Warlord – Ch 21

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Warlord – Chapter 21

Zero was at the crossroads of the residential area. He had closed his eyes.

Because of non-existing power supply he couldn’t use the cameras of the base to monitor and find Leah’s location. He had to rely on the most primitive way to find Leah – hearing.

In the past it would be impossible to find her through hearing but right now the whole base was as silent as a cemetery. There were no sounds interfering with Zero’s auditory reception.

His ear was close to the ventilator. The wind gently blew through the aluminum ventilation pipe. He heard a distant call.

Structural plan of the whole base appeared like a fine picture in Zero’s mind. He quickly analyzed the source and strength of the sound. His brain eliminated sections of the base one by one as he decided on the location.


Zero opened his eyes as he rushed out like a fierce cheetah.

He was running at speed of 60km per hour. In an instant he reached the end of the passage. But he didn’t reduce his speed. Instead his foot stepped onto the wall as he changed his direction. Deep footprints were left on the wall. In the blink of an eye he had disappeared from the junction and was heading towards the direction of the pub.

Pub wasn’t as lively as usual. The smell of beer and cigarettes was lacking from the place. Silence was dormant in the pub as the rich smell of blood replaced the the smell of alcohol and tobacco.

The bar, tables and chairs were scattered around the bar. There weren’t many people in the pub because it was noon. There was an attendant and two dancers present. Now, all three of them were dead.

The murdered was perverted as he had killed them in an inhuman form. The limbs weren’t broken but torn to pieces. Only the bodies of two dancers kept their human form. Twin peaks that they had were bloody as if eaten by a beast.

Yellow and white liquid overflowed from the triangle in between the legs of the dancers. They had encountered inhuman treatment before their deaths.

Everything was reflected in a pair of beautiful eyes.

Leah’s eyes.

The 18 year old girl was more beautiful than two years ago. Her body was more plump. Many men drooled over the curves she had and many women were jealous of them. There was no one to envy or be jealous anymore. Because almost everyone Leah knew about were dead.

There was a ragged cloth stuffed into her mouth. Her hands were lifted and tied to the top of the bar. She was wearing short jeans but the button were unlocked. The zipper exposed a touch of pink.

Her eyes was looking at the back of a man.

It was a man who was barefoot and with disheveled hair. His body was covered with moss-like patches.

The man growled like a beast as he turned his face and looked at Leah.

It was Hans!

The man was thrown out of the base by old Jack two years ago. He was back. There was fresh blood in his hand as Hans stretched out his tongue and gently licked his fingers. He looked at Leah.

Leah wanted to break the ropes that tied her hands. Her body swung and the twin peaks swayed around. The sight aroused Hans’s desires.

Hans came to put his head onto Leah’s chest.

Tears as big as beads flowed down Leah’s eyes.

“Body fragrance of a healthy woman has a really good smell!” Hans stretched out his tongue as he licked Leah’s chest.

Leah couldn’t help but cry out. However her mouth was only a muffled sound echoed because of the ragged cloth in her mouth.

Hans reached out and took the cloth from Leah’s mouth. She screamed: “Help!”

“No one will come to save you. Don’t waste your energy.” Hans continued: “I’ve killed both men and women… ”

“Devil!” Leah shouted in anger.

Hans kneaded the soft peaks on her chest: “Yes, I’m the devil. I said that I will kill you when you guys drove me out two years ago. Now I’m back…”

“Then kill me!”

Leah clenched her teeth not to moan. However, the flames in Hans’s heart burned more prosperous because of the sight.

“I will certainly kill you. But after thoroughly enjoying your body.” Hans pulled down the short jeans: “Do you know why I haven’t killed you yet? It’s because you are old Jack’s granddaughter. I had told him that his granddaughter will be the b1tch riding under this cheap dog!”

“I will send you to meet Old Jack after I’m finished with you. That’s a promise!” Hans hands clinged up Leah’s body as he sucked the soft peak.

“Noo!” Leah screamed as tears flowed down.

Hans couldn’t stop himself anymore. He lifted Leah’s waist to enter. At the same time he felt a burst of coldness. The flames in his heart were extinguished.

The metal touched left part of his temple. Hans saw the long black barrel.

“You are a dead man!” Zero’s voice echoed.

Gunfire accompanied Zero’s sound. Hans couldn’t even respond as half of his head flew up. Hans could have third-order strength and agility enhancement but at this close range those advantages couldn’t stop the M500.

Red liquid splashed out as it sprinkled the floor, Leah and the broken bar. Hans body flied and fell down to ground.

Leah saw a familiar face after Hans’s body fell down.

Her delicate body was reflected in golden right eye of Zero.

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