Warlord – Ch 23

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Warlord – Chapter 23

Zero wasn’t Hans’s opponent in terms of speed or reflexes. However Zero was far above him when it came to combat experience and calculation.

The emergency passage after the emergency exit was a narrow place. It wasn’t a good battlefield but Zero utilized the place very well. He would never decide on impulse or emotions in the battlefield. In that case he would lose his life. On the contrary, calculation, strategy and tactics were the key to survival.

Narrow passage wasn’t the perfect place to conduct the battle but Zero could reduce the options for maneuverability of the enemy.

He leaned against the side of the wall on purpose to show his left hand. He knew that Han’s agility was much better than his so Hans would be able to avoid his shooting from the pistol on the left hand. That’s why he hid his right hand while made sure that Hans moves to the place where he could shoot him without any problem with the pistol on his right hand.

This was the difference between a veteran and a rookie. It was the result of precise calculations and didn’t involve luck.

Zero never believed in luck.

After shooting Hans Zero didn’t stop. He shoot at Han’s head and heart. He knew that no matter what kind of a biological evolution a person passed through the body should die after the heart or brain were destroyed.

Zero wasn’t sure about Hans because of the regenerative ability. The tingling didn’t disappear which indicated that the danger hadn’t faded away. However he still couldn’t understood how Hans had become such a monster!

It was obvious that the construction of the genes in Hans’s body was outside the common sense. He looked at the broken skull which was healing and restoring. The tendons, flesh and everything else was restructuring. Zero frowned as he left the emergency passage.

The pub wasn’t the right place for the battle. However Zero was planning to find the suitable place for the combat.

He saw that Leah was no longer in the pub. He was relieved. Leah was a smart girl and she was aware that her presence would drag Zero. Zero would be able to concentrate on Hans if she was away.

Although she had such intentions but it didn’t mean that Hans had a deal with them. The passage’s door was crashed and split after Zero left it. Hans went out.

The bone and flesh regeneration of Hans was perfect the last time. But now the process was a bit lacking. The skin that had to wrap the surface of the body couldn’t grow enough to cover all the body. Right now the meat and muscles were visible.

Hans’s lower body maintained the original appearance while the upper body had inflated nearly to double the size. IT was hard to imagine how a thin lower body could support the upper body which looked like that of bear’s.

Hans didn’t look like an animal but a monster.

He roared: “Solder, I will tear you up and eat you. ”

“Tough words.” Zero provoked him. At the same time he ran out towards the exit of the base as fast as he could.

Han’s ran after him. His speed had decreased slightly. Moreover he wasn’t as sensitive as normal humans. He would often hit the allow walls when he had to turn the corners.

Zero decided that the most appropriate place to deal with Hans was the wilderness outside the base. He didn’t stop as he continued to run. At the same time he had Alan’s rifle with him. The ammunition was full. Alan didn’t have time to shoot at Hans so Zero decided to use the rifle.

Zero thought that there can’t be immortals in this world. Humans would have gone extinct in that case and Z7 base would exist. In other words, Hans was a mutation and Zero had to find his weakness and the kill him!

Zero reached the exit and typed the ‘open the door’ command. The hydraulic machine worked as the large doors began to move. Zero didn’t hesitate to run out when gap enough for him to pass was opened.

The door was half open when Hans reached the place. He sniffed with his nose like a beast. He roared and rushed out like a human tank.

Hans had prepared to slaughter everyone within the base for along time. He was driven out by Old Jack two years ago so he wandered in the wilderness.


His records were uploaded to the intranet of Parker Conglomerate. Other large companies and bases would have access to such general information because of certain contracts. As a result he couldn’t go anywhere.

There was no base or company that would take Hans in the continent. Of course, there may be exceptions like private settlements by the rogue people. Those places didn’t have access to the network and didn’t have the equipment to check the bodies for the viruses. However once the residents found that he was infected with a virus then he would be chopped up and fed to monsters in the wilderness.

The only option for him was wandering in the wilderness. He barely kept his life after facing mutant creatures for several times. However he survived. The time when he was the most desperate an opportunity to change appeared in front of him. A man gifted Hans with something that he called ‘nucleus’ which made him what he was now.

He had third-order strength and agility enhancement. Moreover bone and flesh regeneration was additional ability. The man told him that Hans wasn’t an ability user in real sense but wasn’t a monster too. His abilities came from the nucleus!

The man disappeared afterwards mysteriously. Before leaving he told Hans to do whatever he wanted.

Hans had nothing more important than getting his revenge from Z7 base. That’s why he came back and patiently waited for the opportunity. He wandered around the base for half a month. He killed a soldier. Hans used the soldier’s cloth and proof of identity to join the base.

That’s how he started the massacre.

But the plan wasn’t complete. There were miners who got stuck inside the mine and were safe. Moreover, He couldn’t kill Leah and Zero.

Especially the Zero! The kid who he found in the hibernation capsule was challenging his bottom line.

Hans had a headache. Zero had hit his heart and head. He was scared as he didn’t know the extent of damage his body could bear. However the fear turned into anger.

IT seemed that his head wasn’t working as usual. He didn’t want to listen to reason. He just wanted to kill Zero.

The man Hans felt danger from had to be killed!

The headache increased because of the sun rays: “Damned soldier! Where are you?”

Hans roared out. He didn’t notice that his voice was resembling the howl of a monster.

Bang! A bullet pierced Hans’s head. His body was unstable because of the impact and his body staggered to the other side.

The sound of the rifle’s shoot came from afar. It was as if Zero was ridiculing Hans.

This was the wilderness! The danger was everywhere and death was always in the neighborhood!

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