Venture with Anime Sytem – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Luan Jose

July 2, the year 2017, at 7:30 am.

Gazing at the computer in front of him, Luan Jose can’t help but to feel excited. Every Sunday was a special day for him. One of his favorite anime which is Dragonball would finally step into a new stage, where Goku and his friends would battle to save their universe.

Luan Jose was already 18 years old, having a yellow-brown skin, a pair of common brown eyes, a tied black hair, and a height of almost 1.6 meters. An ordinary geek, a half Chinese and a half Filipino, who would always stay in his house to watched countless anime. A normal otaku, a normal person, and a normal face. All in all, he is rather ordinary, having a dream to reincarnated into another world. He would always read various novels about reincarnation and immortals. A fan of fantasies, but most of all, a fan of anime. Even his room are filled with different posters and figures about anime.

A lot of people would tease him because of his behavior. There was a time when he was bullied. He was dragged in an empty lot, surrounded by many people. Looking at the hoodlums around him, Luan Jose suddenly waved his body in a strange manner, going left to right and right to left.

“Dempsey Roll!” Luan Jose roared loudly.

But too bad, he was only mocked and cursed by the people around him, even the audience can’t help but to burst into laughter. Of course, he didn’t do this just to embarrass himself, letting them down their guard was also a good thing.

“So what?” Luan Jose thought to himself. An eye for an eye, even he ended up being beaten, as long he could hit that person, who cares about the consequences?

Ignoring their laughter, waving his pair of skinny fists. Looking at the seemingly weak person in front of him. He dashed and threw a punch towards the face of that seemingly weak person.

This person is the reason he was here, because of a little misunderstanding, he was abruptly dragged in here. He only stared at a beautiful girl, not because of the girl appearance, but because of the bag she was wearing, it was a love live bag! Although the girl is beautiful that could attract a number of boys, but Luan Jose was an exception to that. What he wanted was a peaceful life, dreaming every day about his waifus.

But this fucking bastard! Who would have thought that this person was a son of a rich family, having a big background on his back. Most of all, this person fancied that girl who was wearing a love live bag!

Yan Fu laughter suddenly ceased as cold sweat covered his forehead, looking at the fist in front of him, he unconsciously staggered backward. But it was too late, Luan Jose fist was already in front of him.


Yan Fu was thrown away, looking at the blood flowing from his nose, he almost fainted. That clumsy move and ordinary fist could injure him to this extent? Gasping for breath, angered flow from his heart as thick green veins could be seen on his forehead, and blood red veins popped in his eye that made his face more hideous. Followed by the audience gasped, Yan Fu suddenly shouted,

“Beat that bastard for me! Crippled both his arms and legs! Beat him into pulp that even his mother would fail to recognize him!”

The hoodlums around him startled for a moment, coming back to their senses that their boss was beaten, all of them pounced and ganged up at Luan Jose.

The only thing Luan Jose could do was to shout and cried for help, but what he got was only their mocking eyes. He was beaten black and blue that even his face resembled a pig-head, while the shirt he was wearing become tattered. Luan Jose can’t help but to curse in his mind. This is one of his favorite shirt, a Naruto shirt with Junko Takeuchi sign!

Every time he would faint, the hoodlums would always throw a bucket of water in his face.


A voice and a sound of a whistle suddenly emerged from who knows where. Yan Fu turned his head from left to right, looking for the source of the sound. Ten meters from his left, he saw a person who was running towards his direction, wearing a dark blue uniform and a peaked cap, Yan Fu immediately shouted,

“Police! Run!”

Although he was rich and could violate a few rules. He was still scared, not because of the police but because of his father wrath.

“Tch! Take it as your lucky day, if I see you again looking at Xiao Fei, I would promise that I would beat you again that even the cops could not save you.”

After threatening Luan Jose, Yan Fu and his men escaped by merging with the crowd.

After a few minutes, the audience also left the area after knowing that the show had already ended and there’s nothing more to do.

“So her name was Xiao Fei. I really wondered where she bought that love live bag.” Luan Jose thought in his mind.

While thinking of this, he heard an angry voice in his back.

“Tch! That bastard, thinking that he was a ruler in this place.”

Looking at the beaten boy in front of him, the cop could only sigh with emotion.

“Where do you live?” The cop gently asked the beaten boy in front of him.

“I’m fi-fine officer, I could st-still wa-walk.” Because of the pain he felt, Luan Jose could only utter in a small voice.

The officer didn’t want him to walk because of his state, but Luan Jose was persistent on walking alone, so the officer could only shake his head while at staring at the back of Luan Jose.

He’s only relatives in China was his aunt which is the owner of the apartment he was staying in, while his parents were left in the Philippines. Helping his aunt on organizing the apartment and doing some miscellaneous work after the class was his everyday pattern.

After 15 minutes of walking, he finally arrived at the front of the apartment he was staying. It was only an ordinary apartment located in the residential area of Chao Yang district.

Looking for a moment at the 5 storey apartment, Luan Jose started walking toward the stair in his left side. Walking silently, Luan Jose stopped at the room on the corner of the 4th floor. Years have passed since he started living here in China. He was sent here to accompany his aunt who lost her husband at the same time to study in a normal university.

The moment he entered his room the sky was already dark, he went straight to his bed. Gazing at the ceiling, Luan Jose squinted his eyes for a moment, then…

“My God! It was too painful! Damn it! What’s wrong with them? Fortunately, I’m a very good person, if not, I’ve already beat them all, sending them straight to the hospital bed.”

“That arrogant Yan fu! Hmmp! Treat yourself lucky, Treat yourself lucky, Treat your grandmother! And those hoodlums around him? Their like a bunch of dogs who would always obey their masters to please them!”

“Calm down Jose, Calm down. You’re a good person remember?

If her aunt could hear Luan Jose, she would probably sigh and mutter, “Here he goes again, ah.”

Composing himself, Luan Jose slowly closed his eyes.

“Beep! Have been bullied for a total of 20 minutes. Reward: 1 stats points.”

Hearing a familiar robotic sound, Luan Jose turned a deaf ear in it and sleep silently.

*** *** ***

One year had passed since that incident. His whole life had changed because of that. Every time he left his room and attend his class, he would always greet by the mocking gazes of his classmates, even his past friends in senior middle school completely ignored him. There was a time when one of his professors talked to him about his sudden transformation, but Luan Jose just looked at the professor in from of him quietly. His professor couldn’t do anything so he just let Luan Jose leave the class earlier.

Every time he met Yun Fa and his underlings, he would just treat it as nothing, completely ignoring them.

“Ah, With this, I’m sure that even monks would be envious to death of my kindness.”

He told to himself.

Sitting in his chair and gazing at the computer in front of him, Luan Jose could only give a helpless sigh. He was not scared or saddened by the things happening around him. He just wants to have a peaceful life to watch anime. Although he was bullied, but who cares? He could leave earlier, increasing the time he spent on watching anime.

“Beep! Single for eighteen years.

Reward: 1 stats points.” A weird sound emerged in his mind.

“This… Dude, whats wrong with you! ah forget it. I don’t even know where you’ve came from.”

But pondering for a bit, Luan Jose was unable to make head or tail. The system informed now that he is single for the whole eighteen years, yet he was already eighteen last week. After thinking and analyzing everything in his mind, Jose Luan can’t still find an answer to what was happening to him.

“Oh well, might as well forget this unnecessary things.”

Because of that incident, he gained a lot of time. His classmates would always ignore him when its time for activities. Although people thought that he was saddened by the things happening to him, little they know that inside, Luan Jose was really happy.

This sound came from the system in his mind, the first time he heard this sound was on his first ejaculation. He also heard this sound when he experienced a car accident. It also appeared when he scored a perfect zero in his exam. Every time he would do or experience peculiar things, he would always receive this strange sound. He had a lot of speculations about this system. Maybe it came from his past life, or he was awarded by being a good person in his past… past life.

As far as he knew, these points could be used to assigned in different stats like Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Spirit. Thinking of something, Luan Jose slowly said:


A rectangular picture appeared in front of him. In the past, he tested if other people could see this picture, but it seems he was the only person who could see it.


Luan Jose

Level – 0

Strength – (10)

Vitality – (10)

Agility – (10) 1

Spirit – (10)

Unassigned points: 83

Base in his understanding, Strength represent the power of his attacks, Vitality was probably his defense and regeneration, as for agility it was surely about speed, while spirit talked about one consciousness and perception. Ten points represent a stats of a normal person and adding one point could increase a person stats by one fold.

For example, Luan Jose had a total of 11 points in his agility, that additional point increased his speed a bit. This was the reason why he managed to injured Yun Fa. If another person could double his speed, perhaps beating Yun Fa and his hoodlums would be undoubtedly easy. But Luan Jose was granted a rare-to-see constitution, a normal body, equally balancing all of his stats, coupled with his lack of combat experience.

A total of 83 unassigned points, assigning these in any of his stats could help him beat those hoodlums; but Luan Jose did not, it’s not that he didn’t want, its just he cant.

His additional agility point had been only obtained by a lucky chance when he got on car accident in the past. He thought that maybe injuring himself or putting himself in a danger could make him assign his points. The problem was…

Luan Jose is a very cautious man, he would rather be an ordinary person than experiment and torture himself.

“Let them think what they want.” Luan Jose didn’t care at all, at most, they could only kill him with their stares and nothing more.

“System Close”

After saying this, the rectangular stats picture closed and disappeared in an instant. Even though he already did this countless times, Luan Jose was still bewildered by this. It was truly mysterious and magical. He really wondered what could he achieved by assigning all of this, but he knew that a great power comes with great responsibilities. While waiting for his favorite Dragonball episode, Luan Jose heard a loud voice.

“Hahaha, finally! So this is the earth huh? One of the richest tiny world in the lower realms. A world containing the valuable and precious world fragment. To think that this world would be here, wasting a lot of our time and resources.”

This voice was heard by all of the people from the whole world. They thought that this is only an illusion and nothing more. But little they know, this voice will be the start of their nightmare.


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