Warlord – Ch 17

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Warlord – Chapter 17

The sight(vision) is limited to 600 meters, but that distance could be infinitely closed down because of Zero’s right eye. He focused on the forehead of the mutated wolf that was about a kilometre away from him.

He calculated the possible errors in the trajectory and corrected them. Zero gentle pulled the trigger of the rifle. The mutated wolf that he was looking at was hit by the bullet next moment. It’s body fell to the ground.

The silence was dormant in the canyon as Zero had used muffler to make sure that sounds don’t echo because of his shooting.

He put the rifle back on his pine and moved towards the corpse of the mutated wolf like a ghost. Zero’s movements were gentle and rapid. There wasn’t a monster in the canyon which was aware of the uninvited guest.

Zero deliberately didn’t hide his figure. It was the third adult alpha male mutated wolf that he killed. However, the wolves didn’t find any abnormalities yet. He was running at 60 km per hour speed and was far away from his previous location.

Zero was standing next to the corpse of the wolf after a minute. He squatted down and cut off its fangs and picked them. He put them into his backpack. The fangs would be proof that he had killed a mutated wolf and he was going to exchange them for monetary compensation.

Zero slipped down the ditch and climbed over a boulder. He looked around and chose a rock. The side of the rock which was exposed to the lights of the sun was exuding high fever. Zero felt the heat even as he hid under the shadow of the rock. He was wearing a protective clothing of grey colour. It was coloured so to look like mountain rocks for camouflage.

You could cook an egg under the strong ultraviolet sun rays. He felt a bit hot, but there was no sweat on his body or face. His body automatically adjusted the temperature which was some kind of ability which he wasn’t aware of the details.

The hot wind blew as it brought the smell of the mutated wolves. Zero wasn’t eager to act but was waiting for the right time to act. He was planning to use the explosion to kill most of these beasts. The ones who would be left out of the pack wouldn’t be able to escape from his shooting range!
He silently moved to the top of the canyon. He found a proper place to bury the detonator. It was under a heap of rocks. He calculated the angle of the explosion. Zero was simulating the situation that would happen after the explosion in his mind. Rocks would fall onto the heads of the pack of mutated wolves that would be passing by. A sudden attack would make sure that about 80% of the mutated wolves would be dead. The rest would be injured, and a small percentage would come out without a scratch.

He sensed a different smell as he was burying the last detonator.

It was the smell of blood. It was a fresh smell, and it included some other flavour too. He couldn’t tell what that flavour belonged to. He didn’t have a memory of this smell. However, the picture of the mutated wolf popped up in his mind as he sensed the smell of blood.

The smell was exuding from somewhere ontop of the canyon so the mutated wolves that were within the canyon couldn’t detect it. He wouldn’t be able to detect it if he wasn’t close to the source of the smell too.

He pulled out his dagger from its sheath. At close range, dagger was far more useful that a rifle that was a single-shot firearm.

Zero was like a cheetah who jumped from rock to rock.

Zero followed the trace of the smell and found a cave under a rock.

The bloody smell was floating out from the cave.

Zero saw traces of something is dragging on the sand outside the cave. He sensed the smell of dead mutated wolves. Zero frowned as he looked carefully into the cave. It didn’t take long before he saw white-gray hair.

Zero was able to imagine what kind of atrocity has happened within the cave.

An unknown creature had dragged a mutated wolf into the cave and killed it.
He looked at the traces of the claws and their depths on the sand and rock outside the cave. It should be an alpha male mutated wolf. Only an adult alpha male mutated wolf would have strength to leave traces on the rocks with its claws.

Zero couldn’t imagine what kind of monster or creature could capture a live adult alpha male mutated wolf. He could only think of ‘butcher’ who would have the physical strength to accomplish this feat.

However, there was no other trace but the marks made by the claws of the wolf on the sand. It was a proof that the creature that got the mutated wolf into the cave wasn’t large. Moreover, its weight had to be light so that it hadn’t left any trace on the sand.

His palms got more tighter as he clenched the dagger.

At the same time, he felt needle-like things tingle his skin. It was a danger signal. The silver stripes on his golden right eye immediately contracted as the cave was reflected in his eye.

The cave wasn’t a large one. However, it was splashed with the blood of the mutated wolf all over it. Intestines and visceral organs of the mutated wolf were thrown around. Its blood was mixed with sand and had turned into mud. According to Zero, the mutated wolf was killed no more than 10 minutes ago!

He was laying detonators close-by, but he hadn’t detected the actions. Zero got goose bumps. He was always very sensitive towards the danger. But this time he hadn’t felt anything!

He used the dagger to cut open wolf’s wound. Zero wrinkled his brows as he looked at the irregular rupture at the muscles close to the wound. It was clear to him that the injuries weren’t made by the sharp object but were torn by a giant force. Zero stood up and left the cave. He decided to give up on hunting as there was an unknown existence with great danger to his life in the vicinity.

He was walking out of the cave when he felt a foreign object under his foot. He bowed to pick a piece of iron.

Zero picked up the thumb-sized iron which had letters engraved in English on top of it. The letters were seriously worn, but he could only read two of them “HA”. He didn’t know what it referred to, but he knew that it didn’t belong to mutated wolves or other monsters. It may belong the person who had used his/her hands to tear apart the wolf.

He left the cave as he threw the iron piece into his backpack. He stepped on the sand outside the cave when he heard the screams of the mutated wolves from the bottom. He quickly hid under the rock as he looked down/.

Blood flew like a river!

A head of a mutated wolf was lying on the ground. Another mutated wolf had its belly torn while one had its head twisted. There were some whose organs were strangled out while limbs of the others were twisted. It was a massacre, and from the way, the things had happened the murder should be the one from the cave.

He listened to the scream and roar of the mutated wolf. Zero turned towards the source of the sound which was coming from the end of the canyon. More than a dozen adult male mutated wolves had a figure in a siege. He changed his vision, but the battle was already over.

It was a person. But the head of the mutated wolf which he had pulled up was blocking his face. Zero couldn’t see the man’s appearance. He only saw that the person grabbed from the neck of the mutated wolf with his other hand and used force to separate its head from the body.

The person threw the body of the wolf towards the direction of Zero. He was lost from Zero’s field of vision for a moment. The man was not there when the body of the mutated wolf landed.

Zero appeared at the scene after 10 minutes.

He didn’t dare to rush over because of few reasons. The most important were that the defensive power of his body couldn’t withstand the attack of a person who could tear apart the body of a mutated wolf. He quickly checked the scene. He didn’t find anything valuable except the flesh and meat of the wolves.

He left the canyon and ran towards the Z7 base the fastest he could. He had to report the information to the Old Jack. There was a humanoid creature close to the base which was very dangerous!

Zero stopped when he was about a kilometre away from the base.

There was a dead body of a mutated wolf. Its limbs were still twitching. It meant that it wasn’t dead yet but would die soon.

However, he felt more gloomy.

Whatever that humanoid creature was, it was heading towards the base!


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  1. The proper word, i think, is suppressor. Not muffler. That is unless their shooting their rounds through a car’s exhaust.

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