Warlord – Ch 105

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Warlord – Chapter 105

Monica’s mouth was half open as she couldn’t believe that the fierce creature in front of her eyes was Lala. The wolf was very strong however it was suppressed by the transformed Lala.

But Monica didn’t know that the form that Lala had taken was completely out of instinct.

Zero had found Lala in the cave of the jing worms. At the time, Zero had guessed that Lala was the new evolved species. The fact that was unknown to the humanity was that creatures would swallow and eat their same kind. Thus they would absorb the genes and transform into a new and better life form. Aaron had seen such instance when the zombies were eating each other. Now, the hundreds of fenrir wolves were eating each other in the stadium of the Merlin city for the same purpose. Evolution of the new form.

The newly evolved life form at the same time would become the king of that tribe.

Lala had followed Zero since its birth. It wasn’t challenged or stimulated by the other wild creatures in the wilderness. It was the main reason that Lala had kept its larval state up to now. However, because of instinct a resonance was created between Lala and Brian when they were passing by the Merlin city.

Lala had challenged the Brian out of instinct. It was because of the mysterious genetic code in its dna that made Lala act so. Lala wanted to attack and dominate Brian but because it was an infant it couldn’t act. Monica had cared for Lala for long time. So when she was in danger Lala went through double stimulation. A series of unpredictable changed unlocked its genes and Lala directly went to its adulthood from larval stage in a matter of short period of time.

The evolution or growth wouldn’t happen in the snap of a finger. The situation that happened to Lala was very rare even though the process of evolution was hundreds of times faster than the old era. The rapid growth led to immaturity. Lala didn’t grasp its new body or strength.

Lala instigated attack to Brian. But its attack was rough and there were too many flaws. For example, the energy gathering time for its cannon in the right arm was too long.

Brian had lived for 30 years. It was considered old age for the fenrir wolves. Although Brian’s physique was weak because of the age but it had rich experience which a young creature couldn’t have.

Brian shook its tail on time despite being pressed by great strength. The seemingly weak tail was able to whip the muzzle of Lala’s cannon and bounce it sideways.

A golden light blasted out of the barrel at the same time as Brian reacted.

Brian’s left ear was shot by the light even though it was able to change the trajectory of shot. The golden light passed through the floor as if a knife sliced through the cream. Likewise, it rubbed the place by Monica’s side.

Scars and cracks appeared everywhere the golden light passed through. Afterwards, the cracks began to dissolve as if a strong acid was spreading through them. Monica thought that if that golden light deviated a bit she would have decomposed like these inorganic matter.

Brian used its forepaws to hit Lala. The king of the fenrir wolves stood and forced Lala directly onto the ground. Lala wanted to resist but Brian opened its big mouth. Blue icy fog began to spray out of Brian’s mouth.

A thick layer of frost began to cover Lala’s body. Lala’s struggle become weak as moments passed. Brian froze it up in matter of seconds. There was a trace of tiredness in Brian’s eyes after it froze Lala. It shook its head in anger. The golden light that wounded its left ear was having the same effect. (corrosion)

Moreover, Brian had used ‘absolute zero’ ability which was part of the ice element domain. It was an ability which was shown on sixth-order ability users. The atoms and molecules would be frozen when the absolute zero ability was used. It was Brian’s trump card. It wouldn’t want to use this ability if Lala wasn’t dangerous.

In addition, usage of absolute zero would damage the internal organs of the user and reduce Brian’s lifespan.

Brian was considering whether to kill Lala or take it back with him when the diamond shaped chap on Lala’s forehead began to exude a green light. The armor-like gold shell on Lala’s body lit up. Brian couldn’t understand the power of the golden light. But it was able to see that this power was able to decompose the absolute zero.

Brian took a few steps back as it watched the ice get thinner.

Kacha~~ The ice covering Lala decomposed and broke up. However, Lala’s energy was exhausted. It transformed back to its small cub shape.

Brian knew that Lala’s genes weren’t stable so it couldn’t remain in adult form for long. Everything had a price and no creature could jump from infancy to adulthood in a snap of a finger.

Lala who changed back to small round shape was motionless. Moreover the green light that was exuded from its forehead was gone too. Moreover, the surface of its skin was normally golden but right now its was grayish.

Brian hesitated for a moment before choosing to take Lala with himself. According to Brian Lala’s genes could lead the new king of their tribe to evolve or transform once more. If the new king could master the corrosive light then it would become more powerful coupled with the ice element ability.

A strong king meant that the community had more chances to survive and conquer more place to live. The responsibility of the king was to take its tribe to the future!

Brian grabbed Lala, looked at Monica and then jumped out of the gap to outside.

Zero came back to hotel. But Brian and Lala were missing. He only saw frustrated Monica.

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