Warlord – Ch 16

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Warlord – Chapter 16

The silver lines rounded into a dot and then expanded. Everything in 500 meters in front of Zero suddenly narrowed. Zero saw an adult mutated wolf lying on top of the rock as its tongue was out.

There were dozens of wolves wandering in the wilderness in front of the adult mutated wolf.

The mutated wolves were infected as a result of swallowing dead humans and other mutated monsters. The wolves that were infected had gone through evolution and had become different life forms which exuded smell similar to zombies. Their hair had become gray while their eyes had turned dark red. Although they ate the monsters and beasts but their preferred fresh blood and flesh over anything.

Zero had been hunting mutated wolves for some time so he had quite an experience.

The mutated wolf’s sense of smell had developed. Zero had determined that the mutated wolves were able to sense a living being in a radius of 400 meters.

M500 couldn’t shoot a target in that distance. Besides its bullets were almost extinct and there wasn’t muffler for it. In addition, he would attract the attention of every monster and beast within few kilometers of radius if he used M500 revolver.

Because of this he had specially purchased a rifle for snipers from the arsenal room.

It was an SVD rifle designed and produced by Soviet Union. It used 7N1 bullets whose maximum range was 600 meters. However he could kill a target within 1 kilometer because of his improved eyesight. Dragonov rifles (SVD) have been eliminated from the scene because of the ‘Falcon’ series rifles produced by the Manchester conglomerate. Alan was using Falcon N-1 which was the first generation rifle produced by that conglomerate.

Even a first generation rifle which was semi automatic and had the latest equipment for vision couldn’t outdo the range of 1,500 meters.

Theoretically, the new rifles were at least 2.5 times better than SVD Zero was using.

However, Zero was using SVD because it was relatively cheap in comparison to the other rifles. Mason who was the name of the administrator of the arsenal room had only 50 pieces of bullets for SVD. These bullets were going to be sent back to the Parker conglomerate at the end of the year to be scraped for good. Mason was trying to maximize his profits as he would lose them by the end of year in any condition.

Zero had modified the rifle. He had lengthened the barrel of SVD. Because of his golden right eye he the SVD in his hand was at least 5 or 6 times more productive than an early type Falcon N-1 in hands of an ordinary sniper.
Today’s hunt’s target wasn’t a group of three or four mutated wolves but more. He had found a group which had more than fifty adult male mutate wolves and twenty female mutated wolves and cubs. He had found their traces yesterday and found the group’s nest today.

The wolves that lived in group such as this were worlds apart from the ones that lived in groups of two or three. These ones were much more dangerous because of the presence of female mutated wolves and cubs. The breeding speed of the group was beyond imagination. He believed that in a time of one year the number of mutated wolves within the group would double.

The leader of the herd moved as the wolves began to follow after it.

Zero was moving after the group at a constant speed of 10 km per hour.

Zero didn’t feel tired even under the ruthless sunlight. He hadn’t used medicine to direct the transformation of the evolutionary point. However because of the natural transformation a new ability had evolved – first order agility enhancement. High-speed was more important to a sniper than strength or defense. Zero was quite satisfied with his new ability.

He could reach 60 km per hour speed because of the agility enhancement. Moreover he was more sensitive in terms of reactions. It was one of the reasons why he was able to wander alone in the wilderness.

Zero kept a distance of 1 kilometer between himself and the herd as they moved.

He was searching for the right place for the battlefield.

The plain landscape in front of the base wasn’t suitable to fight against the group of wolves. The wolves would have great space to move around in such a wide terrain. Zero’s sniper was a single-shot rifle. It meant that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with them if the wolves increased the space between each other.

Moreover once the wolves closed the distance to 300 meters then he would have only one option and that would be death.

The first-order defense enhance wasn’t enough to resist the fangs of the wolves that were able to bite through a steel plate. Humans evolved but beasts did much faster.

Zero was patient as he waited for the right opportunity. There was nothing but time. He had prepared rations for three days after he got the task to hunt the mutated wolves. It was enough for him to roam about 1000 kilometers away from the Z7 base.

Zero didn’t need to go so far away. He had the clear map of the place five hundred kilometers away from the base in his mind. He knew that there was a canyon 10km away from the base. Actually they had passed through that narrow canyon about two years ago when they went to Silver Tree City for the medicine. The rugged rocks covered both sides of the canyon and it was hard for the mutated wolves to climb over them. It was the most suitable battlefield for Zero to hunt the wolves.

Moreover, the wolves moved towards the canyon.

Zero didn’t doubt his judgement. By noon the canyon was at sight and he reconfirmed his plant.

The mutated wolves were trying to migrate. The wilderness in the vicinity didn’t have enough food for their survival. They had to find a better place if they wanted to live and increase in numbers.

Wolves weren’t aware that Zero wasn’t going to let them leave the place. The wilderness would be less dangerous for those who wandered in it with one less beast.


In addition, the competition for the resources wasn’t limited to humans and monsters. The beasts had to fight for the survival within themselves too.

You would be killed if you didn’t kill!

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  1. is it me or does the author not have primary lvl science education……… so the mc is casually guarding 500km around the base…..thats london to scotland……. in otherwords he has to clean up 25000km area…… is it just me or are the km meant to be meters

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