Venture with Anime System – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – A Misfortune in the form of a Meatball


It was a great day, a definitely great day! Especially for those people who love to eat poultry food, there’s no one who could ignore such delicious delicacies. A day where the dazzling sun was enshrouded by a group of gigantic beasts. Giant chickens who were circling above the clouds, emitting unique sounds that could pierce one soul. Couple with the two people who were competing with their cries. A truly magnificent day!

As the two of them continued their fierce battle on who had the loudest crying voice, it naturally attracted a large number of attentions. The rooted citizens instantly turned their heads as they look puzzled at Luan Jose and Gu Lao.

Were these two become extremely frightened to the point that they could cry louder than a newborn baby? Or crying louder could help them lessened their fear?

Whatever the reason, Gu Lao and Luan Jose successfully provoked their attention, which also discovered by Luan Jose.

“Eh? Urgh! I’ve remembered now! All of you were clearly looking at the sky just a while ago! Were all of you frustrated and sick as well?” Luan Jose was unable to find another suitable answer on why they were looking at the sky, hence he thought that they were also afflicted by the same virus.

It was naturally replied by the people murderous gaze. What would you feel if a person suddenly asked you, if you’re frustrated or sick?

Luan Jose didn’t mind their gaze like knives, he really thought that a virus had been spread that led the people to be like him. He felt scared, anxious and worried about the event that he would die, but, with these many people by his side, death would be more exciting. He could just talk to them about life, discussed about people problems or misfortunes, and maybe he could find another Otaku like him. As these plans pop out into Luan Jose mind, he finally thought that maybe dying was not a bad thing.

Luan Jose came back to his senses after sensing their loveable gazes, he cleared his throat and spoke loudly, “Brothers and Sisters, I, Luan Jose was the person that managed to find out about the virus. This virus could make one person frustrated then befallen from being sick. The things in the sky were just a part of these virus symptoms, such as illusion and unwanted dreams.”

Luan Jose paused for a moment then look at Gu Lao, and after seeing the I.D Gu Lao wore, he continued to say ” Furthermore, this we’re not baseless accusations. This was proven by our brother here, Gu Lao. One more! He also said that this virus was deadly and can’t be cured by any medicines in this world! As his kind brother, I console him about the matter of dying. Dying was just a matter of time for anyone, and these were things we can’t change. I really feared that base on Brother Gu Lao expression a while ago, the virus had already spread in his body. Sigh, what a good brother, just dying early.”

Luan Jose felt sadness into his mind. He just found a good brother, yet the world was indeed cruel to take it away from him.

The crowd couldn’t make head or tails of what was happening right now. After hearing that youth, they all felt that this might indeed the case. After all, there’s no way a chicken could fly. They looked at the lamenting Luan Jose then finally the crying Gu Lao. Maybe it was true, were they really sick or frustrated?

After hearing Luan Jose speech, Gu Lao cried even more. What’s more, the crowd around him seems really believed at Luan Jose. He wanted to explain but also feared that this strange youth would make another bullshit lies, hence tears continue to flow in his eyes. Hoping that the God could help him this time.

“Bro-brother Luan Jose, I think what you said was true. These past few days, I’ve always felt stress and hungry all the time. I’m clearly not this before, in the past I could just eat 10 plates of rice a day, but just this week it suddenly increased by 20 plates of rice! I think I’m also frustrated, just that I don’t know if it already spread on my body. What do you think brother Luan Jose?” No matter how poor one eyesight was, it won’t surely miss this big fatty. This fatty truly resembles a giant meatball, with its round face and big ball-like belly.

Luan Jose turned around and see the fatty who’s trembling nonstop. This was the same fatty he saw on the day that the invader from another world made messed in the Earth. As he sensed a feeling of having another comrade, he straightened his back and clasped his hands on his back. Like a sage in the sky who was looking at the mortal world below.

“What’s your name brother?”

Luan Jose asked.

“Da Zhu, bro-brother, but ot-other call me Big pig.”

Luan Jose understands why others called him Big Pig. Although he was not a pure Chinese, he still understands what the person saying because of his father, who taught him Mandarin since he was small. Da means Big and Zhu means Pig, he really can’t help but to feel puzzled about their weird names.

“Trembling nonstop, drop of sweats on your face, an increase of daily food, hmmm, it seems the virus had already spread in your belly, Brother DaZhu.”

“My Belly?” DaZhu was startled and took a deep breath after hearing Luan Jose explanation.

“Indeed, and it seems you’ve only had a month or two before you truly die. Sigh, go home brother, prepare for everything and live your life to its fullest.” Luan Jose shook his head, was really dying this easy? He can’t help but to think if this virus also spread into other places.

DaZhu was exceedingly terrified as he kneeled on the ground, death was already knocking on his house before he could even get a girlfriend? He was still a virgin without any experience about making love! Was the heaven really intended to punish him? Yes, he was a high ranking immortal in terms of reading Ero manga, he could boast around the world about his collections under his bed and brag about his files on his computer. But punishing him like this… It seems a bit hard right?

“An idiot who was spouting nonsense and a pig who believe in an idiot.”

Luan Jose turned his head on the source of the voice, not just him even DaZhu, Gu Lao and the crowd. The person who just spoke was dress in a neat coat, with its arrogant expression.

The person on a coat continue and said indifferently, ” Different realms, various worlds, superpowers and more, these were things that seem impossible but happening right now. So how does flying giant chickens can’t be true? Once more if there was really a virus, scientists of the earth would already know it beforehand.”

The crowd nodded in unison about what the person in coat said. But they were still terrified, evolutions came early out of their calculations. If they weren’t gonna die because of the virus, then they would either die on this gigantic beasts!

The coat in person thought that maybe the youth would be angry about him or continue to defend his words. He felt good inside, he really felt good on others misery. He didn’t know why, but he loves to embarrassed other people. Their hateful gazes were like sweet chocolates in his tongue.

Luan Jose was, of course, felt puzzled, there’s no virus? Then… his not gonna die?

“Hahaha, I knew it! How comes a kind person like me die in such manner! Thank you brother! You’re so kind that you’re only second to me on being kind.” Luan Jose was jumping up and down, as he ran towards the person in coat, shaking vigorously the latter hand.

LuHou jumped backwards as he tried to digest what was happening right now. That youth thanked him! What about being angry!? What about the hateful gaze!? He turned around and look at Gu Lao, which was also walking towards on him with a glad expression.

“Th-this? Are you also gonna thanked me?” Luhou asked towards Gu Lao.

“How did you know? You’re really kind brother as if you’re the angel that given to me by the heaven.” Gu Lao felt really happy, the heaven answered his praying and sent out this good person.

Luhou was shaking unceasingly, he turned his head to look at his left, yet he can’t see a single fatty there. Suddenly he sensed an extreme danger as if a great misfortune would befall at him any moment. The ground was quivering as the air current was being stirred by an unknown being. This time he was certainly sure, the aura of misfortune was going to flatten him. Luhou complexion paled, as cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He turned his head on his back and saw a giant meatball running towards him. He wanted to run, but too late, the misfortune had already jumped over him.

Gazing at the giant meatball above him, Luhou felt insignificant as though he was an ant. With the misfortune above him, Luhou just closed his eyes. Memories quickly crossed over his mind, such as the time he was still sucking up his thumb, from inspecting the growth of his hair below, embarrassing other people, looking at their sweet hateful gaze, and leisurely hearing to their curses akin to a beautiful melody in his ears. These were memories he acquired up until now, whether it was good or bad memories.


With this event, the moment Luhou come back to his house. He would surely throw away all the meatballs on his refrigerator.

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