Warlord – Ch 102

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Warlord – Chapter 102

“800 dollars… Guest, I won’t pay not a penny more! It’s an old motorcycle. Although its performance ain’t bad but no one would be willing to buy it. You can ask around the other stores if you don’t believe me. You won’t find anyone else giving you this price. It’s a fair price!”

Zero had gone into business district of the Phoenix after leaving the information center. The main business was about sales of weapons and equipment in the business district. But there were shops which bought and sold motorcycles too. Zero planned to sell the heavy motorcycle. On the next part of the journey the heavy motorcycle he had would be worse than two legs. The landscape and road conditions wasn’t meant for the motorcycle.

Of course, if he went with Campbell then there would be a trail that the merchant would use that he had gone through years. But they would be objects of attack of many creatures and people with ulterior motives.

Zero was planning to sell the motorcycle and use the money to buy other supplies. Zero didn’t consider what he was going to use after bypassing the Death Ridge.

However, Zero had met only profiteers in the motorcycle shops that he had visited. He had bought the motorcycle for 1800 dollars but the shop owners in the Phoenix didn’t offer even half of that price. The first shop owner he had met offered Zero 500 dollars. Zero had almost took out his gun and shot the man.

“1200 dollars!” Zero wasn’t a merchant and wasn’t good at bargaining. So he stuck to a number that made sense to him.

Swede laughed and shook his head: “Guest, it’s a pity but its seems we won’t be doing business today. You may go to other stores and consider my offer at the same time.”

The merchant was using the hard sales method with Zero. Swede was already aware that no one would be giving a higher amount to the motorcycle. Moreover there were secret agreements between the shop owners. In addition, Swede was already offering the highest price for the heavy motorcycle that Zero owned.

Swede knew that Zero couldn’t run away and sell the motorcycle in other place so he didn’t care much. He expected Zero to come back to his shop after going to the other shops. At that time Swede would lower the price a bit more.

“It’s a good motorcycle. The engine has been used less than a year. It’s equipped with additional options for weapons. It’s been through a good and careful modification. I say, 1200$ ain’t that much for this motorcycle.”

A bold and harsh voice interrupted Zero and the shop owners chat. Zero turned over to look. He recognized the man in front of him. It was George who Campbell had chatted with.

George turned to look at shop owner: “Swede, don’t think that I’m unaware of the ‘private’ business that you guys have been doing for the past few years. But I gotta remind you that it’s best not to too greedy or else I know how to get rid of you guys. ”

“Of course. I’ll buy at price Executive George says.”

Swede turned towards Zero: “Guest, I’ll buy your motorcycle at the price that you said. What do you say?”

Zero nodded and the staff of the store took away the motorcycle. He and Swede went over the procedures for the legal handover of the motorcycle. Zero found out that George was checking machine guns in the store when he came back.

George winked at Zero: “I helped you with the deal so what do you say about buying me a drink.”

20 minutes later both of them appeared in ‘Blue Goblin’ pub. The pub was decorated in dark blue color. The people using the bar were mainly from the military. All of them saw George and Zero come inside.

Some of them looked ambiguously at George as they saw Zero’s handsome face. However, George made sure that they didn’t misunderstood.

“The pub is owned by the military. The alcohol isn’t that good but the prices are fair. You will meet profiteers like Swede if you went to another pub.”

George asked for two glasses of whiskey.

Zero took a sip and asked: “Why did you help me?”

“I wasn’t pleased with the sight.” George drank the alcohol in one breath and asked for the second glass.

“I have seen this city getting build from the scratch. I feel like its my child.” George didn’t madly drink the second glass of whiskey but took a sip: “However the city has changed a lot after it got through a fast pace of development. Right now, its those greedy merchants who have come over like army of ants. They have come from all directions because they know that they can make a lot of money in here. That’s why the nature of the city is changing! But, what can I do? I’m helplessly watching the naïve child be changed by the greedy businessmen.”

George continued to drink.

Zero was helpless as he looked at the middle-aged officer. Not many could live with their ideals and codex in this turbulent age. Even in the old times it was something that was hard to see let alone in this age where the law of the jungle ruled.

“We either live or live… Isn’t it?”

Zero drank the glass in one shot.

“Usually, I’m not a sentimental person but I saw that you aren’t a bad man. I don’t think you would be willing to work as a guard for that pig Campbell. My eyes are keen enough to see through the guards. “George smiled and gestured for another drink.

Zero smiled but choose to stay silent.

George didn’t continue to ask for more. In the end both of them were just passer-by and most probably wouldn’t remember who was who by tomorrow.

Zero finished the drink and asked for the bartender for another one. It was beyond the usual for him but he didn’t know why he wanted to drink tonight. Perhaps the helplessness of George had brought back the melancholy to his heart.

However, the destiny wouldn’t let Zero drink the second glass. The alarm sounds echoed out. George’s face immediately changed as the tired look swept away.

George used the communicator on his waist: “What has happened?”

The voice of a soldier echoed from the radio: “We are being attacked! Sire, the fernir wolves of the Merlin city are attacking us!”

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