Warlord – Ch 104

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Warlord – Chapter 104

Brian wasn’t in hurry to attack. It was like a gentleman that looked coldly at the human and the beast in the room.

Brian had planned and launched an attack against the Phoenix which was like a storm. It was all to attract the attention of the troops in the Phoenix while Brian entered the Phoenix from the other side of the dam. The frozen steam released by the Brian was enough to turn part of inorganic concrete into a pile of soft snow. There was a gap in the southwest part of the dam right now.

Brian had come here because of the resonance between the kings of two species. Monica as a small human girl was no threat to Brian. It felt the fluctuations and resonance echo from the small animal in human girl’s hands.

First time in its life Brian doubted its own judgement. It didn’t look like the king of any species no matter how it looked at the small ball like fluffy animal. However, it was clear that the resonance was echoing from the body of this small animal.

Monica’s face turned pale and fear drowned her heart as she saw the giant wolf. However, Brian’s attention was on the little animal that reacted.

Lala’s big round eyes became ferocious as it looked at Brian. It’s Z-shaped wings flapped and it popped out from Monica’s arm and rushed straight towards Brian.

Brian looked at the little beast that dared to fight it. It didn’t hesitate to raise its claw and hit the small animal. Usually, Brian’s claws were able to slice the iron as if it was butter. However not they got trapped half the way into Lala’s body. The small animal bounced back and hit the closet.

Brian looked at its paw as it was thinking that claw was enough to tear apart the small animal’s body. However, Brian clearly felt a puzzled feeling from its claw when it came in contact with Lala’s body. Lala’s body was so flexible that it wasn’t cut but instead bounced back.

Brian put down its claw and slowly walked towards the closet in a majestic manner. The small animal had caught its attention and king of the fenrir wolves understood that this small animal may have other secrets hidden in its body. Brian decided to take this small animal as a gift to the new king that was going to be born soon. The new king would have a possibility for transformation if it consumed flesh and blood of this small animal.

Monica clenched her teeth and courage up as she lifted the pistol and continuously shoot at Brian. Brian was unarmed as the bullets hit its body. It even turned around and took a glance at Monica in a contempt manner.

Monica knew that Zero had given Lala to her so that she can take care of it in his absence. She had taken the responsibility to protect the small animal. She saw that Brian was near the closet and sweeping the place with its claws to pull Lala from inside. There were three bloodstains on Lala’s body because of the Brian’s claws. Gold liquid flew out from its body because of the wounds.

Monica threw her pistol at the wolf as there were no more bullets in it. She took out her dagger and fiercely stabbed it towards the wolf’s neck.

Brian finally got angry at the human girl. As a king it looked at the human girl with disdain. But Monica’s action had provoked the king of the fenrir wolves and hit its bottom line. Brian turned and used its paw to hit the human girl.

Monica almost suffocated because of the giant wolf’s attack. The wolf’s claw hit her from shoulder and pounded her to the ground.

Monica looked at the wolf’s head which was looking at her. It opened its mouth and cold breath sprayed onto Monica. The wolf was going to bite her neck.

At the same time a golden light exuded from the closed. It was so bright and dazzling that she couldn’t looked at the place.

Brian turned back and a strong pressure affected its body. Brian didn’t know what happened but a huge force hit its body and the king of the wolves bounced away.

Brian’s body hit the wall and the whole wall collapsed down. Brian stood up from the gravel. It’s body was clean as even the dust couldn’t penetrate it because of the force field. It’s amber eyes were more cautious as Brian looked at the growing golden light.

The golden light was as big as a small ball at first. But it expanded and deformed at a pace visible to the naked eye. The light stopped when it hit the ceiling. Gradually it converged and a being with the head of a worm with golden shell appeared in front of Brian and Monica.

The animal had three pairs of green eyes. It’s head was that of a worm but its body was similar to a human’s. The back of its body had a golden shell too. It had spikes that were all over the golden armor on its back. There were two transparent wings that were attached to the back of its head. They were slightly shaking and trembling as it stood there.

The upper limbs of the worm were the most peculiar parts of its body. The left one was similar to a human arm but a golden shell was wrapped around it. Instead of fingers it had five claws. The claws were narrow and looked like scalpels. The upper part of the right of the worm was humanoid. The instead of a hand it had a big cannon(gun?).

There was a diamond-like chap on its forehead.

“Lala?” Monica was stunned as she looked at the worm in front of her. She couldn’t help but link Lala and this new transformed creature.

A faint green light exuded from the eyes of the worm. Brian’s image was reflected in its eyes from different angles. The transparent wings of the worm raised and began to tremble(flap?) as if it was desiring to kill Brian. The next instant it disappeared.

It was by Brian’s side when it appeared.

The scalpel like claws of the beast hit towards the head of Brian. The wolf king felt as if a bear was pressing onto it. An invisible force made its four feet go soft.

At the same time Brian saw the muzzle of the cannon(gun?) turn towards its head. Violent energy was surging and forming inside it.

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