Warlord – Ch 101

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Warlord – Chapter 101

Horrific screams and creepy chewing sounds echoed from the ruins of the Merlin city. The ruins weren’t as desolate as it appeared on the surfaces. Thousands of creatures lived, competed and evolved in the ruins of the city.

Evolution is achieved by killing, eating and mutating. So sometimes when the fresh food is absent the mutated creatures would attack even same species. There was about hundred species of mutant creatures living the ruins of the city.

In the police station located at the Dorg street of the Merlin City a male zombie was biting the neck of another woman zombie. The strength of the female zombie was far less than the male zombie’s. However, she still resisted and even bit the shoulder of the male zombie. However, it couldn’t stop the male zombie from tearing apart flesh from her beck and tearing apart the blood vessels and muscles from her neck.

The female zombie stopped moving soon. However the male zombie didn’t stop there. He tore apart the clothes of the female zombie and bit the chest of the female zombie. His teeth torn apart the surface muscles and began to dug out her heart. He threw it into his mouth and began to chew it.

It stood up when it finished eating the flesh and blood of the female zombie. The eyes of the male zombie flashed with a light as if it gained something.

It was a sign of evolution. Unfortunate for the male zombie, it didn’t have time to follower the course of the new life. A shadow flashed past behind him and its white neck was split open. The vertebrate couldn’t support the zombie’s head and it fell to the ground. The vitality of the zombie wasn’t gone yet so its eyes saw the hunter that had killed it.

It saw a humanoid body but with very dark skin like a shadow. It had very long arms which reached almost its feet. The palms of the hunter were like scissors. The male zombie didn’t know that the one which killed it was a shadow killer.

The shadow killed cut off the zombie’s head but it didn’t eat it. Instead it used its scissor like palms to cut out the intestines of the zombie. Shadow killers could kill wide range of creatures but they were very picky eaters. They only ate the intestines of their preys, no matter what kind of creature they killed.

However, there was another creature that was no as picky as shadow killer. Moreover, the shadow killers were part of their nutrition.

The ground split apart and a slender body soared out from the ground. Shadow killer was aware a bit late as this new creature wrapped around it like a snake. At the same time hundreds of steel like spikes pierced shadow killer’s body. Each spike began to suck the flesh and blood of the prey at a crazy rate.

Shadow killer wanted to resist. It used the giant scissor like palms, which easily cut off the male zombie, to scratch the hard shell of creature. However its shell was very hard as shadow killer couldn’t do anything. Shadow killer struggled hard as it felt the shadow of death upon itself. Both of them were dragged out of the window of the police station into the street.

Both monsters crashed onto a car. The car kept trembling for a while but soon the tremble stopped. Only a giant centipede-like creature swam out into the darkness.

This creature looked like a centipede but hundreds of times bigger and with a very hard shell. On surface it looked like a thin layer of hard shell but its surface was very hard and could defend against hard attack. However, the abdomen of this creature wasn’t strong and didn’t have protection. Its belly was soft and fragile. However there were hundreds of spike claws that came out from both ends of the abdomen. The creature would expose its most vulnerable belly to the opponent while it used its spike claws to firmly wrap and suck the blood and flesh out of it.

This creature didn’t have a mouth but there were micro-holes at the spike claws.

The creature had sucked everything out of shadow killer except its skin and bones. It began to wander in the streets as its incest-like eyes analyzed the stadium of the Merlin city. The stadium was occupied by a group of giant wolves. The creature could smell the flesh and blood of the wolves and it drooled as it wanted to taste it.

However, it didn’t dare to get close to the stadium. In fact, most of the creatures in the city didn’t dare to get close to the stadium. Although the fenrir wolves came over about 2 months ago but their brutal and powerful methods made the inhabitants of the Merlin city understand that the new neighbors shouldn’t be disturbed.

At the same time, the centipede like creature felt cold. It shivered and then went into hiding in a box close by.

Brian recovered its eyes. The giant wolf was sitting at the top of the gym of the stadium. It looked like a king which watched its territory.

Brian had its own pride and dignity as the king of the fenrir wolves. It wouldn’t normally participate in the battles as there was no rival to it in the city.

Brian would fight only against a king of other specie. However, in the last two months that fenrir wolves had migrated to the Merlin City Brian had yet to see a king. It was one of the reasons why the monsters in the Merlin city acted in chaos without an order.

A king for a species represented future and hope for that group.

No king meant no future.

However, today Brian had found two rivals. One of them had a lion’s head and wings of an eagle. Brian had never encountered such creature in its life. Brian didn’t know the appearance or the ability of the other king. However, Brian was more concerned about the other king.

The second creature seemed to be strong but it didn’t have the breath of a king. Brian hadn’t met it but had heard its call.

There would be a biological resonance when the kind of two species or tribes were closer to each other. It was the call or invitation that Brian felt. The moment those two would meet then a war will begin. Only one king could live and the loser would be the source for the evolution of the victor.

It was the rules of the creatures which even humans weren’t aware of.

Brian looked at the source of the call which was the direction of the Phoenix. Brian was aware that there were plenty of human beings and many dangerous weapons there. However it had to go. The summoning of the other king was more important. In addition, a new king was going to be born in Brian’s tribe.

Brian couldn’t let any accident disturb the birth of the new king so it decided to to accept the call even if there was unknown danger in the human colony.

Brian stood and howled. The sound spread away.

The next instant almost hundred giant wolves rushed out of the stadium. They looked up at their king. Hundred pair of eyes were looking at the elegant posture of the Brian on top of the gymnasium. Brian issued a demonstrative roar and rushed up the street. The other wolves followed after it.

They were like white lightnings that shuttled through the streets. The other creatures went deep into their own nests as none of them dared to face the wolf king.

About hundreds of wolves were fighting in the gymnasium. The evolution of the creatures was founded from competition. Only one would be able to survive and that survivor will become the new king!

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