Warlord – Ch 15

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Warlord – Chapter 15

Old Jack raised his hand. The crowd was silenced because of his gesture.

Old Jack cleared his throat as he pointed his hand towards Hans: “There is an unfortunate news. This cheap dog, Hans, last night violated the poor Alice!”

Most of the people had faint guesses about the situation but an uproar was made after they heard the truth from Old Jack’s mouth. Many men screamed and cussed at Hans. No one knew whether it was of sympathy towards Alice or because Hans went over the head of every one of them

Zero clenched his fists. He was aware that he indirectly caused Alice’s unfortunate situation. The outcome may be totally different if he didn’t directly send her off.

However what has happened had already happened. He couldn’t change the fate or wind back the time.

Old Jack waved his hand: “This cheap dog has disregarded my rules! How should we punish him?”

Someone shouted out after a brief silence “throw him out as food for the wolves”. The voices that followed approved the idea.

Hans who was kneeling down glanced at the people screaming and shouting at him. He was like a vicious dog who was about to bite the others. His eyes focused on Old Jack.

Old Jack looked at Hans. There was no trace of mercy in his eyes. It was as if Old Jack was looking at a corpse: “Did you hear? I won’t kill you for not following the rules. But you will face something worth than death!”

“I will kill you! One day, I’ll come back and kill you all!”

Hans shouted out like a madman as he rushed out to bite old Jack. However the next moment he was kicked back to the ground. The soldiers began to hit his body and head.

Old Jack looked at George. George called two soldiers who grabbed Hans and escorted him to outside.


Personal records of Hans would be published through the intranet of Parker conglomerate at the same time. It will make sure that Hans would never be able to enter any base or branch of the conglomerate in the future.

Hans was still cussing at the people of the base while he was taken away. Naturally, the soldiers didn’t stop the many others who punched and kicked him on the way. There was no compassion and forgiveness to the ones who didn’t follow the rules.

Alice was the one left in the open space after Hans was taken away. Old Jack sighed: “Alice… The most beautiful woman in our base. According to the rules you should have been compensated with money for this incident. But…”

Old Jack was hesitant as it was very difficult for him to speak out the words to come. Everyone was aware that the words that had to come out of Old Jack’s mouth wouldn’t be anything good because the decisive old Jack was hesitating.

“Unfortunately, Hans had virus and you have been infected with the virus after being in relationship with him. We have checked and the virus is at level 3 stage.”

An uproar echoed.

Large companies and conglomerates of the world had come up with strict standards regarding the regulation and division of the viruses and diseases that were everywhere. Because of extent of the diseases and viruses on the human body they had divided the danger into 10 levels. If a person who was infected with a level 3 virus or more then they would not just die but could infect the others too. Therefore level 3 or more virus infection meant a significant harm to the society.

There were only two ways to deal with an infection level 3 or more. One way was to shot (kill) on the spot and burn the body of the infected person with flames. The second option was isolation and treatment. Z7 base didn’t have neither technology nor the facilities to rescue the infected person. The only way was to send Alice to Parker conglomerate’s headquarters for treatment. However Alice didn’t have neither qualification nor status for such treatment.

Additionally, Parker conglomerate wouldn’t spend money or medicine to cure a bar waitress from a remote base.

Old Jack looked at Alice: “I hope you can understand my mood. I don’t want to give you this choice but for the safety of the base I can only…send you off!”

It meant that she had to face the infinite dangers of the wilderness on her own. If she didn’t get into a base or was sheltered by a company then there was no difference than sending her off to doorsteps of the death.

Alice’s body trembled but she didn’t fell down. Her eyes were full of tears as she nodded her head.

Old Jack sighed as he waved at George. George came up as he shook his head. He held Alice’s hand as they went towards the exit.

The crowd separated as they let them go through the passage.

Lida saw Zero when they were passing through the crowd. She was startled.

Zero looked at Alice: “I owe you one.”

Alice laughed.

She hit George and pulled out the pistol from his waist. She pointed it at Zero.

Everyone was startled except Zero.

He was motionless like a stone statue. He silently looked at the muzzle that was pointing at himself.

“You are wrong, Zero.” Alice smiled: “One is not enough! I want you indebted to me forever!”

The muzzle turned as it pointed to her own temple.

Zero’s face turned pale as his body rushed forward.
He was late.



Alice’s body slipped to the side because of the power of bullet that lifted her legs off the ground.

Her body floated on air before being caught by pair of arms.

George caught her dead corpse and didn’t let her touch the earthly dirt.

Zero’s hands were stretched out but he couldn’t catch her. He recovered his hands after some time as he slowly whispered: “Thanks.”

George nodded his head.

Alice’s corpse was burned and the ashes were put into a box. It was buried in the public cemetery behind the residential area. A tombstone engraved with a beautiful woman’s face picture was posted on top of her grave.

Zero stood up after putting bunch of yellow flowers on top of Alice’s tomb. He bowed three times. He had spent a day under strong ultraviolet sunlight while collecting the flowers. He had killed few mutated wolves while collecting them. It represented his state of mind even though Alice couldn’t receive his feelings at this point.

He looked at the woman’s photo on the tombstone. He read the words ‘Alice’ back and forth for three times. Zero knew that he would never forget this woman until death. Even though she occupied a small place in his memories but it would be eternal.

It was a debt that he owed to her. A debt that could never be repaid.

In addition to protecting Leah everyday, Zero got two hours of time for working out. He went to the training field for the soldiers to get familiar with his own abilities. His punch was able to reach 700 pounds because of the strength enhancement. In addition, one kick from him could reach the power of 3000 pounds. It meant that he could easily bend a steel plate with a kick.

Zero tested his first order defense enhancement. He stabbed his thigh with his own dagger. The muscles rebounded the dagger and the dagger could only pierce 3 cm into his body. It had to be noted that the effort that Zero put into the stab was enough for the dagger to pierce the human body from side to side.

He even thought of using gun to shoot himself but eventually gave up the crazy idea.

Naturally, he had secretly made the tests and collected the data. He didn’t dare to make test in open.

Old Hack had gone to Parker Conglomerate’s headquarters for regular report. He had brought 50 bullets dedicated to M500. Zero was self-confident to control the rebound force of the M500 after having his constitution strengthened.

In the blink of an eye two years passed.

It was spring.

In the old era, spring symbolized the birth of nature. However in this turbulent era spring wasn’t a good sign for the humans.

Some monsters that went into sleep for the winter woke up in the spring. They would naturally be more hungry and violent.

The most common monsters in the vicinity of the Z7 base were mutated wolves. It was a corpse-eating animal. Their bodies were much larger than the wolves from the old era. After several generations of transformation and gene mutation an adult male wolf could weigh up to 40 kgs.

Their resistance against the radiation also increased with every generation. IT was an ironic fact which could be observed in every beast. The monsters were more suitable and adaptive to the change of the environment in comparison to the human beings.

The mutated wolves were all over the mountains trying to find food. There were information in the records of the base that the mutated wolves would attack human settlements in case when they couldn’t find enough food.

Zero appeared a kilometer away from the hill where the base was located. He began his hunt against the mutated wolves. It was the latest task from the base. He would get a dollar for every ten head of mutated wolves.

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  1. I don’t ger it.. its Alice fault she try to force her self on MC. So why he blame himself? Stupid reason . None force her to do nothing.

  2. Wtf. if I was alive I would’ve shot him because of his dumb “I owe you one” kinda shit is that? Also unless a dollar is worth quite a bit, a dollar per 10 heads of mutated wolfs seems like a ripoff.

  3. Such an unreasonable story! WTF with MC?
    Alright, i will just stop reading it hear.
    Thanks for the past few chapters.

  4. I don’t get it…. if the wolfs are mutated and stronger/bigger why do they only have a weight up to 40 kg? a normal wolf can already be up to 50-60kg…

    1. Was about to make the same comment when I saw yours. I can forgive an author not knowing everything, but cmon, fact check the simple and obvious things. Maybe he thinks that wolves = coyotes?

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