Venture with Anime System – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Tears of joy


“What the heck!?” Where’s the sun?, Where’s my beloved Sun? Did someone snatch the sun? Or the sun take a break within this day?”

Luan Jose look upon the sky which was enshrouded by the darkness as though the sun has been covered by an unknown thing. After a series of his anxious movements, Luan Jose finally managed to calm down, what was more strange was the broad smile all over his face. If others could see his face right now, they would surely think that the person they were looking at was undoubtedly crazy.

Luan Jose look calm and composed, as he stretched his back and lift up his chin. Like a deity who’s out of touch with this world mundane materials.

He looked up into the sky again, and after seeing the things that almost covered the sun, Luan Jose just simply smiled. He rubbed his eyes with both of his arms, and looked above again, he rubbed his eyes one more time, and then looked at the sky one more time. Luan Jose repeated his actions for the third time, and after still seeing those damn things in the sky, he just laughed out loud like a prodigal maniac.

“Hahaha…, Damnable eyes. It seems my eyes were really fooling me this time. Well, it was indeed my fault for thinking a lot of unnecessary things these past few weeks, causing me to lessen my time on sleeping and giving me a lot of stress. After all, there’s no way a horde of giant chickens could have the ability to soar into the sky! Whats more, these giant chickens had almost the size of a big mountain! Truly laughable! Sigh, look at me, thinking these bullshit things.”

Luan Jose gazed at the flying giant chickens in the sky. He shook his head and carefully inspect his surroundings. Looking at the dumbstruck citizens who were also watching the sky. Luan Jose can’t help but to quietly murmured to himself, are these people had also frustrated themselves?

Luan Jose walk to the nearest person on his right side. This person seems at his twenties while wearing a pair of glasses. Like what they’ve always said, most intelligent people were people who wore glasses.

“Brother, why do you keep looking at the sky? ”

The person wearing a glasses was still trembling for what he was seeing, and when Luan Jose unexpectedly questioned him, he abruptly jumps in fright as he turned around and looked gravely at the person who just pops out from nowhere. Thinking to himself, is this person blind or had a very poor eyesight? Anyway, he still answered the strange person question.

“It’s a group of giant chickens. Can’t you see it?” The person wearing a glasses irritatedly answered Luan Jose question as if he was saying, do you even have eyes?

He thought that this strange person would be terrified for a few seconds but contrary to his expectations, this person not only thanked him but even look at him as though he was looking on an idiot.

Luan Jose was indeed looking at the person before him as though he was looking at an idiot. He thought that this person was different from him and have a good mindset, yet who would think this person was also like him – being frustrated. He once again looked at the sky and then shifted his attention to the person in front of him. Pondering for a moment, his expression from being calmed instantly changed as if he had seen the most scariest person in his life – the person he had borrowed money in the past.

Gu Lao thought that this strange person finally realized the terror he felt before. Hence he arrogantly said,

“What now? Are you scare-.”

Yet before he could finish what he wanted to say, the strange person in front of him touched his forehead and worriedly said,

“Brother, were you also frustrated?”

Frustrated your ass! He thought that this strange person had finally been enlightened about what happening right now. Yet, this strange person suddenly asked him if he was frustrated?!

“Me? frustrated? Do you really have eyes?!” Gu Lao angrily said. How come he suddenly became frustrated?

“Then… are you sick?”

Luan Jose thought another possibility and quickly asked again.

Gu Lao nearly puked out a mouthful of blood, if not for him learning the proper etiquette, he would surely beat this youth to death.

But after thinking that this person might question another bunch of useless things, he hurriedly restricted his actions.

Luan Jose saw green veins forming on Gu Lao forehead, hence he was sure that the person before him was indeed frustrated or sick. He was truly scared out of his wits, was there really a virus that caused people to be frustrated?

“What the heck were you saying! If I was frustrated or sick, then what about you?!” Gu Lao finally exploded, this youth could really anger anyone.


Gu Lao smirked at Luan Jose, thinking that the strange person had already understood everything. Unfortunately… Luan Jose next sentence nearly caused him to stumble on the ground.

“I… I think I’m either frustrated or sick.”

Gu Lao trembled continuously, his eyes turned red that seems a wolf preparing to pounced on the person in front of him. After a brief silence, Gu Lao calmed down, it’s definitely not good to argue with a youth.

“I’m not frustrated nor sick. What now? Are you also asking me if I’m going to die?” Gu Lao thought that continuing to argue with this youth would really lead him to frustration, hence he answered in a casual manner as he looked nonchalantly at Luan Jose.

Sadly, he really made a big mistake, and that was talking to Luan Jose.

“Was the virus that deadly?”

“Brother! Although we’ve only exchanged a few words, yet this little time we spent on seems connected the both of us. It appeared that we were fated by the heavens and shared the same goals. Brother, I know that dying was a matter that we can’t change. But don’t worry, with me by your side, we could die together, preparing our coffins and designing our funeral dress.” Naturally, Luan Jose was scared of dying, but with his brother by his side, death would be not lonely anymore.

“Brother… can you please stop now?” Tears flowed in Gu Lao eyes, he really feared that he could die in anger if he continued to talk to this strange person.

Luan Jose with his watery eyes finally understand the saying tears of joys. He thought that what Gu Lao saying was of him being too kind, hence he hurriedly said, “Brother, I’m born with the word Kindness beside me, so you don’t need to tell me about this.”

Gu Lao: Waaaaaaa…!

Luan Jose: Waaaaa…!

Tears flowed on both of their eyes, as they look at each other. The one was crying in sorrow while the one in happiness.

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