Venture with Anime System – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Tragic Occurrence


Came after the voice was an earth-shattering occurrence, followed by a terrifying earthquake that shook the whole world. It was as if the heaven was falling and the earth was sinking, followed by the destruction of numerous buildings and cracked roads; as smoke and dust soared, while visible air currents started dispersing in all directions.

Because of the sudden tremor, Luan Jose abruptly stood up from his chair and hastily left the apartment he was staying. Fortunately, this apartment had a strong foundation, hence, only a few cracks can be seen.

Running towards outside his apartment, what appeared in front of him were numerous destroyed buildings and panicking citizens. Various noises can be heard outside like car horns, wailing children’s, mournful voices, sounds of broken glasses, and collapsing structures. After 15 minutes, the tremor halted and a number of casualties have been found. Various structures have collapsed, numerous citizens were injured, and a lot of people died in this sudden incident!

Unfortunately, this was not the end. A mysterious hole suddenly appeared in the sky. Like a dark void that was only a size of a basketball ring, but as the time passes it became bigger and bigger, from a size of a car to a size of a house, it grew increasingly huge until it had a size of a baseball stadium.

The strangest thing about this hole is its position, it’s like a big dragon forcing its way at the blue dome of heaven. Everyone on Earth can see this hole, no matter where they are as if this hole was in another dimension. Even if you’re in the America, Russia, China or anywhere in the world, you can still see this hole clearly without any obstructions.

Looking carefully, one can see a middle-aged man hovering in the sky. This middle-aged man seems ordinary, having a bronze skin, a robust body, and long hanging black hair; but this seemingly ordinary man had an intimidating aura around him as if a demon who could kill anyone with just his gaze. Crossing his arms while gazing arrogantly at the people below him.

“Hehe, a lot of lowly humans, earthlings who could not even cultivate. Well some of them could be used as a slave or a food for our pets.” A loud voice reverberated in all directions, striking fear into the heart of everyone.

“Who!?” The middle-aged man in the sky yelled in a panicked manner, looking from his left to right.

“Sigh, I didn’t expect that this day would come.” This voice was different from the threatening voice of the middle-aged man. An ancient voice echoed like a thunderclap as if the voice was coming from a person who just woke up from a long slumber.

Hearing the deep voice, the middle-aged man become stiff for a moment, his haughty expression before disappeared in an instant. The middle-aged man forehead broke out into a cold sweat while cursing himself,

‘Shit! I didn’t expect this tiny planet to actually have a guardian. I can’t even felt his presence, this person was probably a World Knight, if not, it’s not too far from that. But his life force was a bit… a bit weak? Right! That’s it! Even though this person had a higher cultivation than me, but because of his weakened life force, the power he could use was probably lesser compared to his peak strength.’

Thinking all of this, the edge of his lips curled up into a smile.

“This lowly man would like to ask for your apology, Senior. This lowly one came from the Red Cloud Sect, one of the hegemons in the planet Terrica from the middle realms. If you like Senior, you could follow me in my Sect and be my guest. Base on your voice, I could tell that senior had only a meager life force left. Once Senior followed me, I could ask my elders to gift you a number of longevity pills. The only thing I want is senior cooperation.”

The middle-aged man exposed a victorious smile. Only a fool would decline his offer. Although the earth was only one of the tiny planet from the outer realms, nevertheless, the earth was entirely different from others. There are hundreds of thousands of planet in the outer realms but only a few of them possessed a world fragment. This fragment was a treasure that coveted by many. Even the Terran from the inner realms could not help but to drool in front of a world fragment. From the hundreds of thousands of tiny worlds, only a few have a world fragment. Up until now, a total of only 18 world fragment had been found, not included those people who didn’t publicize the possession of their world fragment.

A world fragment can be used in different ways, someone said that it could be used as a bomb that could destroy an inner realm world by only injecting your world qi, while some said that it could help you gained an indestructible body akin to a rummaging beast. But the most known way is to use it in a world qi formation, once put in the center of the world qi formation, it can increase everyone cultivation speed by a hundredfold, a feeling like an earth from heaven. In the past, a sect from one of the planets in the middle realm became an overlord by using a world fragment in their world qi formation.

“Hahaha, what a grandiose offering, but too bad, I will humbly decline your bait. What do you think? Am I a fool? An idiot? Hahaha, your grandfather had already lived for almost ten thousand years. Scheming with this old man? Although longevity pills could increase my lifespan, your elders would probably kill me before my hand could touch those pills. Even if what you said is true, I would not dare to exchange it for my descendant’s lives!” The ancient voice said in a mocking manner.

“Senior! Think about it carefully, although I don’t have the ability to kill you, but you must be aware that once I reported this to my Sect, you would be doomed for sure!”

“Who said that I would let you go and reported back? What do you think of Earth? A vacation place where you could freely barge in and just left casually? Fool! I would kill you without a proper burial!”

Before the middle-aged man could retort, a laser-like light with a speed that even the naked eye couldn’t catch up pierced in his forehead. The middle-aged man eyes widened, and mouth agape, he didn’t think that he would die in this way.

“Y-yo-you!” Disbelief flashed in his eyes. After muttering his final word, the middle-aged man fell from the sky.

The strange thing was the body of the middle-aged man suddenly stopped in the air. After a while, an old man appeared on the side of the middle-aged man. This old man looked to be in his 70’s with a decrepit face, a long white beard, and a shiny bald head, wearing a fine and long white robe. With a flick of his hand, a flame flew towards the body of the middle-aged man burning it into dust. After that, the old man looked at the sky. Gazing at the dark hole, the old man pointed one of his fingers into the dark hole. The dark hole from a size of a baseball stadium turned into a size of a pool then finally into a size of a car. After doing all of this, the old man faced turned pale as he turned his head to the people below him, his eyes clearly reflected the world helpless, slowly opening his mouth to say,

“A lot of you probably think that why I leave this hole, it’s not that I want, it just that I don’t have enough power to seal this hole completely. This is the only thing I could do, I didn’t think that they will find this world. I knew it’s difficult for everyone to understand, but the only thing I can say is the earth was in a dangerous situation right now. Surely a lot of questions were floating on your mind right now, hence let me explained a few things that you need to know. Earth was one of the tiny planets in the outer realms, as for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc., they were only miniature planets that I created to mask the Earth location.”

“Unfortunately, they found Earth. Earth is one of the tiny planets that possessed a world fragment, as for what is a world fragment, it is a crystal that coveted by everyone. Why not just give the world fragment? The world fragment is a valuable part that sustained the earth, once it left, the earth would collapse and destroyed eventually. The language you were using which is English was also the language that was used by different worlds. It was a language I was learned when I was young and venturing different worlds.”

“For the sake of killing that intruder, I’ve burned a lot of my lifespan again which will lead me to enter a deep slumber again. The only thing I can do for now was to seal this damn hole and continuously explained different things to everyone. This seal would probably last for 7-10 years, but I hope that it would be enough to give everyone a small hope.”

After a long explanation, the old man suddenly vanished without notice. All of the people who saw the scene were left stunned for a moment, followed by various chattering after a moment of silence.

“What the f*ck!? Is that a movie set?” said by a seemingly high school student.

“Fool! How could a movie set make this? Burning a human in an instant, flying people, and that dark hole! Is your brain still working, or do you even have a brain?” rebuked by a youth girl.

“Is this the end of the world? I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die! I’ve still had a lot of unfulfilled wish and dreams! What would happen to my girlfriend? Oh, I forgot that I don’t have a girlfriend.” A fatty was shouting while running in circles but after realizing his words, he suddenly stopped and kneeled on the ground, giving a helpless sigh.

Voices of different people were ringing in Luan Jose ears. Even him was still dumbstruck by that incident. He thought that there’s nothing more mysterious than his system. But what is this? It’s clearly out of line!

“Son… So-son? Wake up, son! You promise daddy right? We would still have to go to the hospital to visit your mom. Oh, What did you say? Candy?Hehe, ok ok, daddy would buy you a lot of candies.”

Gazing at the source of that anguish voice, Luan Jose saw a white collar man who was kneeling on the ground, and in his arms was a little boy. But sadly, the heaven was indeed cruel. The boy was dyed in red blood from toes to head, its left arm had already gone while its body has been pierced by a seemingly glittering shard, summing up the boy soul have already left its body. The man kept talking to the dead body of his son even though the truth was already laid in front of him.

Looking at the aftermath of that incident, various emotions were surging in his heart. Sadness for those people who lost their loved ones, curiosity towards the words that old man left, fury for that middle-aged man who was the reason for this incident. But the strangest thing was an extreme emotion was residing deep in his heart. Luan Jose felt that his blood was boiling in excitement, he told himself to remain calm, but still, his heart remains unfazed and even beat faster.

Is this the end of his boring life? or the start of his misfortunes? The thing he only read in novels and seen in animes were already laid in front of him. Levitation, supernatural powers, cultivation and most of all the opportunity to become strong!

After observing his surroundings, Luan Jose turned around to returned to his room. His mind was in turmoil right now, this experience was truly new for him. He can’t help but to think about the future and the present condition of his parents right now.

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