Warlord – Ch 13

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Warlord – Chapter 13

Zero’s status had improved in the base because of his exceptional record in the Silver Tree City. He got a separate suit. There were only two small rooms but it was already a luxury according to the standards of the base. He thanked Leah and the girl left. Zero checked his new home.

He couldn’t recall his past. His head would hurt in pain whenever he tried to forcefully remember his memories so he had given up. The only clue that could tie his present to the past was the hibernation capsule. Zero was aware that it was collected by Old Jack. Old Jack wouldn’t easily give up the technology from the old era to Zero unless he continued to increase his position and status within the base.

Power was the most basic protection in any age and era. You would be trampled down by others if you are weak. This notion was very clear to Zero.

He used the electronic card that Leah had given to him to leave his house and walk to the arsenal room. Zero had taken about 20 rounds of ammunition from the sheriff and he had only seven left. It wasn’t even enough to shoot a round. Moreover he needed to get familiar with M500!

Practice meant a lot of bullets.

Zero met a lot of people as he passed from the residential area. It was work time so it was mostly women who were in the residential area. They looked at Zero strangly whether they were young or old, beautiful or ugly. Zero could see the ‘invitation’ in their eyes. Many of them were already married but still didn’t even try to cover up their intention. Zero thought that in the turbulent era strength represented everything!

Everything was proportional. The more strength you got the more wealth and status you would get. Women were part of that ‘wealth!’

Zero wasn’t a puritan (google it) but he wasn’t interested in ‘invitations’ too. Sometime pleasure would be enough to quell the nerves after a fierce battle. However Zero was controlling his desires. Right now enhancing his strength was more important than anything else.


Zero passed through the area as the disappointed eyes looked at him.

He accidentally met George at the doors of the arsenal room. The soldiers that were close by affectionately patted Zero’s shoulder in friendship. Zero frowned but didn’t speak against their acts.

George was accustomed to Zero’s indifferent attitude. He laughed: “So the first thing you do after waking up is visiting the arsenal room!? This ain’t good! You have to learn to relax. You may not know yet but the most beautiful waitress in the bar is interest in you. She is the dream of every man in the base so enjoy her!”

“Including you?”

“Including me!”

Zero smiled as he didn’t believe George’s words. George was the boss of all soldiers in the base. How could a mere waitress turn him down if he wanted to sleep with her?

George understood what went through Zero’s mind: “It’s a rule by Old Jack. There is nothing that says that men and women can’t make love but there has to be will from both sides. Once it is discovered that a men has forced himself onto a woman then he will be thrown out of the base. It is worth than death!”

Zero thought that old Jack has enforced the rule to protect his granddaughter.

“Come on fella! Believe me Alice’s long legs will ensure that you get what you want!” George patted his shoulder.

Zero shook his head: “I’m alright.”

He gentle pushed George and went into the arsenal room.

George shook his head as he looked at Zero’s back: “He doesn’t know how to live. Funny guy.”

Zero was back in his house after half an hour.

There were no bullets for his .50 revolver in the arsenal room. The owner of the arsenal room told him that they had to order bullets from the conglomerate. M500 was a large caliber revolver and it wasn’t widely used. The bullets weren’t mass produced and hand made ones were expensive. Zero had 150$ which was enough to buy 50 bullets.

Zero took out the coins form the purse as he thought of the bullets. The coins were made out of silver. In this turbulent age the paper money was no longer available. Gold and silver though were the valuable metals that could be used as currency in this age. At some cases they used firearms, bullets and other materials as a semi-circulating currency but gold and silver were widely in circulation.

Big companies and conglomerates had developed their own credit institutions. However those were nothing but waste paper if you left their divisions or bases. So nothing was better than gold and silver.

He put the coins behind the pillow and fell asleep. His official work as the bodyguard of Leah was going to start tomorrow so he had a precious day to rest. He didn’t want to waste his energy at banquet or on woman’s body.

Zero saw that dream once more.

The shadow looked like the flower. Zero wanted to catch her hand but she disappeared as if she was a bubble. The dream began once more and repeated again and again.

Zero woke up after an unknown time passed.

Someone was outside the door.

The door was knocked continuously. Since the door was knocked it meant that it was not an enemy. However he took his steel dagger and hid it behind in just in case. Zero opened the door.

A woman who reeked of alcohol stood outside.

She looked almost the same age as Zero but had a more mature face. The woman’s lips were dyed in purple. She wore the uniform of a waitress. She had a dotted white shirt on her upper body while the lower body had a tight black skirt. The slender legs stretched down from the mini skirt. Moreover she was wearing high heels that were 10 cm tall. She was almost as high as Zero.

She pushed the door as she took big steps into the room: “George said that you aren’t interested in me. But I’m interested in you. We are going make love tonight. Or, are you impotent?”

Zero frowned as woman meant trouble. A drunk woman meant bigger trouble.

He was pushed back to the bed by the woman. She sat down on top of him. Her purple lips stretched and her tongue began to lick his face: “You taste better than those smell men.”

The next moment the dagger was across her neck.

“Go out!” Zero frowned. Large beads of sweat flowed down from his forehead. He was suffering.

The woman wasn’t aware that Zero was doing his best to control his body. Otherwise the dagger wouldn’t be on her neck but had already cut her into pieces.

A voice kept screaming in his head: “Kill her! Eat her! Kill her! Eat her!”

Shut up!

Zero roared in his consciousness and the voice was suppressed. He took the woman out of the room. Afterwards he threw her clothes and high heels and closed the door.

He sat down by the door as he grabbed onto his head.

The woman’s voice echoed from behind the door: “Zero, I’ll find a chance to have sex with you! Remember, my name is Alice!”

Zero’s mind was buzzing. He punched in the ground to release the pain from his body.

Bang! A circle crack spread on the ground. The pain was slightly reduced but Zero was surprised. He didn’t have such strength before!

Alice bitterly put on her clothes. There was trace of surging flames of hatred in her eyes as she kicked the door and left.

She was turning the corner when a shadow appeared and hid her forehead. Alice’s body shook and she fainted on spot. Her body was grabbed by rough palms of a man: “Since he refuses then I’ll enjoy you.”

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  2. Thanks for massive release of Warlord. Just one thing, please do get an editor to check the translation. It would really help a lot to make better translation, caught wrong sentences/words and let us reader understand the story better. Looking forward for more great stuff from “the first group ever to care about readers” 🙂

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