Venture with Anime System – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Enhancer


Silence …

The entire environment was devoid of sound.

After an unknown period of time, the crowd of people back to their senses.

Luan Jose couldn’t help but to feel a sense of fear creep up within his heart as he himself wondered, how many of his bones would be shattered if he was in the place of LuHou. Furthermore, he was not like others who had already strengthen themselves by drawing the world qi of heaven and earth.

He really felt sorry for LuHou, not just him, all the people who catch a sight of that scene a while ago feel sorry for LuHou.

Sigh, poor LuHou.

Despite strengthening himself for three months, LuHou can’t still handle DaZhu weight. His action of running a while ago resulted in his back directly accepting DaZhu gigantic body. As his back bent down, LuHou eventually falls down which was naturally followed by the Human Meatball above him. If this was a love story, this would undoubtedly garner a number of approvals. Whereas, one was running towards the person he loves while the latter opened his arms to catch the former.

Unfortunately, for LuHou, this was clearly not a love story but rather a Horror story! And this meatball was the ghost that could scare anyone to death!

LuHou body directly hits the ground subsequently with his right face smashing to the face of the earth. A massive sound could be heard as dust and rubbles flew in all direction. LuHou and DaZhu body make the ground slightly trembled and line of cracks quickly spread below them. If not for him drawing the heaven and earth for an hour every day, LuHou feared that he might immediately see the gate of heaven at a very young age!

“Ahhh! Quickly get out of my back, you dumb meatball!” Blood was flowing into LuHou nose as he roared at the meatball on his back. This just showed how painful he felt right now. Although he already became an enhancer long ago, however, being toppled by this Huge fatty was certainly out of his tolerance.

DaZhu quickly got up as he realized that he might really overboard this time. “I-I’m so sorry brother.”

LuHou stared hatefully towards DaZhu. He opened his mouth as he planned to embarrassed the meatball in front of him, yet he felt that thing again. Yes, that misfortune aura creeping into his heart. He turned his left then shifted it to the right, he look in the front and saw the misfortune watery eyes. This was clearly the face of a person who would not do anything good! He utilized all of his strength to flee for the end of the world, yet the arms of the misfortune had already caught him…

Watching the scene unfolding into his eyes, Luan Jose was extremely astonished. He looked to Gu Lao then to the people around him, all of them showed an expression that what happened was within their expectations. That huge fatty could jump almost two meters in height while that scrawny person could still talk after being knocked down by the former. Was this really the power you could get after the core within the human body exploded? Is this the true capability of an enhancer? This were things that Luan Jose could see but unable to sought.

People who already embarked the road of cultivation were called Enhancers. They were people that strengthen themselves through following the instructions inside the bamboo shard. After sensing the world qi of heaven and earth, ones need to draw it over his body. This world qi could enter through pores or by inhaling using one’s mouth. Later on, a core would slowly form into your dantian and after nurturing it by the world qi of heaven and earth it would be followed by cracks and dents that will eventually lead to destruction. The destruction of the core within a person body was just the beginning of a new stage. This destruction meant that a breakthrough had occurred and would naturally followed by a great boost of strength.

They said that the first destruction was easy as flipping one hand. An ordinary person merely needed to constantly inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for an entire 12 hours. However, this can’t be done by just half a day. Ones can’t continuously inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for an entire day.

Some people could inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for an hour or below, while some could endure up to a whole three hours. There were also geniuses who could inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for a whole five hours! Those people have talent that surpassed others, coupled with their strong will to endure the coming world qi.

Inhaling the world qi of heaven and earth was indeed easy but can’t be forced. If one forcefully inhaled more world qi, out of what your body could tolerate, a destruction might indeed happen, but not the destruction of the core residing in your body, but the person itself. But this was only the case in the beginning. As ones continue to inhale the world qi of heaven and earth and continually managed to breakthrough, extending the time you could cultivate was absolutely possible.

Enhancers were of course divided into various levels. A person who experienced the first destruction was called Disciple enhancers, followed by Soldier, Knight, General, King, Emperor, God and Immortal enhancers. Naturally, there was no person who managed to reach the Immortal Enhancer level up until now. One couldn’t even see even a General Enhancer, while Knight enhancers were quite few in the present time.

This was only a ranking system given by the earthlings and not the actual cultivation ranking terms in other realms. Every level was further divided into Low, Middle, High and Peak stages which each stage held different strength.

These are pieces of information Luan Jose known through the internet. Details like this were like ants on every page, that could easily see on all social media platforms. This could be also learned in a military subject in some universities, but since Luan Jose was a hopeless man who can’t achieve a core destruction, hence, he just passed and didn’t attend school anymore.

As Luan Jose gaze towards the quarreling DaZhu and LuHou, Luan Jose sigh with emotion and can’t help but to feel jealous. Will there be a day that he could also become one of them?

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  1. Straight to Emperor after General level? No King Rank? An extra realm would make Immortal level seems far greater and majestic than now 🙂

  2. Hello, this is the author of Venture with Anime System at the same time the translator of Immortal Ape King. Unfortunately I’m still lying here at the hospital room, well the good news is I would be discharged within this january :).

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