Warlord – ch 100

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Warlord – Chapter 100

A group was traveling in the wilderness.

It was led by a man with red hair who was riding the motorcycle in front. There was a metal bracket on the right side of the rider. A giant hammer was shelved inside the bracket waiting for its next opportunity.

Red Wolf was leading his subordinates back to their camp.

The harvest from the Titan City was quite good. Although they lost about 10 children because of the Behemoth but they were left with 30 children. 20 of those children had potential to have mutation domain ability. That’s why he sold them for 200,000 dollars. The others were sold as pets or slaves to the aristocrats.

Red Wolf earned close to 300,000 after the trip to Titan City. It was more than their income for the past few months. However, they had to start and transfer their base as soon as possible.

Red Wolf knew that garrison of the Titan City will take action as soon as possible. But he didn’t fear them. The safety of the Titan city depended on the garrison so they wouldn’t send all of their troops to wilderness to pursue them.

In addition, it would be very hard for the garrison to go after Wolf Gang after they transferred their base. It would be a great risk for garrison to go after nomad Wolf Gang. It was one of the reasons why organizations and companies that wanted to destroy Wolf Gang had headaches. They didn’t have a stable base.

Red Wolf was planning to move overnight and he had prepared for the transfer in a long time. The materials and everything in the base had been sorted and put in trucks. They were waiting for Red Wolf’s order. Afterwards they would be able to travel for thousands of miles.

Red Wolf didn’t think about their next stronghold. Wolf Gang was like parasites of the wilderness. They would appear in the places where the resources were rich. After looting and robbing they would move on to the next location.

The silhouette of their base appeared in Red Wolf’s eyes.

At the same time a dazzling white light was projected on them. Red Wolf couldn’t help but close his eyes because of the light that was suddenly lit. The curses of men echoed from behind.

The group stopped after a brief chaos. Red Wolf was holding onto the hammer that he had taken from the metal bracket.

He detected a rifle aimed at him. In such a close distance Red Wolf couldn’t avoid the shot. Moreover, even his third-order defense wouldn’t block the bullet to penetrate through his eyebrows.

That was why he let go of the hammer.

The light was adjusted and Red Wolf was able to see the man.

He was riding a strange motorcycle. It had no wheels. The bottom of the motorcycle was made of metal and the motorcycle itself was suspended in air about 30 cms above the ground.

Anti-magnetic suspension!

The term popped up in Red Wolf’s mind. Ordinary people or companies couldn’t afford such a toy. The anti-magnetic suspension enabled the motorcycle to break away from the shackles of the gravity and enhance its speed. Red Wolf knew that such motorcycles could reach the speed of 1,000 km per hour. Only the ability users of tenth-order or more would be able to control such a motorcycle if a specific equipment to control it wasn’t bought.

Red Wolf couldn’t feel the oppression of a tenth-order ability user from the person standing in front of him. In other words, the person couldn’t be much different from himself. Red Wolf silently calculated an estimate in his mind. If the person wasn’t a high-level ability user then it meant that there was a supportive driving equipment. The man should have spent about 200,000 or so to get the equipment and the motorcycle.

Red Wolf’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the man. The identity of the person wasn’t simple if he could afford such an expensive motorcycle.

Sometimes wealth was also power. But wealth could never be a real power.

The gang members didn’t have keen eyes as Red Wolf so they cussed and raised their machine guns towards the man. Red Wolf slowly raised his hand in indication for them to put down their automatic rifles and machine guns.

“Red wolf?” The man in front of the Red Wolf spoke up.

“What do you want to do? You know my name so you should be aware that it’s not a good idea to stop me.” Red Wolf said.

“Of course.” The rider put away his rifle and jumped off from the motorcycle. The motorcycle slowly parked down to ground after the rider jumped off.

“Actually, I’m here to make a deal with ya.”

Red Wolf frowned as he looked at the black man with white hair: “Oh, is that so? Unfortunately, I just made a big deal! Now, me and my brothers need to have good rest for a while.”

Bald Eagle snorted: “Do you call a 300,000 business a big deal? I didn’t know that the appetite of Wolf Gang is so small. You want to rest?! Hah! The executives of the Titan City can’t wait to get their hands on you.”

Red wolf looked at the man. He knew that they would have big trouble if the man leaked their whereabouts to Titan City. So he thought: “should we kill him?” Red Wolf wouldn’t think so much if the opposite side didn’t have anti-magnetic motorcycle. If the black man had a chance and used the motorcycle then Red Wolf wouldn’t be able to catch up to him in a short time.

Bald Eagle laughed: “Are you planning to murder me? I think you won’t be able to do it. However, even if you are successful then someone else will come after you. This time it won’t be Titan City but Parker Conglomerate!”

“Parker?” Red Wolf had heard about the conglomerate. So the power behind the black man was Parker conglomerate. It was no wonder why he was able to drive such a high level motorcycle.

“It seems that you are aware who is my backer.” Bald Eagle continued: “Anyway, I’m here for a simple transaction. You will help me get rid of a particular person and your gang will be hired as private guards of the Parker Conglomerate. That’s it. If I were you, I wouldn’t refuse!”

“I don’t need a lecturer.” Red Wolf calmly said.

Becoming private guards at the Parker conglomerate meant that Wolf Gang won’t have to live on the wilderness. No one was willing to live in the wilderness in this turbulent age if they had an option. Unfortunately, the Wolf Gang was too infamous so no company or organization was willing to take a gang of robbers under their wing.

The members behind Red Wolf were very tempted by the offer.

“Who are we supposed to kill?” Red Wolf asked. It was a sign that he was willing to cooperate.

Bald Eagle gave him a photo: “I think you will love to help us. This guy has made both sides unhappy.”

Anger gushed out of Red Wolf’s heart when he saw the photo of the man with the golden right eye.

“I’ll be very happy to kill him.” Red Wolf grinned.

Bald Eagle nodded “We have a deal! After you kill him I’ll pass a message to headquarters and you will be official member of the Parker conglomerate.”

Afterwards, Bald Eagle sat back on the motorcycle. The motorcycle once again lifted off the ground and rapidly sped away leaving only light blue flame.

Red Wolf would be very happy to kill Zero but he was aware that he has lived as a wolf for too long. He had already forgotten how to be a dog.

However, it seems he didn’t have a choice now. Moreover, if he missed this chance then there might be no offer in the future. Red Wolf laughed.

Red Wolf didn’t know that Bald Eagle was laughing too.

Bald Eagle knew that Parker would never receive this group of robbers. It would lead to dismaying the reputation of the Parker Conglomerate. Although the reputation of each company and conglomerate wasn’t good but they had to maintain the face on the surface. Killing Zero would result in a blank check. Bald Eagle was going to sell Wolf Gang to Titan City after they accomplished the task. In short, he was going to kill two birds with a single stone.

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