Warlord – Ch 112

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Chapter 112

Zero began to look for Lala’s traces when he saw the team being able to suppress the wolf king. Although he wouldn’t be able to find Lala by a glance but it seemed that the wolf king wasn’t keeping Lala in the middle of the stadium.

Did it already eat Lala? The idea popped up in Zero’s mind. Lala was captured for about 12 hours so it was a possibility. In such a long time frame a lot of things could happen.

However, Zero wasn’t planning to give up before finding even a piece of flesh belonging to Lala.

There was no need for him to get entangled in the fight against the wolf king. Phoenix colony knew who they had signed up for the mission. They had selected ability users who could fight face-toface, remotely assist, curse and so on. Even though the wolf king was powerful but it seemed it wouldn’t be able to escape from the clutches of the team.

As a result, Zero was more like an appetizer for the battle.

He didn’t say anything as he quietly retreated from the center of the stadium. Jenny was the only one who took a glance when she saw Zero depart. Nevertheless, no one took action to stop him from acting alone.

Zero travelled around the gym. Wolf king had caught Lala so it had to hide Lala in a location where it could see it. Zero began to exclude locations one by one.

He felt abnormal when he came to southwest of the gym.

Wind was blowing from inside and a particular smell was floating in the air.

It was the smell of fenrir wolves!

Zero knew that except wolf king the rest of the fenrir wolves were fighting the army outside the stadium. Did it mean that there were other fenrir wolves hidden in the gym?

In addition to the smell of fenrir wolves floating in the air there was a faint smell of blood.

He didn’t know why but Zero remembered the scene where jing worms kept swallowing each other. Could it be that fenrir wolves also ate and swallowed each other to evolve? If it was so then Zero began to understand the reason why the wolf king captured Lala!

Lala was the new life form produced from the jing worms. It’s genes may be helpful for the newly evolved organisms to correct the defects in their genes! At the same time Zero guessed the reason fenrir wolves choose to migrate to Merlin city. It was for the birth of the new life form! Because of their wilf instincts the animals choose new place as a nest for the protection of the new born!

The fenrir wolves wouldn’t hesitate to leave their homeland to migrate to Merlin city because they were trying to protect the new life form that was going to be born. Zero knew that if the conclusion that he came to was real then it made sense why the mutated wolves and zombies he encountered on his way were migrating. He didn’t know it was a coincidence or a certain reason that made it so but the life forms were going through an evolution!

There was going to appear a large-scale evolution of all life forms in the wilderness. Zero couldn’t imagine the scene that would happen afterwards. He only knew that the humans won’t be the overlords of the earth after the wave of evolution that would sweep through the earth.

Zero had speculated about such crisis in the past but he was never clear about the problem!

He deeply breathed to calm the depressive agitation in his heart. He knew that the second shock was going to happen after the Catastrophe of 50 years ago. However, this time danger wasn’t coming from outside the earth but from the numerous creatures on the surface of the earth. Normally, evolution of life is a good phenomenon. But the problem was that humanity wasn’t keeping up with the creatures. At least, this new evolutionary step would be a disaster for humanity.

Zero ignored the problem. Even if a disaster was coming he didn’t have to worry about it.

He cleared his mind and began to carefully look for the source of the blood smell that was floating in the air.

After few moments Zero was standing outside the door for the indoor basketball stadium.

The door was closed but the heavy smell exuded out. Zero quietly took out the tactical watch. All those new apparatuses had electromagnetic fields. The creatures were sensitive to the electromagnetic fields so it was like betraying his own location.

Zero held his breath and quietly opened the door.

The place was very dark and there was no trace of light. However, strong blood smell entered through his nostrils as soon as he opened the door.

Zero took out the eyepatch on his golden right eye. His right eye was flashing golden luster in the darkness. He closed his left eye and he could faintly see in the darkness.

Zero’s golden light eye was able to send out faint light. So he was able to faintly see even in the dark environment. Naturally, this ability was far inferior to the infrared or night vision abilities of perception domain. Moreover, Zero’s vision limited to only three meters of distance. In addition, because of the low lightening the objects he saw were blurred.

However, it didn’t prevent Zero to see the outlines of the corpses of numerous fenrir wolves.

The basketball field was full of fenrir wolf corpses!

Zero reached and pulled out revolver from his waist. He instinctively felt that danger was lurking in the basketball field. The feeling of danger wasn’t coming from the dead wolves but an unknown heavy breathing that he felt.

The corpses of wolves had strange and various irregular wounds on them. Most of the wounds on the corpses were direct results of bites or torn by claws. It seemed that the same kind attacked each other to matter how Zero looked at it. According to Zero’s speculation the wolves had killed and swallowed the flesh and blood of their own companions.

Zero’s toes always fell on open space so that an unwarranted sounds didn’t echo. He saw a dim light exuding from the center of the field. Zero covered his right eye with the patch and opened his left eye.

He saw a green light flash in the dark side of the field.

He quickly went forward.

There was a small box and Lala was stuffed into it. It seemed that Lala was in a daze but the diamond-shaped chap on its forehead was emitting green light. Zero quickly took Lala from inside the box. Lala opened its round eyes and looked at Zero. It issued a low cry and closed its eyes to fall back into deep sleep.

Zero knew that Lala was in a very weak state. There was a danger lurking in the darkness so he couldn’t stay for long in the basketball field. He put Lala in his pocket and turned to leave. However, a strange blue light appeared behind him.

Zero turned his head to see bluish ice flames!

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