Transcendent David Chapter 8

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Since Shadow Servant can display these light spheres in a way that David can understand. Could Shadow Servant also show David’s own abilities? Anyway, he is also a high school senior, at least the previous David had mastered literature or mathematics.

“Shadow Servant, can I display my situation in a digitized manner like this?” David asked Shadow Servant.

Shadow Servant’s eyes gleamed for a few times, and then David saw a set of data in front of his own eyes. This technique is a bit like Interstellar Federation’s projection imaging, but he didn’t at all see his body through the eyes of Shadow Servant. There is no data to show.

David is not a scientist. After thinking about it, he didn’t understand the principle of this display method. He focused on the data before him.

Name: David Kerr

Strength: 2.5 (1)

Agility: 1.7 (1)

physique: 2 (1)

Spirit: 2.8 (1)

Literature (no entry), mathematics (no entry), history (no entry), physical skills (10% entry level), long sword master (5% entry level)

David’s power is 2.5, and as a reference standard, the ordinary person’s power is 200kg, which is data 1. Each increase of 1 point of power is twice the previous power.

David’s body has not suffered much since childhood. the He had fortified meat all the time.

This also caused him to be three times as powerful as an ordinary person.

You must know that the professional weightlifters in his previous life could only lift up to 250kg, which is a huge gap from his 600kg.

Agility is 1.7. If David’s memory is good, his latest test score is 100 meters at 9.2 seconds.

Usain Bolt, a Jamaican runner in his previous life, ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds.

But in this life, an ordinary high school student like him, surpassed the speed of the world’s number one runner from his previous life.

Of course, whether it is strength or agility, it needs to have a strong physique as the basis, and it is normal to have a physique twice as large as an ordinary person.

However, he doesn’t understand the concept of spirit very well. The mental power that exceeds the ordinary person is the strongest among his 4 basic attributes.

The spirit is invisible and intangible, but when you think about it carefully, after he wakes up from sleep, the world he saw is much vivid than before. This should be the result of spiritual improvement.

In fact, what David didn’t know was that the biggest reason why Shadow Servant not at all was able to show so many abilities before was that his spirit was too weak.

When David’s predecessor made the sacrifice, most of the energy in his soul was consumed, and the remaining weak soul was absorbed by the Shadow Servant.

The Shadow Servant from this summon is even more special. The sacrifice process needs to be carried out to the designated Spiritual God, but David’s predecessor has little knowledge of the Spiritual God of the Great Spiritual World. Trainer Jeremy who provided him with the Sacrifice Manual would never tell him that the sacrifice to the Spiritual God in this case was an unknown existence.

The method recorded in the book from Great Spiritual World is not a simple way to improve strength. Even in Great Spiritual World, few people will try to make such sacrifice.

Everyone who dares to do a sacrifice must undergo long-term special training and a large amount of precious soul medicine supplements. In addition, the sacrifice themselves must have corresponding innate talents. All together, the sacrifice has to be happening in a temple. In addition, even if everything is fine and dandy, the success rate would be extremely low.

Previous David didn’t know anything. He didn’t everything without the shelter of the Temple. He didn’t have the corresponding resources let alone the training needed for the sacrifice.

At the time of the sacrifice, David’s soul transmigrated and blended perfectly, with previous David’s body under the influence of the unknown power.

David’s soul strength was very weak after the transmigration. As a result, he couldn’t even reach the level of ordinary person’s spirit strength let alone activate the special ability of Shadow Servant.

After experiencing the bookstore explosion, the deaths of nearly 100 people produced nearly 100 souls, some of which were weak and strong. Although some of the souls absorbed by Shadow Servant were strengthened by Shadow Servant, there are still many soul strength that have been transformed and passed to David.

It is also with enough soul support that David can quickly retrieve all his memories, and Shadow Servant also activates the corresponding ability, which is also related to the strength of the spirit.

When David saw the abilities he had mastered under the data, his face turned red out of shame. Previous David didn’t even known basic knowledge at entry level. Previous David’s physical skills were at 10% entry level, not to mention the long sword mastership at 5% progress.

Previous David must be dreaming to get into Naan University with that level of knowledge.

The light balls obtained by the Shadow Servant were from the people close to David’s location. Even ordinary people would have strong knowledge at some skills.

David ordered Shadow Servant to send a literature (19% entry level) red ball of light from within its body into David’s. He understood that he could move the light balls within the Shadow Servants body.

He tried to move 19% red light ball into his body because it was the one with the least amount of knowledge and it wouldn’t be a big loss if the test he was trying to make failed. However, if everything went well then it meant that there was hope for Naan University.

Moveover, if he could get into Naan University it meant that neither Trainer Jeremy or his accomplices could threaten him. Naan City was far away from Pellin City and it would be almost impossible ordinary people such as Trainer Jeremy to get there. As for his own safety for the next half year, then David has to be careful not to give chance to Trainer Jeremy to hurt him.

At present, he had to be on guard, on defense all the time as he had no strength to counterattack.

Perhaps the chance to counterattack may lie in Shadow Servant. David looked at Shadow Servant and made up his mind. Shadow Servant also transferred the red light ball of literature within the body (19% entry level) into his body.

As soon as the red light ball of literature (19% entry level) entered him within the body, he saw that the data panel in front of him changed.

Before literature (no level) became literature (19% entry level), at the same time a burst of memory appeared in his mind.

It was a learning process, with reading aloud, reciting in a soft voice, and understanding silently, with the teacher explaining.

In these memories, neither owners or teacher’s face can be seen. Everything is blurred.

David wakes up from the memory. His understanding of the subject of literature has greatly improved. He remembers every sentence and every knowledge point in his memory.

He looked at the identity bracelet. Only a minute had passed. However, it felt like he had gone through years of learning and studying.

The knowledge given to him by this red ball of light was engraved into him.

The knowledge learned by oneself will gradually be forgotten along with the ebbing of time, but the knowledge gained through the red light ball will not disappear.


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