Warlord – Ch 103

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Warlord – Chapter 103

The blowing wind was playing with Zero’s hair as he stood at the roof of the bar. He was standing straight and firm, even if a big wind couldn’t move his body.

He took of the patch from his right eye. The silver stripes converged around his eye and turned into a perfect circle. Later on his pupil extended vertically and turned into the form of dragon eye. The scene happening far away was pulled closer the same moment. Zero’s right eye was like a high-level telescope. He was able to see everything that was happening outside the Phoenix.

The 100 meter tall dam that was facing the city of Merlin was acting like an artificial barrier. There were 15 high-powered searchlights that were shining and lighting from the Phoenix. Zero could see about hundreds of giant wolves constantly attacking the initial defense line of the Phoenix.

The firepower that was placed in the commanding heights of the dam were put in the battle. Soldiers also used machine guns and participated in the battle. The network of bullets that rained down the wolves was an impressive picture. However, this firepower didn’t stagnate the wolves. They were like angry waves of the Yangtze river that continued to flock to the alloy gates of the dam.

The silver stripes in Zero’s eyes expanded once more and the horizon narrowed. A giant wolf was in his line of sight. It had long black fur which seemed like clouds hovering over clouds. Zero saw that dozens of bullets hit the wolf. However, a faint wave exuded from the giant wolf’s body and reduced the kinetic energy of those bullets.

It was this layer of intangible force field that dispersed the momentum of bullets. Zero made a slight calculation and came to conclusion that the bullets that hit the wolf had less than half of the original power. The strength of the bullets were limited and couldn’t do much against the wolves that had good natural defense. On the surface the powerful bullets seemed effective but wolves could get to the giant alloy door without an injury.

It didn’t take long for the soldiers of the Phoenix to adjust their strategy. More than 20 snipers were transferred to the top of the dam. The giant wolves began to have casualties after the snipers joined the battle. Zero was aware that the bullets used by the snipers weren’t ordinary bullets as they could easily penetrate the invisible force field of the giant wolves. It seemed that soldiers were using armor-piercing bullets. At that distance those bullets would easily penetrate through the third-order defense enhancement. The risk assessment of the fenrir wolves was exactly third level.

Nevertheless, Zero could observe that a thick frost was continuing to climb over the giant alloy gates. The fenrir wolves were also ability users. They were able to release a freezing steam below zero degree. It was a rare type of attack. Zero understood that the wolves were aiming to destroy the giant alloy door by freezing it first.

The internal molecular structure of the giant alloy gate became unstable after half an hour of battle. The giant wolves were able to tear apart the door by using their sharp claws. The fierce battle turned into the streets of the Phoenix afterwards.

A lot of fenrir wolves were able to break into Phoenix despite numerous death and casualties. The wolves were persistent. Zero felt a faint chill as he watched the march of the wolves from far away. So he knew that the soldiers that were close by were under stress too.

There were multiple checkpoints within the city. However, the giant wolves were agile and smart. The environment within the colony was much more complicated in comparison to the environment outside the city. The fenrir wolves changed their strategy and began to use guerrilla tactics to fight against the soldiers within the Phoenix.

Zero knew that he had to go back to hotel when he saw the battle between humans and wolves turn into street combat. The hair all over his body got erect the moment the idea popped up in his mind. It wasn’t because of the cold wind but he felt a great danger!

He know that something dangerous was happening in the hotel and this feeling wasn’t the result of the wolves attacking the city.

His intuition told him that another powerful being was in the city.

Zero’s body flashed and disappeared form the rooftop. He was like a spider as he walked over the surface of the walls of the building the next moment when he appeared. His body flash once more and he was vertically running over the wall of another building. Zero was using the speed of the fifth-order agility enhancement to the maximum as he rushed towards the hotel.

Monica was holding Lala and standing by the window when the battle started. Unfortunately for her she couldn’t see what was happening at the entrance of the Phoenix. However, because of distant roars and sounds of bullets she could faintly guess the situation.

Lala wasn’t feeling well all day long and had shrank into arms of Monica. But the diamond shaped part of Lala’s forehead was constantly exuding a green light.

Monica closed the window of the room when she saw that the sounds of gun fire turned frequent. She held onto Lala and turned away to the other part of the room. Frost climbed over the window glass the moment she turned away. The next moment it shattered and broke. Cold wind entered the room.

Monica turned to see a huge figure on the other side of the window.

It was a giant wolf as big as a calf. It had beautiful white fur and a pair of amber eyes which exuded wisdom similar to a human. The white wolf stared at Monica as it entered the room through the broken window.

The window wasn’t big enough for the wolf to enter. At the same time frost began to spread around the walls of the window. Everything that frost touched turned into powder and enough space was torn for the wolf to enter.

Monica screamed in fear but was able to pull out the pistol and shot. She shot several times at the giant wolf’s forehead.

A force field spread out from the giant wolf’s body. The force field that Brian had was totally different from the other fenrir wolves. As the king of the tribe Brian’s force field had a silverish light that it exuded. The bullets came to stop the moment they hit the force field. Afterwards frost climbed over the bullets and they fell to the ground when the bullets were about 10 cms away from Brian’s body.

The king of the fenrir wolves was able to launch element field of ice domain!

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