Warlord – Ch 109

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Warlord – Chapter 109

The war started exactly at 12 o’clock at noon. The missile was shot and under the guidance of the laser locator hit the gym by the stadium. The windows and glasses within the gym were crushed by the shock wave of the explosion. A flame like a dragon sprayed to the high altitude then slowly spread around like a red flower.

Hundreds of fenrir wolves rushed out from the gym into the stadium the next moment. Their bodies were exuding ice steam which lowered the flames in the surrounding. However, the fenrir wolves were greeted by the soldiers with machine guns as soon as they reached the edge of the stadium. In addition, the armored vehicles with artillery and cannon’s launched at the same time to bomb the place. The large caliber artillery constantly fired towards the wolves.

Explosions burst one after another for a time in the Merlin City. Even ground began to slightly tremble because of the impact.

Zero and rest were sitting in the SUV parked about 500 meters away from the stadium on a remote street.

George had explained them details of the plan before the start of the war. He gave tactical watches to all six of them, detonators and pocket-sized flare guns. In addition to basic functions tactical watches supported calls and video streaming. George could watch through the camera of the tactical watch to understand the situation in real time. The detonators were meant for blasting the obstacles and flare guns were given to signal for help.

The war was going on in the distance.

Zero could easily see the result of the explosions from their current location. It was the first war that he was participating in the new era. A real war!

Zero had participated in quiet a few battles after the hibernation. But all of them could be classified as team-based operations. He had seen a military group act the only time when he acted against Aaron. However, Aaron’s team had just about hundred soldiers and it couldn’t be called a war.

But Zero was able to see a war staged in front of his eyes right now.

Phoenix colony had deployed 2000 soldiers, armored vehicles, artillery, missile systems, cannons and etc… In the old era, such force could only be considered as a division of an army. However, in the new era it would cause the admiration of people.

The surviving population was only a fraction of the total population of the old world. Fifty years was a short amount of time even though the breeding period of humans was shortened, the breeding age was reduced and the reproduction increased. In addition, the living conditions were brutal in the new era. The person would go through countless hardships from birth to adulthood which was beyond imagination in the old era.

In addition to population problem the manufacturing of weapons was also a big problem. There were lack of resources, lack of manpower and so on which led to redefine and transform the manufacturing of weapons and equipment in the new era. It meant that the weapons of the new era had improved power and strength while their production was enough to support large-scale wars.

Merchants, businessmen and others also excavated weapons and vehicles from the old era to sell in the market. The artillery vehicles used by the Phoenix were purchased from the merchants; repaired and modified for the use.

At first it seemed that army of the Phoenix colony had upper hand and would be able to prevail easily. However, missiles and artillery resources were extremely limited. Although Phoenix was able to put them forward but it was impossible to use them to kill each and every fenrir wolf. Moreover, the anti-tank bullets were limited too so the high-caliber fire suppression wasn’t going to last for long. The initial missile was effective but bombings had lost their effect after the fenrir wolves came out to large area.

The wolves were strong and flexible. In addition, they didn’t stop in a fixed location. The flexible fire network was provided by the machine guns used by the soldiers. It was true that the fire network of 2000 machine guns would have immense impact. But last night’s battle had proved that machine guns didn’t have much of an effect against the natural defenses of the fenrir wolves. The most effective attack could be done by the snipers. However, a lot of resources and time was needed to produce first order sniper specialists.

Phoenix had nurtured about 30 snipers. About 20 of them were involved in this war. A fenrir wolf would die when one of them acted. The problem was that the effect of the snipers in the war wasn’t that large.

As a result, the advantage held by the Phoenix forces on the surface couldn’t last long. Fenrir wolves would go for the kill when the ammunition of the heavy fire would be exhausted. The place was fenrir wolves home ground. In addition, the other monsters would come out to get a piece of fresh meat on instinct. At that time the end of the Phoenix army would come.

The key in this war was the group Zero participated. Their role was to kill the king of the wolves. Afterwards the morale of the creatures would be crashed and the army will swipe through the enemy.

It was the main characteristic of the warfare in the new era. The ability users emerged with the gene evolution. The balance of warfare swayed from the number of soldiers to the powerful individuals. An ability users with tenth-order or more could easily destroy army of thousands.

George announced the team to act after about 10 minutes of the start of the war. All the ability users jumped off the SUV and by George’s command made a semicircle movement to the direction of the stadium.

Different abilities expressed the movement and style of users in different ways.

Nelson was like a human tank. Basically, he ran in a straight line. He didn’t care whether it was a car or anything else that block him. He would just directly smash through the obstacle. Nelson wouldn’t even pause for a moment.

Paul and Jenny had relatively ‘soft’ movement in comparison to Nelson. Paul would stop by a shadow flash into another shadow. Jenny always used high grounds to move. She would hop on to the roof of a car or a street light.

Zuma had the strangest movement style. His movement was similar to flashing forward. A layer of black mist would cover his body. His toes didn’t move but the mist that wrapped his body would jump from location to location..

Watanabe had a different movement style. He wasn’t rushing like Nelson, neither jumping like Jenny or strangely moving like Paul and Zuma. Watanabe seemed to be slowly walking but his speed wasn’t inferior to anyone.

Zero silently observed everyone as he used the speed of third-order agility enhancement to keep up with the rest. He watched the unique and extraordinary movement styles shown by the team members. At the same time he realized that different abilities would surface different combat styles. The abilities would show itself in movement and attacks. It meant that no matter how powerful the ability user was, the person would certainly form similar habits during a long period of time.

Zero felt that he would be invincible if he could find the weakness and gaps in those habits.

Naturally, it was not an easy feat to find habits and weaknesses of strong ability users in short time. It would require a lot of data. Currently Zero couldn’t perform such a huge operation in ever-changing battlefield. Nevertheless, Zero started to understand that he was getting to form his own combat style.

That was to find weaknesses and hit through those gaps to kill!

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