Venture with Anime System – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Remembering those definitely not worth to remember experiences.




Hearing a familiar voice, Luan Jose subconsciously turned his head to the one whose repeatedly calling his name and as confirming his guess, his mouth slowly turned into a big ‘O’ as he hastily said, “Aunt Mei, what are you shouting for? Calm down first, just now you look like a person who had been innocently scammed by a promoter of some whitening soap. I’m telling you right now Aunt, were a family whose never been afraid of anything and always remained calm and collected as possible. Say, what just happened that made you that nervous?”

“You? Calm and collected? Maybe while sleeping indeed, idiot! Nevermind, just come with me, we need to go to someone quickly!” Aunt Mei said as she held Luan Jose hand, pulling him anxiously.

Luan Mei was still in her prime, as she just turned twenty-five this year. A bit taller than Luan Jose with her hair which was casually tied up by a thin rope, added by her fine nose and gentle curves which had its own selling point. Even though she looks paled and tired its still can’t hide her beauty that even when compared to some most beautiful women, she still wouldn’t seem inferior in any way.

Hearing those words, Luan Jose calm expression suddenly stiffened. Remembering those definitely not worth to remember experiences.

“Woah Woah Woah, Hold It Aunt Mei, I said it many times! I’m done! I’m not doing those anymore! I’m not your scapegoat who will always clean your mess. Tell me whose the unlucky one you beat this time?”

Every time the words ‘we will meet someone ‘ escape from his Aunt’s mouth it will surely bring him into trouble.

He clearly remembered the day he heard those words for the first time, he thought he would be given a gift by his aunt or if not perhaps a surprise yet he had been brought to a dark alley which was full of lying hooligans. Terror crawl into his whole body on what he witnessed, wondering on whose the person who could beat all of this hooligans into this state. They were clearly beaten like a pig as fresh blood was still flowing from their mouth and nose. Some were treated as trash, piled up inside a waste container, on another side were a bunch of hooligans intertwined into each other. Broken bones, bruises and black eyes, just one look and one could know how devastating what happen to them. What more shocking was all of them were covering their crotch as if they were celebrating a’ Grand Balls Party’ as tears trickled down from their face.

“Uhm, Aunt Mei what on earth happened to these guys? Who did these cruel things?” Luan Jose whole body trembled as he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with his hands, silently thinking to himself what disaster might befall to him.

“Ah! Jose, you know, these guys try to harass me while I’m on my way to the market. So I just teach them a little lesson, maybe broke a one or two of their bones.” Luan Mei confidently said as if saying that these things were absolutely normal for her.

“A little lesson?”

“Yeah, a little lesson.”

“Just bones?”

Luan Mei paused for a moment as she tilts her head before answering. “Certainly just bones.” She still nodded twice while constantly blinking her eyes, seemingly confident in her answer.

Luan Jose gulped as he looks at those innocent blinking eyes. those were definitely not eyes of a normal human! Silently stepping backward, a thought of running to escape drift into his mind, but after thinking that he doesn’t want his aunt to be unhappy he instantly brushed it away into his mind. Actually, he was just scared of what will happen when the time he came back home if ever he escaped.

“Eh, why are you shaking that much? Do you feel not well? Are you okay?” Luan Mei walks towards Luan Jose, confused on why his nephew acting this way.

Seeing her walking to him, Luan Jose shriek as his hands instantly covered his lower part.

“No No No, Please no Aunt Mei! Mercy to the eggs, Mercy to the eggs!”

Luan Mei stood dazedly looking at Luan Jose who was holding his lower part. Her face instantly turned red in embarrassment and anger, throwing all vicious words she can think of. She wants to beat Luan Jose so much but as if she had remembered a certain memory, she forcibly stopped herself from doing something she might regret later.

“Wh-wha-what are you saying?! Grrr! You truly don’t want to value your life ha? Nevermind, Tie all of them for me if not, he he he.” Luan Mei smirked as she placed her hands together, releasing a crackling sound while twisting her head.

Luan Jose was truly confused seeing his Aunt expression, trying to understand whats on her Aunt mind. Of course not those ‘ready to beat someone expression’ although it’s really frightening. What really confused him is every time he did unpleasant things he was always being forgiven no matter how heavy it was. Not just his Aunt, all of the people close to him are acting like that as if their afraid of hurting him? He’s not even sick or what.

“Surely nothing bad will happen, right? I was even beaten black and blue by Yan Fu and his so-called underlings. Perhaps they’re just overreacting or… maybe they just love me so much? Right! That’s it! Maybe they just love me so much that even the God of Love will be jealous of the love I’ve been receiving!” Luan Jose told to himself.

“Don’t worry Aunt, consider it done. Is there anything you still want me to do? Anything, so long you order it!” Luan eyes were brimming seemingly pleased to himself.

The words came from Luan Jose mouth could be only described as trustful and pleasant to one’s ears added by those pair of brimming eyes. All in all, it was overly perfect, the only problem is…

“LUAN JOSE!!!! Do you still see me as your Aunt!”

“Wh-why Aunt Mei? Did I say something wrong?” Luan Jose was confused facing his aunt. Her body was constantly shaking and veins bulged out on her face.

“Wrong? Nah there’s nothing wrong, it’s really kind of you to say those words to me while COVERING YOUR CROTCH! You idiot!” Luan Mei angrily said.

“Just tie them up and return home once you are finished. I still need to buy some things in the market.”

Luan Mei turned around, stomping her feet as she walks away. But on the way, luan mei steps become a bit sluggish as she faced the sky weakly muttering words that only she can hear.

“If only… if only you’re a normal person.”

Gazing at the silhouette slowly disappearing in his sight, Luan Jose quickly removed his hands on his lower part acting completely natural as if nothing happened a while ago. Walking towards those hooligans lying around, Luan Jose decided to vent his frustrations to those guys on the ground instead.

.Luan Jose started kicking all of them while tying them group by group.

“Pl-please stop bro-brother! We already learned our lesson so please calm down, and let the word ‘peace’ rule your heart.”

Luan Jose stopped his actions, seeing one of the hooligans woke up as it saw him beating some of its companions while tying them up in the corner.

“Alright, I’ll help you understand what the real peace means.”

“Thank you, thank you brother, no, no, I mean thank you, Boss.” The man that just woke up thank Luan Jose nonstop, but on his mind, he already planned to beat the guy in front of him once their leader arrives.

“Brother can you help me stand up, ah, it still hurt down the-” But before he completes his words, a terrible pain suddenly assaulted the once already beaten balls of him.


“Ahhhhh, My balls! My balls!” The man that just woke up painted again after he’d been kicked by Luan Jose when he tries to stand up.

“Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.” Luan Jose said as he continues what he left earlier. (AN: It’s from Nagato( Pain) )

“Are you one of the people who did all of these?”

Luan Jose turned around, catching a sight of a youth at the end of the alley. As he ready to deny the man accusations but as if he had been enlightened by something he immediately swallowed his words, puffing up his chest proudly saying,

“Nope, I’m not the one, I’m the only one!” Luan Jose smirk as he slapped a person near to him, waiting for the person frightened expression.

But things never goes on what he expected.

“Yeah boss, he’s the one! The one who beat our brothers!”

“Wh-what? Ehem I Will not pursue this matter any further, let bygones be bygones forever. I’m out, goodbye. Hehe, you don’t need to escort me anymore it’s alright guys, I can walk by myself, sending me away will only tired you guys.” Luan Jose quickly said after sensing an imminent doom.

“You’re truly daring to touch these King Xiong men ha?”

A strongly built man appears at the end of the dark alley, not sparing any second as it loudly shouted on his back.

The moment Luan Jose saw that ugly looking muscular man, he already know that he had kicked a steel board.

“Get him!” Yelled by the strongly built man which appear to be the hooligans leader.

“No No No, brothers! I’m not the one, I’ve been forced! Please ahhh.”

“Boss, I think all of our brothers had turned into a eunuch!”

“Grr, break his manhood! No! Skin it while it’s hard.” Green veins appeared on Xiong’s forehead after it heard how much his men suffered,

“Please, no brothers! Their eggs had already been crushed when I arrived here. Ah ah ah, mercy to the eggs, mercy to the eggs!”

It’s like a tom and jerry scene where Luan Jose is ‘Jerry’ and there’s a lot of ‘Tom’ chasing behind him. Fortunately, his speed is above them, so he safely escapes with only torn clothes. Naturally, he said it to his Aunt which the latter took justice for him, an entirely different justice.

Yet that is not the last time. Misfortune was always knocking his door whenever his aunt will bring him to someone. Even just running some errands cause him to be a real eunuch. What worst is all of the people his aunt wanted him to meet were those bad people or what they called gangs. With that, he’d been given a name known to all of the gangs in the city. The ‘Ball crusher sidekick’.

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