Warlord – Ch 25

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Warlord – Chapter 25

Zero’s smell floated in the air. It was enough to lead the Hans into the canyon.

Hans heavily breathed. He was at his limit too. It was true that his body could infinitely replenish the flesh and bone. But he couldn’t regenerate energy out of nowhere. Hans hadn’t rested let alone eaten in the last three days.

Moreover his body structure looked like that of a monster’s and the energy consumption was much more bigger than Zero’s. He didn’t have a function in his body which could regulate the energy consumption so Hans was consuming more energy than Zero.

Hans was like a crazy beast blind to the reason. He had only one aim and that was to kill Zero. Therefore even though the energy in his body was close to depletion he couldn’t stop. He refused to stop!

Hans focused on Zero’s smell within the canyon. Because of dust the smell was getting a bit lighter. He did his best to distinguish Zero’s smell form everything so that he didn’t lose his target.

He passed by the mountain road and came across two sections. Hans found Zero’s blood. He was excited as he moved forwards. He stopped and knelt down to leap up. He jumped over a protruding rock.

After two hundred meters Hans came to stop near a hillside. There seemed to be a cave.

And Zero was hiding inside.

Hans was in a trance and didn’t think that he had ever come to this cave. It was the same cave He had dragged the mutated wolf and killed it. That’s how Zero knew about the existence of the cave.

There was no trace of mutated wolf’s corpse in the cave. However Hans saw something else. Hans saw a trembling figure behind a boulder inside the rock. Zero seemed to be injured and the idea itself made Hans very happy. He roared as he went into the cave.

His hand stretched out to grab Zero’s beck. The strength was enough to twist off an elephant’s neck. Zero wouldn’t be able to escape Hans’s grasp if he was injured. Hans’s fingers grabbed the cloth and pulled them.

Zero’s body was unusually light.

There was no one inside the clothes. The wind blew and Zero’s clothes swayed around. It made an illusion which Hans believed to be Zero. Hans wasn’t reasoning so he was quite furious. A thread was raised as the clothes went up.

The other end of the thread was tied to the grenade on the ground. As the thread was raised the safety bolt was pulled out. Ring~

There were lots of detonators by the grenade. They were the ones which Zero tried to hunt the wolves with. Now their object was Hans.


Sound of a huge explosion echoed in the canyon. The creatures in the canyon run away in panic. A cloud from the aftermath of explosion rolled and raised up accompanied by smoke and falling stones.

The flames entangled the dry weeds after the shock wave. Some creatures were curious but they tried to avoid the place.

A minute later a figure appeared nearby the place.

Zero was carrying a rifle and was wearing a vest. He had used his coat to lure Hans. The ultraviolet sun rays fell on his body. His skin was slightly red.

The army boots touched the weeds as Zero moved towards the cave. Zero stopped by the entrance as the smoke still floated out of the cave. His line of sight was blocked. He was regretting that he didn’t bring gas mask with himself.

Zero heard Hans’s voice in addition to the sound of flames. There would be no sound unless Hans was killed. The explosives weren’t enough to kill Hans!

Gradually the smoke coming out of the cave disappeared. IT seemed that the place where he had set the trap had completely collapsed. A dark hole was revealed. It turned out that the ground under the cave were hollow and the place had collapsed after the explosion.

Zero didn’t plan to go down to check Hans as he looked at the hole which looked like an abyss. At the same time a hand went out of the hole and grabbed Zero’s boot. IT forcefully dragged him down.

Zero lost balance as he fell into the hole.

It was Hans!

Zero saw Hans at the moment his body fell down. Hans had his left arm and two legs remaining. Both of his legs were fixed on the wall of the cave. He should be using his left arm to affix and support his body. However he fell down with Zero as Hans had lost his support too.

Half of Hans’s head was gone. His one eye was left. Hans seemed to be excited because of catching Zero!

Zero used the rifle to shoot Hans’s arm that had caught his leg.

The bullet tore Hans’s arm. Zero took the opportunity to step on Hans’s face to fall faster than Hans.

Zero shoot once more after a distance of 1.5 meters opened between them.

A fist-like bloody hole was left on Hans’s body after each shout. Hans was screaming in pain. He stretched his one hand towards Zero. The bones and flesh tendons began to regenerate rapidly.

He roared as he directed his fingers at Zero.

All five fingers turned into spikes that shoot towards Zero. They crossed with rifle that blocked their movement.

A sharp call echoed as the fingers which were like claws that pierced the rifle. Zero let go of rifle and pulled out the M500 from his waist.

Bang~ .50 bullet shot out with more than 3000 joules of kinetic power. The bullet hit the rifle.

The ammunition in rifle blew apart and burst out. Most of them shot into Hans’s body. Zero was also affected as he was injured from his calf and shoulder. Blood flew out as Zero’s body fell down.

The fierce combat in the mid-air took less than ten seconds. However both of them fell to the bottomless pit. Zero looked down to see something trembling at the bottom of the hole. It was a familiar picture. He had seen such a thing few days ago in the mine!

Zero fell down onto cocoon. The surface of the cocoon was soft and it couldn’t afford the force that Zero’s body hit it with. It tore up and Zero’s body fell into the viscous liquid. Zero didn’t know whether it was the body fluid of the jing worm or a cushioning material. Zero rolled down to the ground and got out form other side.

Hans body hit the wall because of the shock wave of the explosion. His body hit the cracked stones all over until it hit the ground.

His head was the first to hit the ground. The skull couldn’t withstand the impact and was fractured. At the same time his vertebrae broke down because of huge impact. It was like ‘kissing’ the ground. Hans lost consciousness.

Zero frowned as he stood up.

Explosives couldn’t kill this monster! Zero thought that he could use a missile to blow this monster into pieces. He looked around the cave as he observed the structure of the place. He thought about a possibility to trap Hans in here forever!

Zero kicked something as he walked around. He looked down. It was another cocoon but it was colored brown and was extremely hard. It looked like a coconut shell. He tried to find a link between the soft cocoon that he had fell onto and the one in front of him.

The cocoon cracked as the cracks spread out. The cocoon trembled as if something was trying to come out.

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  1. almost an immortal enemy wth, just imagine what would be the next enemy? what could top an immortal one? Gods , its just the beggining and wow
    thanks for the tl

  2. The translation quality is pretty bad. Why is evey it capitalized? Why are there. Periods. In the middle of sentences ?

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