as he looked at Leah. It seems that he was attracted to her.

“How do you know that they won’t bring problems to us? I just want to safely reach Remit! I don’t want problems along the way.” John said.

The driver looked at the other passengers. They seemed to share John’s thoughts. The drivver shrugged his shoulders: “Sorry fellas but it seems you guys gotta walk.”

Before driver was able to turn back Zero was already by the car. He caught the black man by his neck and used his one arm to lift him up. John roared as he tried to counterattack but his eyes fell on the barrel of the M500.

The screams echoed out from the car. Few men stood up to help John but they stopped when they saw M500 revolver.

“Hey…Hey…Hey… Let’s not get this thing out of proportion. Perhaps we can solve our problems with a simple discussion.” Driver waved his hand to calm the situation.

Zero indifferently said: “Either we go with you or I get the car.”

In this turbulent era violence was another form of communication if you couldn’t connect with words.

John understood that the soldier wasn’t a simple man as he dared to wander in the wilderness with a woman. Moreover Zero was able to lift a 80kg man with his one hand. The strength that a slender body could have was limited. It meant that Zero was an ability user.

John realized that he had provoked someone he shouldn’t have.

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  1. So Leah’s gonna be the infected members of his harem huh… Maybe I’m filth for thinking that when I read the author hinting he was immune… Virus (STD) free Zero…

  2. Sounds trouble hihihi
    Zeros ability enhanced by small creature greenie
    Tsk…. Leahs gonna be zeros woman/loli/bedwarmer tskkk… Looking frward for more especially when they enter remit colony…

  3. So he diden’t take the weapons/car and money from the old base, but is open to steal a car on the road …..

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