Warlord – Ch 1

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Warlord – Chapter 1

“I can kill a god if there is enough distance!” – Warlord Zero

Dreams were shrouded in a dark colour as if they were faded old pictures.

“Ha ha ha … … chasing me …”

“… fool … you will come back …”

“What? You want me to marry you? … I didn’t say I’ll marry you …”

“… unless you … bring me 999 roses … then I may marry you … ha ha ha …”

A gentle and cheerful laughter echoed inside the dream.

A tender and delicate figure swayed around as if the wind blew a Lily.

He couldn’t see her face, but he could clearly see a pair of eyes. They were as gentle as water… Who is she?

“Li …” He tried to name her in the dream, but the latter didn’t respond.

The dream gradually disappeared as if it was a bubble that popped. He was about to fall into another long deep sleep.

But this time an accident happened.

He hazily heard another voice.

“… hell … I thought I would find a baby, but it’s a stinking man!”

“Haha, Hans it’s a boy. I have heard that you have done it with a 13-year-old Lampart…”

An unpleasant laughter burst up.

“Shut up! However, this boy looks so lovely. I haven’t had something as tasty as this one in a long time.”

The laughter was resounding when he felt something touch his body.

In the depth of his consciousness, a signal was sent. Dozens of pieces of data were transmitted through his body that had stood motionless for decades. The deep sleep had rusted his body, but at the moment he was about 5% slower than his body in its heydey. His body moved sideways for 30 centimetres, and he sat up. Out of habit, he pulled out the metal weapon.

The heavy object poked up as he lifted his arm. His hand stopped to move when the weapon touched the chin of his target. He slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes focused on the wretched face in front of him after a brief moment of discomfort. The other side should be a Caucasian man judging from his brown hair and pale skin. There were fear and complexity intertwined in the eyes of the man who had a black shine muzzle aiming at his chin.

“God, he woke up.”

“Hey, kiddo! Let go of Hans…Otherwise, we will hurt you!”

The voices echoed from behind the Caucasian. He saw the ‘hostage’ in front of him. There were more than a dozen men dressed up as miners behind the ‘hostage’. Some of them were black, and the others were white. There were even two yellow people(Asian). If shovels and copper hammers could be called weapons, then they were armed to the tooth. They aimed these tools at him to show their resolve.

He was silent. He couldn’t sort out things from his memory. He didn’t know where he was now. He didn’t know who he was. He didn’t even remember what his name was. It seemed that he was wearing a uniform.

Am I a soldier? Maybe!

He couldn’t find the answer to the question. However, he knew that the solid thing in his hand was a sub-machine gun. The black barrel didn’t even move for a millimeter as he thought about many things.

Everyone was aware that the sub-machine gun in the boy’s hand could instantly blast Han’s head like a hammer smashing a watermelon.

Hans’s body was rapidly sweating as the barrel of the machine gun was placed on his chin. Hans didn’t even dare to change his posture for a more comfortable position. It may lead the other side to a misunderstanding. The next second hundreds of bullets would hit his head and blow it up.

Hans’s legs began to tremble after the confrontation last for a minute. An old man came out of the crowd when he saw the situation was going to get out of control.

The old man was totally different to the miners. It seemed as if they belonged to two different castes(classes).

The old man was wearing a worn leather jacket and a tattered blue shirt under it. The lower body of the old man was covered with oily jeans, and he had a pair of black boots. He was totally different than the miners who were covered in mud.

The old man came to stand near Hans’s body. He said in a deep tone: “Survivor, let him go! It seems you are a warrior as you can use a gun. They call me old Jack. I need people like you…soldiers…You shouldn’t care about the life of a dog like Hans, do you?”

He replied with a soft but slightly hoarse voice: “Why should I believe you?”

“I’m the God in this base. No one would dare to go against my word. You can rest assured that these hybrids won’t trouble you later on. Also, you have a gun.” Old Jack puffed out the smoke of the cigarette and laid down the pipe to continue to talk: “Otherwise you can shoot to kill everyone including the old me.”

“But if you kill us all then there will be no one to explain to a survivor like you what the world had come to be.” Old Jack added.

The barrel of the gun left Hans’s chin. The legs of the Hans softened as he dropped down to the ground. Few miners quickly came up and pulled him up.

He stood up as he put the sub-machine gun to the side of his thigh. However, the muzzle was still was looking towards the crowd. He was ready to shoot them at any time.

Old Jack turned a blind eye to the machine gun. He took out the pipe and asked: “Welcome to the new world! The life has to continue no matter what. Survivor! Do you mind to tell me your name?”


To be honest, he couldn’t remember. But he noticed the word passing through his mind.

He raised his head and looked at Old Jack. He said the name that will be known to countless people: “My name is…ZERO…”

“Zero …” Old Jack whispered the name. However, he noticed that the boy named Zero had different colours for his eyes.

The left eye was pure dark like the other ordinary yellow people.

However, the boy’s right eye was dazzling gold like the eye of a dragon. The edges of the eye had silver lines.

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  1. “There were white people, black people and even yellow people(asians). You probably never heard of yellow people so I put this “asians” for you there. No problem btw, no need to thank me. Everyone heard about blacks and whites but mythical yellow(asians) are really rare…” O.o

  2. He calls himself “Zero”, don’t remember his past and has heterocromatic eyes?

    That’s some chuunibyou shit right here!

    I had to look again to see if it was indeed a chinese novel and not a japanese one. The cover on novel updates kinda looks like sword art online, and I won’t judge just because of the cover and the first few chapters, but I hope this won’t be as cringe-worthy as other chuuni japanese novels. Well, the name of this novel is “Warlord” which is quite presumptuous, but maybe the novel won’t be just about a “badass” MC that is in the center of the universe…. maybe…

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