Warlord – Ch 108

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Warlord – Chapter 108

George lead the other officers out of the hall and left Zero and other members. George once more stressed the timing of the action plan before letting the group go.

Zero was walking towards the hotel when the soft voice echoed from behind: “Hey handsome, do you want to get a drink?”

Zero turned back to look at Jenny. He was slightly surprised. The woman was slender and fit after long years of exercise. Her long legs seemed very flexible. He imagined that any mad wrapped by those legs would enjoy the occasion.

However, Zero had a principle that he would never waste stamina and energy before going to battle. This invitation by Jenny implied that they would end up in bed afterwards.

Zero smiled: “There are seven hours till 6 o’clock so I wanna get a good rest.”

Zero turned away and left while Jenny looked at him in discouragement.

A lazy voice echoed: “I don’t understand why people don’t understand the kindness. If Miss Jennifer is interested then I would like to invite you for a drink.”

Watanabe reached Jenny’s side by the time he finished talking. He was a handsome man with a mustache on his face. However his slender eyes made his face look very narrow.

Jenny ambiguously smiled as she didn’t care about those details: “Mr Watanabe where should we go for a drink?”

Watanabe slightly smiled: “What do you think about my room?”

Jenny accepted the invitation with a nod. The others went back to rest.

The clock was showing 5:23 am in the dark room lit by yellow light. Watanabe was still enjoying Jenny’s body. The night had been a crazy one. They had done many times in many positions. To Watanabe’s surprise Jenny had an amazing vitality. She wasn’t satisfied even after so many times.

Each time she would use variety of methods to provoke the flames of desire in Watanabe after they took short break.

Moments ago Jenny used her lips and slender legs to burn the fire in Watanabe that was extinguished. He pressed her down the bed and used all his strength to pound her.

The clock was showing 5:50 when Watanabe groaned and his body violently trembled. Afterwards he turned to lay on the bed.

Jenny was still not satisfied. She gentle licked Watanabe’s ear and blew with breath: “It’s almost 6 o’clock.. Let’s get ready.”

She stood up and exposed her nude body to Watanabe. She shook her head: “I thought that the man who would take the initiative to invite me would be a tough guy… but you are way too soft.”

She headed towards the bathroom.

Watanabe was exhausted: “I am much tougher than that sissy boy no matter how soft I would ever be!”

Jenny stuck her head out of the bathroom: “I can evaluate after I try him. But I think he should not be worse than you.”

Jenny laughed and got into bathroom to take shower. She was humming while Watanabe angrily laid on bed.


He couldn’t wait to cut that delicate face into two halves.

Zero sneezed out of nowhere. He felt a bit strange as he had been sneezing since he woke up. He said goodbye to Monica and went through the deserted streets of the Phoenix towards the exit gate.

George had arrived early and was by the gates of the Phoenix. Zuma and Paul were with him too. Zero nodded in greeting.

An SUV was parked at the gates of the Phoenix. It would be used by the team to enter the Merlin. Zero jumped to the back of the SUV and found a position. He took out his equipment to test them before going into battle. He was keeping the rigorous military style even though he had fifth-order agility enhancement.

Zero had Colt and two M500 revolvers with him. He had 200 normal sniper bullets and 30 rounds of armor piercing bullets. 10 out of 30 armor piercing bullets had been injected with fire element by Zero. The tip of the bullets would burst red light once in a while. Zero had 10 rounds of bullets dedicated for M500 revolvers. In addition he had 5 grenades.

Everything was a gift from Maestro except Colt and M500. It was not everything that Maestro had provided. Zero wasn’t going for a large-scale war so he didn’t bring all the ammunition. Actually, Zero thought that this number of ammunition was more than enough to kill the wolf king.

George understood the reason he had taken a liking to Zero as he looked at the silent Zero. It was because the others didn’t have the military discipline which Zero had. Zero looked like an elite soldier more than an ability user.

George checked his watch which was pointing to six o’clock. Jenny and Watanabe arrived on the last moment. The action team was ready to leave.

“I will be the commander of the team this time.” George continued: “I know that any of you can easily kill me but you shouldn’t doubt my abilities as a commander. In addition, we will be communicating with the military so there is no one more suitable to be the commander of the team than me.”

George wasn’t bragging. As he had told any member of the team could kill him. But individual strength didn’t have anything to do with being in charge. Only the Crimson Knights had military training where they were taught the methods and tactics to command a group or an army. However, the ability users normally didn’t have this talent.

Zero wasn’t an exception too. He was very good on his own in the wilderness but he didn’t have a clue about the ways to command a group. The action team had to cooperate with Phoenix army so George was the most suitable candidate.

George sat by the driver when no one objected him. He said: “I’ll inform you guys about the details on the way.”

Jenny deliberately sat by Zero’s side. Zero frowned and Watanabe who was on another seat had flames burst in his eyes because of anger.

The SUV went out of the gates of the Phoenix. An army was already positioned outside the city. They began to move at the same time as the SUV. Zero saw 5 armored vehicles which were equipped with missile systems and two anti-tank vehicles from the old era.

The rays of sunlight were reflected on barrels of cannons in the morning. The operation had begun!

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