Transcendent David Chapter 9

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Looking at the literature (19% entry level) on the data panel in front of him, he was a little impatient to order Shadow Servant to send literature (66% entry level) into his body.

This is the best of the literature light balls. David wanted to add them all one after another then to see what level he would breakthrough.

Literature (66% entry level) entered his body, and his eyes have been fixed on the literature (19% entry level) on the attribute panel, and 19% soon increased continuously.

But when it reaches 69%, the progress stopped.

“So it’s not quantitive!” David couldn’t help but shook his head and said to himself.

He greedily thought that the same abilities that these balls of light could be added on top of each other.

This is also very understandable. The knowledge of the person who has reached 66% of the entry level in literature and the person who has achieved the entry level of 19% overlaps in many cases.

19% of the entry-level literature has only 3% uncoincidental knowledge. David guessed that as he merges more and more light balls, this coincidence knowledge will also increase.

Afterwards massive influx of memories was pushed into him. The class, study, self-study, and review, but this time the owner of the memory obviously had to work harder.

After waking up again, he ordered Shadow Servant to send a ball of literature (28% entry level) into his body again.

This time an accident happened. After the red ball of light entered his body, he felt dizzy and then fainted.

After a long time, David woke up from a coma and looked at the time on the identity bracelet. Half an hour had passed.

He didn’t get any memories this time. He checked his attribute panel and literature (69% entry level) was still there. It hadn’t changed at all.

He checked Shadow Servant, and the red light ball of literature (28% entry level) had indeed disappeared.

David understood that he had wasted a red ball of light, which is 28% of the literary knowledge of the entry level. If he is allowed to learn by himself, I am afraid that he will spend all his time in learning literature, and he may not be able to reach the 28% entry level.

David is very clear about himself, whether previous David or himself, is not a genius.

The previous David had continuously consumed fortified meat and was able to increase his strength to 600 kg.

And if David himself is a genius, he would not be nestled in a 4th-tier city in his previous life. He would have gone to those big cities to join a big company and fight for a better future.

So he was very heartbroken about wasting a red ball of literature (28% entry level).

Fortunately, this is just a sphere of knowledge of literature, not the most precious ones.

He made a decision in his mind that he must master the laws of the light ball before using the light ball of literature and mathematics.

He also gave these balls of light a name, called them the balls of knowledge.

It’s very rare for 100 people to die in the Pelling city. In David’s memory, it is rare for so many people to die at one time in Pellin City.

Moreover, its impossible for David to appear every time someone dies so that Shadow Servant could absorb the soul of the deceased.

It is clear that, the current knowledge ball is all what he can in a short time. He can’t take the initiative to kill people for the knowledge ball, not to mention whether he has this ability or not, even his psychology does not allow him to do so.

He didn’t went to waste the knowledge balls as it seemed that he could only fuse 2 knowledge spheres in a period of time.

He stood up and did the 18 moves from his memory. Previous David was extremely proficient in 18 movies, but according to Shadow Servant it was only 10%.

It was his first time to practice 18 moves. It took him more than hour. However, it felt very different from his memories. His body was sweating and every muscles seemed to be affected by the exercise. This effect was beyond his expectation. It has to be known that in the memories, the previous David only felt a bit of fatigue after exercising the 18 moves.

He couldn’t help thinking whether the physical skill had improved, and then he ordered Shadow Servant to activate the attribute panel.

Sure enough, he saw that physical skills (10% entry level) on the attribute panel became physical skills (20% entry level), and his practice this time was even better than the previous ten years.

He felt very strange in his heart, knowing that he didn’t dare to fuse those two spheres of physical knowledge.

In this case, his physical skills have greatly improved. What is the reason?

David’s gaze moved on the attribute panel, and finally he fixed his gaze on Spirit: 2.8 (1).

Among all his attributes, this attribute should have undergone unknown changes. He suspects that Shadow Servant has absorbed the soul of the dead in the bookstore and strengthened his spirit.

Of course, as to whether Shadow Servant absorbs souls to increase his spirit, it needs to be discovered when Shadow Servant absorbs new souls in the future.

When David turned off the attribute panel, he couldn’t help looking at the only orange ball of knowledge in Shadow Servant’s body, the sniper (20% proficient) ball of knowledge.

He stabilized his mind. He didn’t know where this sniper (20% proficiency) light ball of knowledge came from, but he knew that this was his only chance to become an Armored Soldier. He could not waste this sniper (20 % Proficient) knowledge ball.

David didn’t understand the person who had proficiency of 20% in sniping must be an Armored Soldier. To be exact a rare species in the Armored Soldier, Armored Soldier Sniper.

Soon he thought of another possibility. There were space shuttle fragment all over the floor of the bookstore. Most probably, this person controlling the space shuttle was the sniper.

All the people who died in the bookstore were caused by the sniper Armored Soldier. He even almost killed the David in the explosion.

David let out a long relaxed breath. He disconnected from the Shadow Servant and then stood up. Currently, he can’t control both his own body and Shadow Servant at the same time.

He patted the dust on his body. This action is his habit, but this house is managed by the intelligent management Emma, ​​so how can there be dust on the ground.

Suddenly he stopped. He felt an item in his pocked which he had forgotten about. David took out the metal cylinder. He was annoyed that he didn’t hand it over when he saw the police. At the time, he was stunned because of the scene at sight so he hadn’t thought about the cylinder. However, now he felt that he would be in big trouble if he handed out the cylinder. He had obtained it illegally and this cylinder might affect college entrance examination.

“No one saw it! No one said anything about it!” David said decisively.

Now, the question was, what the hell was this cylinder?

He had never seen anything like this. From the outer looks, the cylinder seemed like a monocular telescope.

He put the cylinder in front of his right eye and saw a completely different basement.

A set of data was displayed in front of his eye: wind speed: 0, wind direction: 0, temperature: 25 degrees, humidity: 42%.

When his eyes are focused on any place in the room, distance and so on so forth, the data will appear in front of his right eye.

There was a reminder text below all the information: No main sniper weapon was found, no outer skeleton Battle Armor was found, and T3 sniper auxiliary device could not work.

David was able to see the name of the auxiliary device. Now, he knew what to search for.

He opened the identity bracelet and connected to the civilian Skynet through the identity bracelet.

Due to cost and other issues, the Rock Star Civil Skynet can only connect to all the information in the planet, and cannot connect to the farther planets. But this was more than enough for David.

He entered ‘T3 sniper assist device’ in the search, and several messages appeared soon.

He opened the information and checked it one by one, most of which mentioned the’T3 sniper assist device’, but rarely described it in detail.

But when he opened a web page called Hobby Sniper, he saw some useful information about the’T3 Sniper Assist Device’.

The’T3 sniper assist device’ is a military sniper assist device. This thing is not sold at all.

According to the Hobby Sniper, the ‘T3 sniper assist device’ can increase the combat power of sniper Armored Soldier by 30%. It is also a powerful device that only a few elite sniper Armored Soldiers can have in the military.

David felt hot. The’T3 sniper assist device’ is useless for ordinary persons, but he only needs to think of the sniper (20% proficient) orange knowledge light ball, he knows that the’T3 sniper assist device’ will be great to improve his abilities.


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