Warlord – Ch 111

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Chapter 111

Anger gushed out of Brian’s heart as it completely took over its mind.

The sudden missile attack was so powerful that even with its ability Brian could only hold up its own elemental force field. The first wave of the bombing killed twenty from Brian’s pack. At the same time Brian ordered the wolves to attack the army that was outside the stadium. Wolf King leapt to the top of the gym and began to command the wolves.

Several of the missiles shot by the Phoenix army almost detonated on gym. Brian was able to use its force field to wrap the missiles and froze them up in the air. They fell to the ground and exploded. However more than half of their normal destructive power was gone with the freezing process. At the end, only few more wolves were killed.

Artillery was the most threatening problem the wolves were facing from the human army. Ordinary fenrir wolves couldn’t withstand the impact when the bullets of the artillery hit their bodies. Most of them would be blown up. Fortunately, large-caliber bullets for the artillery were limited and the flexible movements of the fenrir wolves brought down the risk.

Brian was standing on roof of the gym; controlling and commanding the wolves against the humans through a mysterious connection that linked the king to the rest of the pack. The new king was about to be born in the gym which meant that it was more valuable than all the fenrir wolves together. All the fenrir wolves could die today as long as the new king survived. The new king could go and gather other fenrir wolves and form a much stronger pack.

As a result Brian was desperate to protect the stadium.

Everything was seemingly smooth when a gloomy force field appeared around Brian’s body. The connection between Brian and pack became blurred. Moreover, Brian’s stamina, abilities and other values dropped down at a visible pace.

Brian knew that it was being ambushed.

Zuma was stationed in the corner of the stadium. He was, like the wizards from the stories, using his hands to make strange gestures. At the same time dark force field appeared on Brian’s body. The field was able to blur the link between the king and the pack. Moreover, it had a poisoning and cursing effect which weakened the wolf king.

Brian shook its head to control its mind. It was going to attack the person that was cursing it. But, a big black palm grabbed its hind leg and forcefully smashed it down towards the center of the stadium.

Brian’s body severely hit the ground because of the free fall. The shock wasn’t enough to be fatal to Brian. However, it was enough to ignite the anger in Brian’s heart.

Brian looked over. It didn’t know when the black bear had appeared in the stadium. The bear used its palm to grab a metal bracket and move towards Brian.

Brian saw that bear’s body was wrapped with a strange force field. This field was successful in hiding bear’s presence.

The bear was like a giant meteorite that jumped towards wolf king. Brian growled and jumped off from the ground.

Nelson smashed to the ground and cracks spread around. He roared up and rushed towards Brian. The wolf king was flexible enough to slip away from bear’s grasp. It twisted and opened its mouth to spray freezing steam at bear.

Absolute zero!

Icy blue crystals spread up Nelson’s spine. Fortunately for Nelson, Brian couldn’t continue with the absolute zero attack as its body suddenly weakened. Bear turned around and hit the wolf king’s head with the metal bracket. Brian’s body flied out and slid for three meters after falling to the ground. It rolled and stood up. Brian roared as it looked at bear’s direction. The long white hair on its body erected.

At the same time a white light flashed by Brian.

Brian growled and swayed its body sideways. Watanabe’s sword cut the empty space.

Watanabe, Jenny and Zero just rushed out of the gym’s exit. They saw grizzle bear and wolf king fight. Watanabe used his strange footwork and circled around them and attacked wolf king at the first opportunity.

Watanabe’s sword attack was very silent. It didn’t even accumulate wind but Brian was very sensitive to get out of sword’s trajectory at the last moment.

Watanabe landed and rolled without a stop. He was rolling towards wolf king and at the same time took out the short sword from its sheath. He used both swords and made strange movement.

Brian saw the white light wrapped around the sword. It didn’t want to get in contact with the on-coming attack. It roared up while backing down.

Brian issued a terrifying roar. It’s limbs bounced as it leaped over ten meters. It happened so that neither Watanabe nor Nelson were able to successfully hit Brian.

Brian opened its mouth to use frozen steam to attack the humans. However, it dispelled the idea quickly. Brian bent its head and a laser beam rubbed its nose.

It turned to looked at the direction of the new opponent. Jenny was standing on a tall location. The metal bow in her hand had energy beam connecting it from both ends.

Brian knew that it was facing a crisis and humans were planning to get rid of fenrir wolves for good.

The burned on Brian was increased after swordsman and Jenny joined the battle. It knew that bear was a problem while it still couldn’t find the hidden opponent which was cursing it.

In addition to the four Brian saw a man dressed as a soldier. The man hadn’t acted yet but Brian felt danger exuding from the man’s body.

Brian didn’t know that Paul had to act yet!

Even so, the four people had almost killed Brian. It roared up with all its strength! Brian knew that today it was going to die so it was planning to take few humans with it.

The new king will be more secure the more powerful humans die today! It’s amber eyes flashed as the rage in Brian’s heart burned up!

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