Venture with Anime System – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Aftermath


Three months have passed since that incident. Luan Jose and everyone were still left flabbergasted on what they experience on that day. They only have a few years left, so how could they calm their selves!?

After that incident, the crime rate on the whole world increase tremendously; robbery, murder, rape, and so on. President of each country, increase their security and people who caused havoc were killed on the spot. Each country leaders decided to build a base for the upcoming danger, preparing for the war, but this was all futile, what they will face were not ordinary people but people who could wield different abilities. But what they can do?! Left with no choices, everyone could only pray and brace themselves.

Daily pattern of every person had completely changed, such as school lessons. Things like surviving and military exercise were added to students courses. Moreover, this is not just limited to youths but also to some children and elderly. What they most needed was to cultivate and trained their selves!

Luan Jose was sitting in his chair while his right hand is on his chin. Recalling the words that came from the old man, Luan Jose can’t help but to shudder and felt fury at the same time. That seemingly ordinary hole in the sky which is a size of a car was the caused of his fear, while the bamboo shard he received was the reason of his anger.

“This hole is a tunnel towards different worlds, it will also be your hope. Because of this hole the world qi in the realm tree could now freely enter in the Earth. World qi was a type of energy that could help you evolved into another level, gaining an unexplained physique and if you’re lucky some of you may have the chance to acquired supernatural powers. It could boost your strength and at the same time nourish your body but this was also applied to those other living things. So for now, what you need to do was to prepare for the attacks of Magical beasts; these were animals that gained evolution, some of them had different supernatural powers and tough flesh, while some of them gained intelligence. This will be a test for you, I’m sure that there will be a lot of casualties but to groom all of you, this is a must.”

“The reason why I sealed the Earth and prevent the world qi from circulating was to hide the aura of the world fragment. Right now, the seal has been broken and the world qi in the earth could finally circulate. Fortunately, for all of you, the world qi from Earth is entirely different from other planets. The world qi of Earth is enhanced many times by the world fragment, that could almost contend the world qi circulation of those planets from the inner realm.”

While recalling all of this, Luan Jose unconsciously bite his tongue.


Luan Jose thoroughly ignored the pain he felt, he was analyzing on what the old man said.

“World qi? Other planets? Different Realms? Evolution and superpowers? Base on what the old baldy said, because of the Earth world fragment, the circulation of world qi from Earth was almost on par on the world qi of inner realms, so the quality of world qi depends on what realm your planet is? Eh? It’s like from those novels I’ve read.” Luan Jose thought to himself.

Looking at the monitor in his front, thick veins appeared on Luan Jose forehead. Every people from Earth had a bamboo shard that was given to them before the old man left. As far as he knew, this bamboo shard was the same from those jade slips on the novel’s he read so far.

“Like what Old Baldy said, once the bamboo shard is crushed, it would send a method on how to gather the world qi around. Like those cultivation methods from xianxia and wuxia novels. After accumulating enough world qi, your body would undergo an evolution, different from others; as for one progress and abilities, it would clearly depend on one’s talent and nature.”

A lot of people from Earth had already crushed their bamboo shards, nourishing their body and boosting their strength. Just this week, Luan Jose had already watched a number of videos regarding the power brought by gathering the world qi. In one video he watched how a skinny man sprint like a cheetah, while on another he watched how a robust man could lift a taxi cab easily. He also watched other people gaining different abilities; some of them could turn the calm water into a sharp ice, a few of them had the power of raging fire, some of them could stir the violent wind, while others had the hardness of earth and the flexibility of water. All in all, people from earth gained different abilities once they start gathering the world qi around and used it to evolve themselves.

Like one of his neighbor, the old man next to him was already 78 years old, before the incident, this old man was already in the verge of death, but just yesterday he saw that old man passing by in his room, carrying a sack of rice in his back.

“Fck! I’ve already gathering the world qi for the past three months! What’s wrong with me? Why I can’t break the core within my body?”

After gathering enough world qi, an egg-sized core would form within one body. As the time goes by this core would constantly absorb and swallow the world qi around. Luan Jose learned that most people need to gather and nourish the core for only one week, if not it would be just 15 days or one month. As the times goes by, it would have dents, followed by cracks, and eventually, it would explode and would scatter in your body. After the explosion, a new core would be formed, more spacious and tougher. Breaking the core again would lead you to the next stage. By doing all of this, one would gain an ability depending on your nature, this was also the sign that you could now start cultivating.

Luan Jose had been gathering the world qi for a whole three months, but not even a single dent could be seen in his core.

After a while Jose Luan thought on something and slowly said:


In an instant, a rectangular picture appeared in front of him.


Luan Jose:

Level – 0

Strength – (10)

Vitality – (10)

Agility – (10) 1

Spirit – (10)

Unassigned points: 85

In that incident, Luan Jose unexpectedly gained two points; one for staying alive in a catastrophe and one for watching a battle between experts.

Looking at the stats picture in his front, Luan Jose mind was in the state of turmoil. For sure, once he assigned his points and started cultivating, his strength would probably soar high. But the problem was, since that car accident, no matter what he does, he was still unable to assign any of his points. Although Luan Jose was excited to become strong and have supernatural powers but thinking of his problems and those intruders, he still can’t help to cursed all of the ancestor of that bastard intruder.

“Bastard! Because of that hole! Bastard Hole! Asshole! Because of all of your f@cking elders! Because of that Earth world fragment! Because of that bald head of that old man! My life had been messed up completely! What now!? What would happen to Goku and the Universe Tournament!? Urg! What would happen to Luffy and his adventure to find the one piece!? What would happen to all of the animes that will be aired for this year!?”

Luan Jose didn’t miss any curses, even the bald head of his ancestor was not spared by his curses. Because of that incident, all of the animes shows were ceased to air, that led him to this despair.

“Forget it, now was not the right time to curse them. What I need to do was to find a way to break the core in my dantian, gaining a chance to have an ability and strengthening my self. I need to become strong before the intruder’s invasion.”

Taking a deep breath, gradually Luan Jose managed to calm himself. Maybe it’s because of his personality or some illnesses that caused him to be easily agitated.

After knowing that he was still unable to breakthrough and achieve an evolution, Luan Jose straightened himself and took out his phone. Turning it on and instantly dialed a number,

“Dad, how are Mom and you? Did little Wei and Lei cause trouble again? Are there any probl-.”

Before he could finish his words, an apprehensive voice instantly cut off what he wanted to say.

“Jose is that you!? Thank goodness. What’s wrong with you brat! Constantly ignoring our calls these past few days!” The voice came from the other line seems a bit nervous and worried.

“What happened Dad? ” Luan Jode asked anxiously. He didn’t even bother his father question, asking instantly because of the uneasy tone of his father.

“We’re fine… for the mean time… I think. Remembered what that senior said about animals turning into beasts? Well here it is right now, a number of huge rats were flocking outside our compound! A dog sized rat with a swinging tail akin to a whip!”

Luan Jose was unable to respond quickly, digesting all the information his father said. Although he knew about the transformation of animals. But the heck!? Only three months have passed since that incident. Isn’t it a bit fast?

His heart suddenly skips a bit, seemingly frightened about the state of his family. Recalling that his family was currently settled in one of the provinces in the Philippines. Hence, different animals like rat, snake, frog and various insects were quite normal in that place. If it’s in the past he would not be worried. But at the present, it’s entirely different! A fragile rat before had suddenly turned into a dog size rat! So how about other animals like birds, fishes, insects, and most of all farm snakes!

“Jose? Jose? Are you still there? Son?”

Hearing the voice of his father on the phone, Luan Jose returned from being a muddled head, quickly answering, “I’m still here dad.”

“Hu… Alright. Don’t worry about us. Like what I informed you before, we’ve already started our cultivation, gaining an ability and becoming stronger.”

The voice in the phone paused a moment, afterward said,

“Jose… just keep safe, stay with your aunt. For cultivation… don’t force yourself if you can’t really break your core. The citizens here in our place planned to build a base. They chose me as their leader and our compound as the place of our base. I think it’s best if you returned now, the earlier the better, and also bring your aunt. Especially your mother, she was arguing me about your situation, urging me to bring you home.”

Luan Zhao has already long ago knew his son condition. Jose confessed to them about his problems. Although his son was a bit prick; however, the truth was… Jose had a soft heart. Yes, he always cursed others silently, easily disturbed, but that’s the limit. He loves his family more than any else, quietly enduring the mockery of everyone, but still managed to smile.

Hearing what his father said, Luan Jose can’t help but to felt a deep longing.

“Yes, father I would immediately inform aunt about this, don’t worry about me.”

“Alright, See you soon son. I still had a lot of work to do here, smashing these damn rats to pieces!”

Putting back his phone, the edge of Luan Jose lips curled upward. Although he felt sad about his condition, nevertheless, there’s nothing he could do. Might as well return home, and just enjoy his life with his family.

After turning off his computer, Luan Jose stood up, walking towards the door to informed his aunt personally. Rotating the doorknob, he steadily pushed the door. He was deeply shocked, what appeared in front of him was not the radiance of the sun nor the bright surrounding. It was dark, as though something was blocking the sun. Luan Jose took a glance at the sky. His heart almost skips a bit on what he saw, unconsciously gulping down a mouthful of his saliva.

“Th-this… ? What the heck!?”

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