Warlord – Ch 106

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Warlord – Chapter 106

Zero’s white fingers touched the floor to the wall where the scars and cracks extended. He frowned: “Lala did it?”

Monica nodded and gestured with her hands: “Suddenly, Lala became so big. It pressured the big wolf to the ground and was going to hit it with its cannon. Unfortunately, it took Lala away.”

Monica bowed her head and spoke in an apologetic tone: “Zero, I’m very sorry. You told me to protect Lala, but I…”

Zero patted her head: “It ‘s not your fault.”

Monica described the appearance of the giant white wolf to Zero few times. Several of the details told by Monica caught Zero’s attention. The first and foremost was the defense field of the white wolf which was different to the other wolves. The second one was the freezing ability of the wolf. Zero saw crystals on the ground which meant that very low temperature was used.

The white wolf which took Lala away wasn’t a simple one from any perspective that Zero could think of. Zero was flabbergasted by the Lala too. He had taken the cub from the cave of the jing worms months ago. He didn’t know that Lala had such a potential.

According to the Monica, Lala had transformed in an instant. Moreover, Lala had very powerful attack abilities which could overpower the giant wolf in one move. Lala was the new form that was given birth to after the jing worms ate and swallowed each other. It seems the new life form was more powerful than its ancestors.

The giant white wolf may have taken Lala so that it could devour it and improve its own genes. However, the wolves had retreated and the white wolf was missing too. Zero had to find wolves to save Lala. He thought of George. Perhaps the officer could help him.

“Stay here with Campbell and others. I’ll go to get back Lala and they will be able to protect you while I’m gone.” Zero said. He pulled a black luggage from under the bed. He pulled the zipper and took out Colt and ammunition.

Zero put on his tactical clothing and checking his equipment before leaving the hotel.

Soldiers were cleaning the battlefield at the city gates of the Phoenix. Gunpowder smoke was constantly floating in the field. George checked the tactical board and looked at the numbers reflected on the screen. 43 soldiers were killed by the wolves and the economic losses were still calculated as he checked the information.

George was angry even though the losses weren’t heavy. The problem was that the fenrir wolves were just hundred miles away from the Phoenix. The creatures weren’t powerful individually but their destructive power increased exponentially when they acted in groups.

George’s mood was bad. He felt he was like a volcano that would erupt instantly when a soldier disturbed him.

The young soldier looked at fear to George. He reported: “Sire, there is a mercenary who calls himself Zero that wants to meet you.”

“I don’t have time to waste with mercenaries. Go back and tell him that if he doesn’t leave then I’ll use his own pistol to shoot his ass.” George said in a coarse tone.

“Sire, he said that you owe him a drink.” Soldier continued.

George’s face turned stiff: “Damn it! What a stingy fella! Call him over!”

It didn’t take long for Zero to appear in front of George.

George looked at Zero who had pair of M500 revolvers on his waist and colt on his spine.

“So you are called Zero. What you want? I don’t have money to give back to you.. wait for tomorrow…” George said. However, George was aware that Zero wasn’t here for money. George was able to feel the killing intent exuding from Zero’s body. Zero was like a sharp sword that was in the scabbard.

Originally, George had thought that he had overestimated Zero back then. However right now it seemed as if George had underestimated the mercenary that was mixed with the caravan.

“I want to know the origin of the fenrir wolves. They have taken away my pet…my partner.” Zero explained his wants in simple words.

George looked at the road that led to the darkness: “Those guys are coming from the ruins of the Merlin city. We are very puzzled about the fenrir wolves too. Normally, they live in the frosty forests of the north but in march they migrated to Merlin city. According to our intelligence there has to be around 500 wolves and they have taken the city’s stadium as their lair.”

“Thank you!”

Zero was ready to leave the Phoenix as he got information that he needed.

George caught his arm: “I don’t remember the order which allowed the residents or non-residents to leave the Merlin!”

zero looked at George but didn’t speak. However, the fire in his eyes explained everything what he wanted to say.

“I understand that you are anxious to save your companion but you can’t go to that place right now.” George shook his head: “Ruins of Merlin city isn’t only occupied by the fenrir wolves. There are a lot of monsters there. Blade mantises, shadow killers and so on… Zombies have migrated to the city too. So do you get what I say? Not just you but even an army should be very careful when they penetrate the place.”

“Do you want to say that I should sat stand idle and do nothing?”

George smiled: “You got me wrong. In fact, I want to say the opposite. The high-ups have decided to act after the attack of the fenrir wolves. Now we are assembling the best hunters and mercenaries in the Phoenix.. I hope you can participate too. If you act as a part of group your chances in getting pack your companion will be higher too.”

“What are you guys going to act?” Zero asked

“Tomorrow morning will be the latest.”

Zero shook his head: “That is too long of time.”

“The wolves retreated about 20 minutes ago. If you rush in now you will end up as a dead man. The odds will increase a lot if you come with us tomorrow. Do you know anything about probability theory?” George waved at soldiers.

Zero looked at the shadow of the Merlin City. The killing intent in his body disappeared.

“I want to see that group of yours. I’ll participate if they are good or else I will act alone.” Zero coldly said.

George sneered: “That was what I wanted to say. You will likely thrown out if you can’t pass our test. We don’t want anyone to drag back our team.”

“That is for the best.” Zero smiled.

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