Transcendent David Chapter 7

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David thought of the ability of the Shadow Servant described in the Sacrifice Manual. He looked at the Shadow Servant by his side. It didn’t look like Shadow Servant could participate in the battle.

He stood up, reminded by the smart steward Emma, to eat. Afterwards, he took Shadow Servant to the basement fitness room.

At this time, the mess in the underground fitness room was cleaned up by the smart steward Emma, ​​only the Sacrifice Manual was placed on the floor of the room, and the rest of the broken wreckage had been thrown away.

He picked up the Sacrifice Manual and found the record describing Shadow Servant.

“Shadow Servant is an attendant of Spiritual God. Divine blessing gives the “sacrifice” a power boost. Shadow Servant has the power of a giant spirit, the speed of lightning, and the ability to fly!” David read the related content slowly. The doubts in his heart was raised up.

“Shadow Servant, you go pick up that barbell!” David pointed to a 100 kg barbell as he instructed.

The Shadow Servant silhouette floated towards the barbell. It’s speed wasn’t fast which was described as extreme speed of lightning in the book.

Shadow Servant came to the side of the barbell and stretched out its vague arm towards the barbell. As a result, its arm passed through the barbell. Barbell didn’t even tremble!

“You can’t even move 100 kg. Where is this power of giant spirit?” David muttered.

Judging from the situation just now, Shadow Servant simply has no combat power. That kind of movement speed and this power, plus the inability to leave ten meters around him. What kind of threat it could cause to enemy?

He looked at the equipment in the room and found that the barbell was already the lightest.

“Shadow Servant, take this book!” He looked at the Sacrifice Manual in his hand, and then threw it at Shadow Servant.

Shadow Servant obediently stretched out his hand to grab the Sacrifice Manual, but the Sacrifice Manual passed through again, but this time David saw the Sacrifice Manual with a slight pause.

It seems that Shadow Servant but the things he told it to pick were heavy.

He pulled out a piece of hair from his head, then waved to Shadow Servant, and Shadow Servant flew to his side and stopped.

He gave the hair in his hand to Shadow Servant, and Shadow Servant took it immediately.

This time Shadow Servant could hold the hair.

David’s guess wass correct. Now, he knew the maximum weight the Shadow Servant could support!

After several experiments, he calculated that the maximum weight that the Shadow Servant can hold in his hand was 100 grams.

This result disappointed David. The strength of 100 grams is about the weight of a needle. It would be very difficult to pierce the opponent’s skin, let alone hurt the opponent.

However, he also discovered a strange situation. When he put a needle in Shadow Servant’s hand, then Shadow Servant became invisible, and the part held by Shadow Servant’s hand also disappeared with Shadow Servant’s invisibility.

He asked Shadow Servant to cover the needle with his hand, and the needle disappeared in the air.

David doesn’t understand the principle, it’s probably related to Spiritual God, or a unique ability of Shadow Servant.

Anyway, his Shadow Servant is completely different from the Shadow Servant described in the Sacrifice Manual. The original Shadow Servant does not have the ability to be invisible, but his Shadow Servant does. The original Shadow Servant should have powerful battle strength, but his Shadow Servant does not.

And the result of strengthening himself that should have appeared in the sacrifice process did not appear in his body. The only thing that happened was the death of previous David.

David understood that his strength has not changed from before. Although he has yet to test his speed but he could still feel that there wasn’t much change,

Everything seems to have returned to the original point, with the same physical conditions as the previous David.. Although the memory is recovered, the education level is still not enough to be admitted to Naan University, and the hope for Naan University Armored Soldier is still slim.

In addition to these he also found an enemy, Jeremy Trainer who wanted to kill him. An enemy far stronger than him.

Now he has more memories because of previous life and an extra Shadow Servant in comparison to previous David. The memory of previous life have no effect on him in the Interstellar Federation.

This world’s technology is much more advanced than the previous world.

His only hope is Shadow Servant. Thinking of this, David looked at the side Shadow Servant and recalled the energy uploaded from the Shadow Servant in the morning, allowing him to fully accept the memory of his predecessor. This shows that Shadow Servant must have something else. An unknown ability that he has yet to uncover.

He reached out again to contact Shadow Servant, wanting to see if he would get any benefits.

This time after he reached out and touched Shadow Servant, many strange patterns appeared on the transparent body of Shadow Servant, and these patterns flashed blue rays of light.

The pattern flashing with blue rays of light turned into a few dots, leaving the translucent body of Shadow Servant, and submerged in David’s body.

This unknown change made David startled, but he didn’t feel anything abnormal in his body.

The only difference is that he is already very closely related to Shadow Servant, and he can even look towards his body from the eyes of Shadow Servant.

This is an extremely weird feeling. He has 2 visions, one is the human body, and the other is the angle of the Shadow Servant.

He felt like he had two bodies at this time. This feeling made him extremely uncomfortable. He couldn’t even control the balance of his body. The ordinary movements seemed hard.

He carefully controlled his body to sit down, and Shadow Servant didn’t care. It was still hovering in the air and didn’t need control.

After sitting down, David’s body finally had the spirit to feel more. He found that there were some light balls in Shadow Servant’s body.

Because Shadow Servant’s body is like David’s own body, he can clearly perceive the attributes of these light balls. Most of these light balls are red, with only one orange.

Among them, he saw 5 red light balls belonging to the attributes of literature. Literature is one of the required subjects in the school. He saw 4 red light balls belonging to mathematics and 2 red light balls belonging to comprehensive subjects. , 2 red light balls belonging to physical skills, one red light ball belonging to Heavy Axe Mastery, most of the red light balls belong to general education.

Body technique is a body refinement method promoted by Interstellar Federation for ordinary people. It consisted of 18 moves.

Physical body refinement does not have any side effects and requires very low resources, as long as continuous sufficient nutrition is provided.

Only a small number of forces such as universities or the military can provide conditions in order to obtain a cultivation method that exceeds the effects of physical body refinement.

Heavy Axe Mastery is one of the basic battle skills in schools. Because the main enemy of the Interstellar Federation is insect race, heavy weapons have become the first choice.

High school teaches students to learn basic battle skills to lay a good foundation for the selection of Armored Soldier. For students who apply for Armored Soldier, the mastery of basic battle skills is an excellent bonus.

In addition to others, the only orange ball of light showed  sniper attribute.

David is very curious about the origin of these light balls, and he is also a little dissatisfied with the chaotic display of Shadow Servant, these light balls are too messy.

As he thought about it, he saw the light balls in Shadow Servant’s body change, and a group of words was displayed on the top of each light ball.

Literature (35% entry), literature (28% entry), literature (44% entry), literature (19% entry), literature (66% entry).

Mathematics (12% entry), Mathematics (18% entry), Mathematics (22% entry), Mathematics (99% entry).

Physical exercises (70% entry), physical exercises (20% entry).

Heavy Axe Mastery (33% entry).

Sniper (20% proficient).

It was only then that he understood. The red ball of light represents the entry level, the orange represents the proficiency level, and the depth of the color represents the mastery in the same level.

He just got Shadow Servant, and the only thing he experienced was the explosion in the bookstore. David judged that these spheres of light representing various abilities were obtained from the bookstore.

Judging from the attributes represented by these light balls, these should be the abilities extracted from those who died at the explosion site.

David thought that at the moment of the explosion, after he was knocked into the air, he sensed that Shadow Servant was out of control for a short time. It seems that Shadow Servant charge ahead and absorbed all these at that time.


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