Warlord – Ch 24

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Warlord – Chapter 24

After three days.

Hans looked up at sky. The pair of gray-brown pupils on his eyes weren’t similar to a human’s.

There were numerous dense red ring arrays around the pupil. There was a gray dot the size of a grain in the central part. His eyes looked like that of a monster.

He didn’t think rationally after the occasion in the pub. The fear and anger had broken the shackles of reasoning and Hans had embarked on a road without a return. He had one option left and that was to kill Zero.

It had changed into an obsession which made him wander for three days in the wilderness without a meal or drink.

Hans sniffed and sensed a similar taste in the air. He roared like a beast. The monster in the human’s shape rushed out. He found a torn sleeve by a crooked tree at the foot of the mountain. He knew that the cloth belonged to Zero.

The clothing was covering a bottle of liquid without any labels. The memory that he retained told him that it should be a bottle of water.

The ultraviolet sun rays shot down making the surface into an oven. His lips were cracked because of dryness. He broke the bottleneck instinctively and lifted the top of the bottle towards his mouth.

Hans realized that it was not a drinking water when the liquid flew through his mouth.

However he was a step late.

A bullet was shot from a distance of 1500 meters and touched the bottle in his hand.


The flame burst and enveloped Hans’s body..

The flames spread into his mouth and wrapped all his body. He was furious as the high temperature stimulated the pains. He felt as if his body was about to explode any moment. He hit his foot at rocks around the place.

Gradually the flames extinguished and disappeared from Hans’s body. The skin and muscles were melt by the flames. A piercing pain hit his body as the new flesh and tendons began to replace the burned ones.

He roared and his voice echoed in the wilderness.

Zero shrank back behind the rock. He removed the possibility of killing Hans by burning with high temperature.

He had used variety of methods to deal with Hans in the last three days. He used his own smell as bait and hid a bottle of high concentrated alcohol as a trap. However Hans had an unusually strong vitality. He didn’t die regardless of the methods Zero had come up with.

It was a competition of stamina, will and endurance. Zero had used methods from the guerrilla warfare such as traps, storming, harassment and others to deal with Hans. However he felt that he had reached the limit.

He didn’t know what will happen to him. But he hoped that he could deal with Hans before that limit came up.

Zero got a new understanding of his body after three days. Although he wasn’t ‘immortal’ like Hans but his speculations about having sophisticated life-sustaining system in his body was confirmed.

Zero had 200ml of drinking water when he left the base. He was able to maintain his composure with that water for three days. Moreover he had done physical exercise by moving from one place to the other which consumed a lot of energy.

He was aware that his own body had gone through certain degree of transformation which included the golden right eye too. Everything should be related to the name on the hibernation capsule.

However there was no point on thinking about this at this point.

Zero estimated that if he couldn’t deal with Hans before the sun set then he would have less than 50% chance to win.

In the last three days he had analyzed, summarized and came to conclusion using countless data. Only one possibility was left to kill Hans.

Cut him off to pieces!

He would have opportunity to kill him in case he bombed and blew Hans’s body. However he didn’t have much ammunition left.

Zery was watching the wilderness when he remembered that he had prepared some detonators to blow the rocks to kill the wolves half a month ago. Because of the emergency he hadn’t used them back at the time.

He hadn’t recovered them because he was in rush. He thought that they would be more than enough to deal with Hans.

Hans was aimlessly wandering in the wilderness. He had a big headache. Sometimes he wanted to tear apart his head and check if there is some kind of worm that is the reason for the bursts of pain. He couldn’t think…

The wind blew and Hans’s eyes narrowed down. He sensed the smell of blood.

Hans sniffed once more as he rushed out. Soon he found a drop of blood on the ground.

Blood was solidified. Hans stretched out his tongue and licked it with the sand. He swallowed both sand and blood. IT was Zero’s blood. Hans lifted his head and the Zero’s smell floated with the wind. He stood up and ran towards the canyon.

Hans had forgotten that he had killed a herd of mutated wolves in the canyon half a month ago and he had forgotten about Zero hunting in here.

There was a voice which constantly echoed in his mind.

“Kill him!”

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