Warlord – Ch 110

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Warlord – Chapter 110

The stadium was in sight. It covered about 17,000 meter square area within the Merlin City and was built by reinforced concrete. The outer walls of the stadium were designed as if layers of waves outrun each other. The south of the stadium was gym, the entrance was at the north. The middle was meant for performing games. In addition, there were lounges, water-closets, offices and other buildings.

The 3 dimensional hologram of the stadium was shown by George to the team with the help of the tactical tablet.

The fire power of the military was concentrated to the entrance which was at the north. The fenrir wolves were concentrated in the center of the stadium. As a result, the first wave of the attack killed fenrir wolves so the others under the command of the wolf king would leave the stadium to face the army. The task of the action team was to sneak from the south side, which had direct access to the center of the stadium, and find an opportunity to kill the wolf king. This way they would be able to paralyze the entire command system that ruled the fenrir wolves.

All of them had GPS on their tactical watches so George was able to see their locations by sitting in the SUV and remotely sending them commands. There were six small lights on George’s tactical tablet’s screen which indicated the members of the action team. He was able to see the map and give tell them the route to take. George was able to adjust their routes by watching the real-time feed shown on the tablet.

“Stadium is in semi-broken state. There are two routes that can be taken to reach the center of the stadium from the gym. However, the place has taken damage too. So its possible that your route will be blocked. In order to win time I want you guys divided into two groups. Paul and Jenny will be the leaders. Get to wolf king before the other wolves get to know that you guys are there!” George stressed: “I know that you guys are used to act alone but this is a group operation! Team members must obey the instructions of the team leader! Otherwise, the money will be taken out of your compensation and I won’t be responsible for the loss of life!”

Six people quickly divided into two groups. Nelson, Paul and Zuma were in first time while Jenny, Zero and Watanabe were in the second one. They choose different routes after briefly entering the gym from the south. One team moves east while the other went towards west.

Zero was silent since they entered the SUV in the base. He just silently followed behind the team after they got to Merlin City.
He was mainly looking at the strange movement Jenny was showing as she went forward. Sometimes she would hunch over like a cat while other times she would use both her hands and feet to sprint like a cheetah. According to Zero’s memories she was blending movements of different animals. The effects of such actions was surprisingly good. She wasn’t just quick but as quiet as a ghost.

Zero wasn’t planning to imitate Jenny. Each person had different ability so he couldn’t do it even if he wanted to imitate her movement. Zero observed the footwork displayed by Watanabe too. It appeared that Watanabe was using same movement skill right now too.

Zero had felt faint hostility from Watanabe yesterday directed at himself. Today, the hostility was more intense. As a result Zero deliberately distanced himself from Watanabe. He couldn’t know if Watanabe would suddenly try to attack him out of nowhere.

Their team had to stop about 10 minutes later. The route was clogged as George had expected. A large piece of broken stone had collapsed over and was on their route.

Jenny knocked on the stone then bent her head to listen to the stone. She said after a moment: “It’s not a full block! I can hear the wind. Unfortunately, my laser isn’t powerful enough to remove such a big obstacle. I will need help from both of you.”

Zero could rely on his ‘berserker’ ability to clear the obstacle by relying on pure strength. However he didn’t want to show his trump card at such a moment. Moreover, they had detonators given by George for such a case. Fortunately, George had considered such a situation into his plans.

Zero took out detonator and wanted to blast the stone block when Watanabe stepped out: “I’ll deal with it if it so troublesome.”

Watanabe put his hands on handles of both short and long samurai swords. He took a deep breaths. His chest constantly went up and down. Zero was at the back and could see the subtle changes in the air flow by the swordsman’s side. The air were like water current which moved towards Watanabe.



White lights flashed. Watanabe acted very fast and both swords were back in their sheaths in the blink of an eye. The next instant, hissing sounds echoed from the boulder. Two cut marks extended throughout the boulder and made an ‘X’ shape.

Watanabe came forward and stretched out his arm. His finger gently poked the stone boulder. The boulder immediately crashed as it turned into debris. A hole about three meters in length was revealed.

Watanabe patted the dust off his body. He turned to look at Zero and snorted. Afterwards, he moved through the hole.

Zero didn’t care about the contempt held by Watanabe. He knew that he was getting stronger as his potential opponent, Watanabe, exposed his trump cards. Zero tightened the colt and moved after Jenny through the hole.

Zero found out the the hole was smooth as he passed through it. It meant that Watanabe wasn’t just a show-off but had some real capabilities.

The other side of the route was unimpeded as Jenny had already told them. A wolf roar and gunfire echoed from the other side of the passage they were walking on. Jenny said in hurry: “It seems that we have to hurry or we will miss the play!”

Naturally, neither Zero nor Watanabe opposed her. Few minutes later Zero and the other two came out to the center of the stadium.

The center of the stadium was charred black. They were the traces of the missile attack. The stands in the surrounding were affected by the attack as they were covered in dust. The fences by the stands were deformed and metal were bent. The seats on the stands were affected by the shock waves of the explosions. The ones which were fixed to the ground were distorted and swayed.

There were about twenty corpses of fenrir wolves lying on the charred earth. An area of five meters in diameter was intact in the middle of the charred earth. A giant white wolf and a grizzle bear were fighting in the area!


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