Warlord – Ch 107

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Warlord – Chapter 107

“First-order fire element manipulation, second order strength and defense enhancement. Fifth-order agility enhancement? Ohh. It seems I have found a treasure!”

George patted Zero’s shoulder as he checked the tactical tablet in his hand: “You are a strong man! Fifth-order agility enhancement! Zero, you are qualified to be part of our team!”

The machine used by George wasn’t like the antique used in Z7 base. This tactical tablet was more sensitive to abilities but it still couldn’t detect Zero’s golden right eye and ‘berserker’ ability. Zero assumed that these abilities weren’t within the five domains that the computers meant to check for. As a result, it didn’t matter how advanced the apparatus was they couldn’t detect Zero’s hidden abilities.

Zero wasn’t interested in exposing those hidden abilities either. The current abilities that he had was enough for him to participate in the action with the team so there was no need to show-off.

George lead Zero to the Phoenix’s military base. They entered the command center and after series of careful inspections they entered a conference hall.

The hall was brightly lit. There were dozens of executive officer like George. In addition there were 5 people dressed differently. Apparently they were hunters and mercenaries that didn’t belong to Phoenix.

George had upgraded Zero’s mercenary license to second rank because of the test. Moreover, as long as they annihilated and completed their mission George promised to upgrade Zero’s license once more as a reward.

George briefly told to Zero that he was going to form a six-person action team with the mercenaries.

The first member that George introduced to Zero was a black man called Nelson. The made was huge and had a third-order mutation domain ability to transform into a grizzly bear. Nelson would get unparalleled strength and defense after the transformation and could trample dozens of people.

The second one was a hunter called Paul. He was a white man with fourth-order trap specialization, third-order concealment ability, third-order agility enhancement and second-order smell enhancement. Paul was a white man. He was using a black cloak to cover his body. He was like an invisible shadow if you didn’t pay attention to him.

At least, Paul’s presence was very vague in Zero’s perception. It should be rooted in Paul’s ability to conceal his presence. Zero would love to have such an ability. A sniper with concealment ability was any opponent’s nightmare.

The next member of the team was a white woman. Jenny was about 30 years old. She was wearing tight clothing and pair of twin peaks were shown around. Her eyes lit up when George introduced her to Zero.

She was carrying a large bow made out of metal. There were laser clusters at both ends of the bow. At the time of action, the laser beam would connect both ends of the bow and would act as a ‘string’. Jenny had special glove in her right hand which would materialize an energy arrow with different capabilities. Those laser arrows would have different ranges, penetrating power and destructive strength. It was a weapon made in the new era.

Jenny was a hunter but her attack field was long-range. She had third-order agility enhancement, third-order precision shooting and first-order wind element manipulation proficiency.

The wind element wasn’t a direct combat ability and was more of a auxiliary class ability. Jenny was able to wrap laser arrows or beams with wind and thus correct the trajectory of the arrows. Zero had found an alternative way to use his fire element proficiency so Jenny had also done same with her first-order wind element proficiency.

The fourth member of the team was also a yellow man like Zero. However, he was from Japanese origin. He was called Watanabe and fifth-order cold weapon specialization. Watanabe had long and short samurai swords on him. Zero felt that these were only the weapons that Watanabe showed around. He felt that there were many pocket-sized weapons that Watanabe kept secret. Zero’s skin faintly tingled as he looked at Watanabe. It felt as if the man was full of hidden weapons and was an iron hedgehog.

The fifth member of the team was an Indian (american-indian) man called Zuma. He was wearing a head wear made out of feathers of birds. Zuma’s body was covered with a mantle painted with variety of birds and beasts. Moreover, Zuma was covering his face with a grim looking ghost mask. Only pair of yellow eyes were revealed.

At the same time Zuma was leaning on a black wooden crutch. Zero didn’t know why he felt so but it seemed to him that Zuma’s body was exuding a black mist. The man was extremely mysterious.

Zuma had fourth-order dark element proficiency. Zuma couldn’t directly harm the enemy but as fourth-order dark elements master he could curse, poison and create other negative effects on the enemy. People tend to privately call the users of the dark element domain ‘Wizards’.

The members of the action team had different reactions when Zero was introduced to them. Nelson and Zero shook hands and greeted each other. Paul and Zuma preferred to hide themselves and weren’t interested in conversation. Watanabe’s hands were always on the hilt of his samurai swords; He was faintly hostile towards Zero. Jenny was the most enthusiastic one. She was flirting with Zero a lot and her body language was hinting to a lot of things.

“All right! We brought you guys together because we are fed up with fenrir wolves!”

George began to talk about the details of the attack which was named “Operation: NEST”. The action plan wasn’t made up just today but months ago. The members of the special action team, equipment and weapons were prepared long in advance. Zero was the latest addition to the team.

The Fenrir wolves had migrated to Merlin city about three months ago. The fenrir wolves were more disciplined in comparison to other species. That’s why the executives of the Phoenix were alarmed about their migration than anyone else. The latest attack of the fenrir wolves to the Phonix made their attack plan to be moved ahead.

The ruins of the Merlin city was hundred kilometers away from Phoenix and had hundreds of creature species inhabiting it. However, the balance was broken after the fenrir wolves migrated.

Phoenix colony never cared about individual creatures in the Merlin no matter how formidable they were. However, fenrir wolves were different. They were like an army led by their Wolf King! After the last attack, Phoenix was afraid that the fenrir wolves will settle down in Merlin city for long time. The wolves would multiply so they had to increase the numbers of the military too. So instead of going for a long term plan the higher-ups of the Phoenix decided to solve our fenrir wolves once and for all.

The action team that Zero joined was named ‘King of the Kings.’ Their goal was the wolf king of the fenrir wolves. The Phoenix army would attract the attention of the wolves while the action team would get into the Merlin city to kill the king in the shortest possible time. The fenrir wolves would be without a ‘head’ after the wolf king would be killed. Phoenix was planning to grasp that opportunity to destroy fenrir wolves.

George told the details of the plan and clapped his hands: “We will be setting of at 06:00 in the morning!”

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