Warlord – Ch 22

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Warlord – Chapter 22

Blood had splashed onto Leah’s face too. However she was not scared. Perhaps she was numb because of the extreme fear. However a slight smiled was expressed on her face when she saw Zero.

Zero didn’t speak as he put away the pistol and pulled out the dagger to cut the ropes that tied Leah’s hands.

He didn’t dare to act rashly earlier on. He knew that Hans had third order strength and agility enhancement. He didn’t have a chance of winning against Hans on a head-on fight. That’s why he had to use a rifle to snipe Hans but this method couldn’t apply properly within the pub. Zero came up with another method. He used the blood of Hans’s victims to smear all over his body.

Zero covered up his own smell with the blood. He made himself invisible in a sense. However he still didn’t dare to get near to Hans as he wasn’t aware of Hans’s perceptive ability. He hid as he waited for the opportunity.

The man working in the pub was slaughtered by Hans and the women had became the tools to indulge himself. Zero knew that Leah was the main course so she was the one to be enjoy the last.

He endured and tolerated to wait until Hans was attracted to Leah’s body and forget about defense.

Facts proved that Zero’s judgement was right. Zero was able to get close to Hans when Hans tried to make a move on Leah.

Leah asked after Zero cut off the ropes: “Grandpa?”

Zero didn’t answer but silence was a clear answer. Leah uttered an ‘uh’ sound as tears flew down. She jumped into Zero’s arms to cry. She had forgotten about Han’s blood so she swallowed some of it as she cried. The taste of blood was rusty and she felt a strange feeling. However she didn’t care about the blood at this point.

Zero patted her spine as he didn’t know how to comfort the girl.

At the same time he felt a feeling as if countless needles were piercing his skin. He didn’t think about anything as he instinctively rolled to the side.

A shadow flashed.

A sharp object which moved almost at the speed of sound passed by.

Many ideas popped up in his mind. He kicked the table close to them at the same time.

Pack~ A hole appeared in the middle of the table. The cracks began to spread like a spider web from the table. In less than a second the table was torn apart.


Danger wasn’t over.

Zero squatted down and leaned over as he ran through the dance floor. He clutched tables and chairs as he threw them. However none of those objects could block the object that was rapidly moving towards him.

They passed by a metal pillar and the attacking object hit it.

The metal vibrated for few moments. Zero didn’t know how long it would take for the metal pillar to collapse.

“Stay here! do not move!”

Zero rolled away. He didn’t want to take Leah with him as it was dangerous.



It was as if bullets were pursuing Zero.

Zero jumped through the emergency exit of the pub. The place was narrow and wasn’t a perfect ground for combat. However he had to exit as he didn’t have a choice.

He looked through the window and saw an incredible scene.

The ‘dead’ Hans stood up. Half of his head which was hanging down was regenerating. The bones were the first to form into a shape. The nerves and flesh growth was very rapid. They directly covered the injured parts. Finally, his eyes formed again as Hans looked at Zero’s direction.

“I’m surprised, soldier. It’s been two years and you haven’t left the place where even the birds don’t take shit!” Hans smiled in a strange manner. The spike which was attacking Zero was part of his index finger. It was joining back his body. (Imagine the scene from Terminator 2, however in this case its non-metal)

Flesh and Bone Regeneration!


Zero didn’t think that Hans would have such a crazy ability! It meant that Hans was an immortal!

He may not…die.

The idea was taking a shape in his mind but Zero erased it. He won’t be a warrior if he was scared in a life and death situation.

The injuries was restored. Hans slowly walked towards the exit: “Let me make a guess. You stayed because of the girl. Honestly, the girl has all the goods. Did you sleep with her? After killing you, I’ll work on her well. Hey, do you have anything to say before death?”

Zero was silent as he raised his hand and shot.

The bullet was his answer!

Hans slid a bit but the bullet rubbed past his right shoulder. Blood, flesh and half of the shoulder bone flew out. A bit of flesh was attaching his arm and shoulder.

“Soldier, its useless… I’ve an immortal body since that man gave me the power!” Hans laughed while the tendons and bones rapidly restored.

Regeneration time was 1 or 2 seconds…

Hans wasn’t aware but Zero was collecting data on him. Hans wasn’t planning to idle too. He shouted as he rushed into the emergency exit.

Hans broke through the emergency exit. He had both speed and strength to force himself through.

Hans laughed as he looked at Zero with craziness in his eyes: “Boy, caught you.”

Zero was leaning against the wall as he lifted the pistol with his left hand. He didn’t have time to shoot as Hans swayed to the side.

He was very quick!

Zero’s pupils narrowed. He was utilizing the first-order agility enhancement to the maximum. Zero shifted the muzzle at the same time as Hans moved. Hans body went to the left. The moment muzzle was directed at the target, Hans disappeared once again.

“Soldier, I’m faster than you!”

Hans raised his as he tried to catch Zero. He didn’t know when but Zero’s right hand was holding another M500 under his left armpit. The large-caliber’s revolver was directed at Han’s chest.

“You are much faster than me… But you are just a rookie when it comes to combat!”


The gunfire echoed and the bullet hit Hans’s chest. His body bounced and fell of five meters away.

A hole size of a coin appeared on Hans’s chest. The muscles and bones were crushed. Even though Hans had bone and flesh regeneration ability but he was unable to act temporarily. His body stayed on ground motionless.

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