Warlord – Ch 10

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Warlord – Chapter 10

George and Tony looked at pistols in Zero’s hand. They never imagined that someone would be able to stop the butcher’s charge with just two pistols! They looked at the pistols in his hands. The weapons were huge.

Their power were far more than the standard machine guns held by George and Tony. The guns that Zero was holding onto were comparable to fierce beasts!

“Quick! I have cleaned up the retreat route. There won’t be any dangers!” Zero shouted.

George was surprised: “What about you?”

Zero was still looking at the butcher: “I have to hold this big guy. Otherwise we won’t be able to get away!”

The butcher stood up from the ground. It looked at its left arm. Butcher’s right hand lifted the weapon and cut off its left arm. It did it without an effort or hesitation. The blood sprayed as the arm was cut off from the shoulder.

Zero’s eyes shrank when he saw the tragic scene.

The monster was maximizing its strength by abandoning the useless body parts! Zero looked at the butcher’s fierce eyes. There was a clear message in them: “I will kill you!”

Simple and violent!

George was able to determine the situation. He grabbed Tony and turned away to run. The battlefield belonged to Zero. They would drag him if they stayed behind.

Zero was motionless.

The butcher roared.

It’s feet stepped on the alcohol bottles on the ground. Zero had one more left by his side which he used to throw towards the butcher.

Butcher didn’t care about these little things. It didn’t avoid them but instead directly went over them.

At the moment of the contact between butcher and last bottle the sound of gunfire echoed and the whole storage room was illuminated by the flames.

Tony and George were around the corner when they heard deep explosion. George looked back and saw flames roll out and shrink back. He didn’t know how many zombies were blown to pieces by the explosion but he could still hear the faint roar of butcher…

Both of them rapidly went through the route that they had arranged earlier for retreat. They saw corpses of zombies along the way. Their throats weren’t cut but there was a sharp hole on their heads. IT was a simply and effective method to kill the zombies. There seemed no traces of resistance by the zombies. Both George and Tony were shocked. They understood why old Jack wanted the rookie to participate in such a dangerous task.

Zero ran at a constant speed of 10 meters per second towards the opposite direction at the same time as the flask exploded. He expected that the shock and flames of the explosion wouldn’t be enough to hurt the butcher. The tall monster rushed out as its body was wrapped in flames. It hit the wall and the wall cracked and collapsed. The butcher pressed its elbow against the wall to support its body. It roared once more as it chased after Zero.

The outline of the basement constantly changed in Zero’s mind. His mind was operating like a super computer. He quickly and accurately developed and found a route to lead the butcher towards an appropriate battlefield.

Zero’s speed didn’t diminish even in corners. He would rush past as his legs would hit the wall. At the same when he reached the corners his right hand would touch the ground while his feet would hit the wall. IT seemed like he was flying with out a slight pause.

The places where his feet touched would crack.

Butcher didn’t have this method to turn around so its body would directly hit the wall to break. It would continue to chase Zero afterwards.

It didn’t take long for the passages (corridors) to come to an end. There was wc at the end of the passage. Zero opened the door and directly sank into the ventilation fence. Zero had long disappeared into the ventilation fence when butcher joined the toilet. It smelled the air from the vent and remembered Zero’s taste. It turned around and left the toilet. Butcher crashed into the emergency exit door that was opposite to wc.

It moved up along the stairs. However the moment it reached the ground of the first floor a gunshot flashed from the darkness.

The butcher’s eyes could detect the bullet flying towards itself. The bullet rotated in high-speed as it was covered in a layer of light. The same instant the bullet was in front of butcher’s head.

The butcher was sprinting so it couldn’t stop or change direction. It was welcoming the bullet.


A bright spark flicked in the darkness. The half of the iron helmet covering butcher’s head was bombarded. The bullet rubbed the right side of the butcher’s face and smashed its eye, flesh and half of its skull.

The butcher’s tall body soared up and fell to the ground. It’s left foot twisted and deformed as the giant body hit the ground causing the dust to rise.

The place was silent. A moment later slight pants echoed from the dark space.

Zero was in a squatted position by the corner of the wall.

Zero had injured his wrist because of the huge moment of the M500. He had aimed at the space between the eyebrows of the butcher but the shot deviated and the half of its face was affected. It seemed that there wasn’t much of a difference as he saw the result.

Zero used the ventilation system to quickly climb to the first floor. The butcher’s body was huge so it couldn’t drill up through the ventilation system. There was only one possibility and that was for the butcher to use the emergency exit to climb the stairs to catch up with him. Zero was hidden in the dark waiting for his prey.

Zero was relieved as he saw the butcher’s motionless body lay on the ground. His wrist was in pain. He couldn’t continuously use M500 with his current strength. He thought that if he went for another shoot his wrist wouldn’t be able to handle the shock of rebound.

However the risk paid in terms of return. He was able to kill the monster and the other should be able to escape the hospital by now. His task was finally completed. Zero put away the pistol and walked to stop in front of butcher’s corpse. He had go to the right towards the direction of the hall. Zero moved towards the right but suddenly he felt the hair in his body get erect. There was a danger!

He subconsciously rolled to the side.

Wind swept by his head. He didn’t know what was attacking him.

Zero reacted rapidly as the moment his body touched the ground he bounced up. He didn’t know where the danger originated so he acted on instinct and rolled towards the right to escape. The next second he saw blood stained triangular edge pass by him and drill into the wall.

It was the butcher!

Zero saw the giant climb up through the lenses of the infrared equipment. It had lost half of its head but wasn’t dead. Actually it was more crazy. There was trace of hatred and craziness in the eye of the butcher.

Giant roared as it rushed towards Zero.

The corridor was three meters wide and the butcher’s body almost filled the section. Because of the monster’s large build there was less space for Zero to avoid its attack. Zero couldn’t do anything but retreat to the hall.

The butcher chased after him. It tripped on the way. Zero pulled out the gun the moment giant fell to the ground. Although the butcher fell to the ground but it used his hand as a javel which was reached out towards Zero.

Even an ability user with third order defense couldn’t afford to be thrown by the butcher. Zero’s face slightly changed as he gave up on the opportunity to shoot the butcher but slide to the side.

His ribs hit the metal counter. The metal plate couldn’t withstand the crash so it bent.

The butcher stood up at the same time. It grabbed the vending machine and threw it towards Zero.

Zero avoided it by rolling towards the butcher.

The vending machine hit the ground and deformed.

Zero was by butcher’s side. The butcher knelt down but he stepped backwards. At the same time the golden eye restructured and Zero’s vision expanded. He saw butcher’s image drawn closer. There was a slight deformation at its chin.

He pulled out the revolver.


Spark flashed as the revolver fired. Butcher’s entire chin including the rest of its head blew up.

Its brain and blood sprayed into the ceiling.

Butcher’s body shook and fell on Zero.

However this time it couldn’t stand up anymore as its head was no longer there.

Zero took deep breaths. The giant body of the butcher covered up his vision. However he wasn’t aware of the change that happened after he killed the butcher.

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