Warlord – Ch 12

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Warlord – Chapter 12

It didn’t take long for the battle to end.

The leader of the mob was shot by Alan. The rest of the mob got distracted by the death of the leader. George and tony used the machine gun to spray the bullets around. Someone fell to the ground every given second. There were few who could rush over by crossing the firing bullets but they were killed by Alan. In less than two minutes most of the mob died while the survivors chose to escape. The silence was dormant in the streets once more.

George gasped: “Let’s get the hell out of here! The gunfire will attract monsters.”

The sun was going to set so the city would become very dangerous. The zombies weren’t the only monsters in the ruins. The beasts were much more aggressive at nights.

George, Tony and Zero reached the car next to the entrance of the town by dawn. Alan joined them soon after. They were tired so they sat in the car to take a small rest. Alan asked about the situation in the basement. He didn’t say anything when he heard that Carl and Holt were killed there but he bowed his head.

Alan’s eyes lit up and he watched Zero as if a believer was worshiping a deity when George mentioned that he had killed the butcher.

George smiled when he saw the expression on Alan’s face.

In reality, Alan was a good lad. The kid had talent in shooting. However his personality was in contrast to Zero’s. Zero was like a lone wolf. He had more chances to survive in the wilderness than them.

“So I assume he shouldn’t be against it if I wanted to check his gun.” Alan’s eyes were concentrated on both M500 on Zero’s waist. He was a manic about firearms and the large-caliber M500 had caught his interest.

Alan reached out to Zero’s waist to touch the gun without caring about George’s gaze. Alan was about to touch the pistol when Zero opened his eyes. His pulled out the pistol and lifted towards Alan.

Alan wouldn’t be able to avoid the shot form the pistol. His head was going to fly out like the butcher’s.

“Alan has no malicious intention so don’t shoot!” George almost jumped up.

Zero’s finger pulled the trigger as if he hadn’t heard George.

Alan closed his eyes. He heard the violent gunfire echoed by his ears. He didn’t feel any discomfort so he opened his eyes. He saw the smoke floating from the muzzle almost a coin away from his head. It was a little distance but the bullet had passed by Alan’s head.

Thump! An abnormal sound echoed from behind.

Everyone turned to see a figure fell down from the car. Alan turned to look. It was a man. The head of the man was blown up but his body still twitched. Although there was no head but they were able to identify the identity of the person. It was the man who Alan had shot earlier on. The leader of the mob.

It seems the man didn’t die but didn’t give up on car too. He was ready to kill Alan when he was distracted. But he faced failure because of Zero’s sudden shot.

Cold sweat poured down Alan’s body as he looked at the sharp dagger on mob leader’s hand. The dagger would have pierced his body if not for Zero.

Alan turned his hand to thank but Zero’s closed his eyes. He spat out a sentence: “None.”

Alan couldn’t help but smile: “Stingy fella!”

He was in base when Zero woke up.

He opened his eyes. The first thing that he saw were twin peaks covered in white shirt. They were gently shaking in front of his eyes. IT seems that the owner of the shirt didn’t wear anything underneath.
Zero’s vision was excellent so he saw two pink bumps.

“Did you wake up?”

The sound echoed: “Wait, I … ah …”

Zero understood that the voice belonged to Leah. He couldn’t help but try to sit up but he had forgotten that the upper body of Leah would be affixed to his face. His face was buried in between the twin peaks as he moved. Leah screamed.

“What happened?!”

The door was opened and old Jack came in. There was a smoke pipe in his mouth. He saw Zero on operating table while Leah clutched her red face.

Old Jack didn’t say anything to Leah but looked at Zero: “Did you wake up, good! George told me about your performance. You are good as you can kill butcher on your own. Come to my study room after she is finished with your injury. I will give the rewards that you deserve.”

Old Jack went out. Before leaving he showed a deep smiled towards Zero.

The door closed.

Zero checked his body. The left side of the shoulder had been sterilized and fixed with a bracket to help the bones heal. The wound on his right thigh had been sewed with a needle. He was satisfied as he couldn’t do it better.

Zero looked at Leah: “Did you operate?”

Leah’s face was flushed. Zero had hit the sensitive part of her body so she still felt the strange feeling. She nodded.

“Thank you! Sorry… for… now …” Zero said in a sincere tone.

“It wasn’t intentional.” Leah blushed.

Zero stepped down from the table. Leah handed him a dress. It was a white shirt that had been washed many times. Although it was very old but it looked clean and exuded a nice fragrance. Zero put on the shirt as Leah helped him.

Zero wasn’t just beautiful but very handsome. He was silent most of the time which looked charismatic. He looked like a men from stone statues.

But after wearing the shirt his temperament looked a bit softer.

“Are you sick? Your face is read.” Zero frowned as he looked at Leah’s face which was as red as an apple.

Leah smiled as she whispered under her lips. “Fool.”

George had reported everything to old Jack after coming back to base. Leah was also present and heard everything from George’s mouth. She had heard that Zero had killed a butcher on his own. Butcher wasn’t an ordinary monster. Moreover Zero didn’t have abilities but was able to it. Zero’s position had risen in their vision.

In addition, he was an idol and hero for Leah. Old Jack was planning way to spread the news. He was trying to spread it to the ears of the upper level of Parker conglomerate to add weight onto his own position.

Nevertheless, Zero’s action had been spread within the base. He was the best target for every young woman.

Who wouldn’t want to a man who could kill a butcher on his own? Is there anyone more ideal than that for the women of this era?

Obviously, Zero wasn’t aware of that. He directly went to old Jack’s study room after leaving the operation room. He saw George exiting the study room. The man made a friendly nod before exiting the room.

“George has been with me for many years. His is witty, brave and with a bit of talent. I had to give his position to your with your record. But I don’t want to replace him. I will give you something else.” Old Jack looked at Zero as he tried to see how he would react.

Zero was like a deep calm lake which had no waves on surface. Old Jack couldn’t predict what was going through Zero’s mind.

However Old Jack decided that Zero didn’t object his arrangement as he stayed silent: “Holt is dead… Carl too. We lack soldiers in the base to maintain law and order. That’s why I can’t send anyone to protect Leah. Would you be interested in taking care of my granddaughter?”

Zero was only an outsider in the base. But old Jack was willing to let him be his granddaughter’s bodyguard. Zero didn’t expect old Jack to treat him like a trustworthy confidant.

Being Leah’s bodyguard was definitely a relaxed job. Zero couldn’t think of a reason to oppose. Moreover the woman from his dreams and Leah looked so similar. He nodded in confirmation.

Old Jack took out a purse from the drawer and threw it on table: “This is your reward for this task. There is 50$ bonus for killing the butcher!”

Zero grabbed the purse. It was his first income. It wasn’t much but it was quite significant for this era.

“We will have a celebration dinner at night. This time we had two casualties while we got the necessary medicine. You have done meritorious service so you have to attend the dinner.” Old Jack smiled.

Zero shook his head: “I don’t like lively crowds.”

He turned to leave. Old Jack shouted at his back: “Go find Leah. She will take you to your new room.”

Old Jack looked at the door as he muttered: “Weirdo.”

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  1. what bastard lied and told me this was a brutal story? this is just some romance set up shit. I mean if this isnt the most forced romance ive read in a while… like wtf. Someone wanna spoil it for me and tell me when Z7 base gets wrecked or when people die. when leah dies(doubt it since shes like some twin sister of his fantasy girl)

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